Underground Fly

Underground Fly

 Poznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship, POL

“It is not pop but it is not rock either. It is Underground Fly."
"They don't deserve a place underground, but in the mainstream of ambitious rock."


"They don’t deserve a place underground but in the mainstream of ambitious rock." Pawel Brzykcy, "Teraz Rock" Magazine



Underground Fly came into being in Poznan, Poland 2002, but they started playing together much earlier. The band was formed based on a strong friendship; Maverick (vocals) and Boss (bass) have known each other since birth and then, in high school they met Ratusz (drums) and Seemoon (guitar). The band formed very naturally, they never did any band castings or auditions. Everything has always revolved around these four people and from the beginning it was clear that in order for the band to function effectively it required the commitment of all members with clearly defined targets. Therefore, the “day jobs” were withheld and limited because of the music. Three albums have been released with the support of a small independent British label "Captive Recordings”. Captive's Tony Hoult had a major contribution to the development of the music, he spent a lot of time in rehearsals and ground the band to create a more refined sound, getting rid of unnecessary guitars and synthesizer parts and simplifying the rhythm section ..."let the music breathe" - that’s how "Fly Rock" began. Underground Fly made their stage début in 2006. Since then the band have played almost one hundred concerts in Poland and across Europe including a number of international festivals in Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.




Underground Fly is one of the most successful bands in Poland and has supported a number of legendary acts including Slade and Budgie. Its music, a mix of Muse, Depeche Mode, Coldplay and U2, has a global following. And its two critically-acclaimed studio albums and one live album have enjoyed significant interest in Poland and in the UK.




Maverick - vocals

Seemoon - el. guitar

Boss - bass

Ratusz - drums, loops




"Underground Fly are definitely not like other polish bands and no doubt you will soon hear more about them. They are a band who are not just playing music; they are creating something new; and they will perfectly suit the UK music scene" AliceQ Lotus Magma Magazine


“It's not pop but it's not rock either. It is…Underground Fly. This seems to be the best description. I hear the influence of The Doors but it can’t really be pin pointed to a specific song. Also from time to time it brings to mind well known Britpop bands and their amazing success like The Kooks and The Hives.” Rockportaal.nl


With a spirit akin to early U2 and superb instrumentation along with the ability to write some Killer Chorus', 2011 could be the year of the FLY. Prog. rock masterpiece. " Chris Phillips BRfm Radio


"You will notice that the music is not Polish at all .. It has nothing to do with what's happening in the Polish music scene, I mean that this music is at a completely higher level. You cannot compare this band to any existing music scene in Poland or to any Polish band. This is something you can’t find in Poland. " Grzegorz Zembrowski, Polish Radio “Channel 3”.


“Their guitar riffs are not lacking power whilst played with amazing taste, which would not shame The Edge from U2, for example. They softly place electronic sound patches, sometimes creating an intriguing atmosphere which is a perfect backdrop for a quiet, melancholic vocal line. Who plays so? Still growing up Polish rock band, Underground Fly” Maciej Stempurski “Rzeczpospolita”




- 2010 – first tour in UK

- 2010 - Opening for BUDGIE & SLADE in Poland

- 2010 - One and a half page interview in “Teraz Rock”, the biggest and most influencial music magazine in Poland.

- 2009 - “Fonografika” start Polish distribution of the Underground Fly catalogue

- 2009 - Promotion contract with "Its All Happening" agency in the Netherlands

- 2008 - Live performance on Polish National TV "Channel 1"

- since 2008- Airplay and interviews in the biggest Polish radio stations (PR3, Eska Rock, Radio Merkury) and independent stations in Holland, Germany, USA, UK

- 2006 - first prize at the Donc Festival in Switzerland

- 2006 - the song “Between” was released as part of the Cork Dog Records (London) compilation“22” showcased unsigned bands from across the globe with Underground Fly as the sole representative from Central and Eastern Europe.


EmT Music Production
Tony Collinge


Strange Sunrises

Written By: Maverick


Early morning, cars gently hum
And these lost, froze ants in a rush
I remember my blue sky, when angels were falling down
Like ripe fruits into basket of my life
Where…where is it now?

