Underhill Rose

Underhill Rose

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The country-soul duo of Eleanor Underhill and Molly Rose Reed of Barrel House Mamas bring you heartfelt original tunes.


Underhill Rose boasts a unique sound built of original songs and heartfelt singing in a genre they like to call country soul. Eleanor Underhill brings her prolific award-winning songwriting, soulful singing, and banjo and harmonica playing to the plate, while Molly Rose Reed too sings straight from the heart, picking that guitar sharing her songs, and captivating audiences with her joyful stage presence.
The two met at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC in 2002 and shortly thereafter were co-founders of the beloved all-female quartet the Barrel House Mamas. From their trips playing festivals around the southeast and making a jaunt to the FOX studios in Los Angeles for an audition call-back, these Roses have played on stages across the country belting their original tunes. When the Mamas were at a crossroads in early 2009, Underhill Rose decided to continue braving the world of music.
Today, armed with a pile of songs, enthusiasm, and experience, Underhill Rose is excited about what's to come. Look for the release of six songs in Spring of 2010.


2000 Miles

Written By: Molly Rose Reed

2000 miles
is a five hour flight from me to you
what a sweet surprise
to have found someone like you

you see I don't get much vacation
I work most nights and days
I float on down the river
and I sing on the stage

won't you come see me?
do you hear me calling out your name?
I'll treat you sweetly
even though this ain't no california

baby, sweet baby
I have seen your native land
highway 1 through san francisco
and your grass valley one man band

this is what I can offer:
my passion, humor, and grace
but you won't know it really
until you see this place



Upcoming six songs to be released Spring 2010!

Set List

Mostly originals with a few covers here and there. We can play for up to 2.5 hours, but usually do two 45 minute to 1 hour sets.

Covers include:
Stay With You (John Legend)
Angel From Montgomery (John Prine)
Tennessee Waltz
One More Dollar (Gillian Welch)
Windfall (Ryan Adams)
In Color (Jamey Johnson)

Original Songs:
West Side
2000 Miles
Die in My Bones
Lament for an Ordinary Day
Molly's New Blues
No More Demons
Bare Little Rooms
Socks and Shoes
Maze of Summertime
Better Off Alone

...and more!