I wanna believe you, I wanna believe it’s true
But something’s wrong when tiredness is like scar on your face
I remember this warm night, when stars were falling down
And all these dreams supposed to come true

I’ve found world never wanting to know
See funny people that are pulling the strings
Even my thoughts aren’t real
I felt it once now I feel it again
What is wrong with my life?
Even my eyes aren’t real

In my dreams, I often runaway from this place
And in the spotlight of the sun
I can hear my own voice

I’m falling down…

I'm gonna love you

Written By: Maverick

Someone waits outside
The doors are open
Time is speeding up
And there’s still a mess
I see white walls
I still don’t know if...

If I’m gonna love you....

How close you are
The more flowers grow
I can’t belive I see them bloom
Where I thought it was desert
Here she comes
I think I’m ready

I’m gonna love you

My life is yours
My life is yours
I’ve always had
A place inside
You won’t suffer the cold
It’s inside of my heart

I won’t let you down...

I’m goona love you

Little rain

Written By: Maverick

I wander blind throught the desert fields
It used ot be an oasis of dreams
I stand inside of empty sights
I stand inside of unspoken words

This silence strikes my face
I beg for a mercy, I’m waiting for a rain

So please come to me my little rain
Wet my lips now and cleanse me from fear
Be my salvation just one more time
Let me raise up and run with my dreams

And again, I disappear in the deserts of life
Sand plays a tune between my teeth
Sometimes words are not enough cause sleep may come too soon
It’s so hard, but I must to go against the wind

Midday sun strikes my face
I beg for a mercy, I’m waiting for a rain

So please come to me my little rain
Wet my lips now and cleanse me from fear
Be my salvation just one more time
Let me raise up and run with my dreams

There are mornings when I fall out of bed,
leaving the heat of desire under the sheet of time
There are the days when I find happiness,
then I hide it in the pockets which are full of wholes

Light is on

Written By: Maverick

Tonight we come out from the underground
Tonight we wash faces in the sun
Tonight we shout the words we used to hide

We make each step with a pride
And every word is like a bomb
We’ve lighted up the darkness of your lies

We’re there where sun shines
We feel the glow, we’re hanging on
We’ve killed the fear, we reach the stars

We’ve liberated our souls
We’ve broken down every wall
There’s nothing gonna stop us now

I don’t know what was keeping me in the dark
I don’t know who was the one who made me stucked
I don’t know why I was down on my knees

At last my eyes are open and I can see
At last my ears are open and I can hear
At last my heart is open and I can feel

I’ll be there where sun shines
I feel the glow, I’m hanging on
I’ve killed the fear, I reach the stars

I’ve liberated my soul
I’ve broken down every wall
There’s nothing gonna stop me now

Light is on – it makes me feel
Light is on – I see horizon
I need to run, I want to see
What they hid when it was dark


Written By: Maverick

She runs through the night
She looks for a darkness to hide these screams
Which she didn’t want to hear

Her faith is like the ocean
full of salt of life
She can’t quench the thirst of eternity

She tries to find her way to paradise
She tries to believe in paradise

She dances in the night
She dances with her loneliness
She forgets about these thorns which have pierced in her tired heart

She knows she’s alone
her thoughts like vultures
revolve around the carcass of her freedom

She tries to find her way to paradise
She tries to believe in paradise


"Your Move Your Choice" - Captive Recordings 2006

1. Confession
2. Liberated
3. Flash of insight
4. White Dove
5. Cowboy
6. Hearts of stone
7. Spaniard
8. Between
9. Shiza
10. Celebration
11. The narrow way
12. Goodnight

"Awakenings" - Captive Recordings 2008

1. Clumsy Jester
2. The Fool's Truth
3. Liar
4. Little Fly
5. Dance With Me
6. Look At Your Baby
7. 103
8. Poisoned
9. Strange Sunrises
10. Save My Child
11. Robo

"Between fiction and reality - acoustic live" - Captive Recordings 2009

1. Look At You Baby
2. Cowboy / Riders On The Storm
3. Clumsy Jester
4. Hearts Of Stone
5. Dance With Me
6. Goodnight / Imagine
7. Flash Of Insight
8. The Fools Truth
9. Between
10. White Dove
11. Robo
12. Celebration
13. Shiza
14. Strange Sunrises / Viva Las Vegas
15. Personal Jesus

"Light is on" - EP 2010

1. I'm gonna love you
2. Little rain
3. Light is on
4. Paradise

On sale on CDBaby & www.captive.co.uk

Set List

Typical set list is about 12-15 songs.

Total time of performance is from 75 min to 90 min. Of course, on festivals where the time of performance is shorter, the band can limit a set list to a required time.