Rock with a funk and reggae element and a spice of metal and ska too.Rhythm section solid with piercing guitar and tight vocals. Stage presence energetic and interactive with audience.



Breaking out of the common normalities of the Midwest is Underhoss. The members all reside in surrounding areas of Kansas City. Forming the group in August of 2000; consisting of Jay Jiovenale on lead vocals, Keith Lindgren on guitar, Ron Ortiz on bass, and Evan McAfee on drums. Although they all have prior musical experience, the members with the exception of Keith and Evan were in a former band called Kingpin. Since day one the band focused on being versatile; tired of all the same sounding bands in their area but also with the general mainstream music styles being exploited across the radio airwaves of America. Their sound has a rock foundation blending other genres such as funk, reggae, blues, hard rock, and ska; Underhoss began to form their sound.
Influences range greatly with this diverse band. From Hendrix, the Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Sublime to Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, and Metallica. Grasping all of these style elements and collaborating them together to create this original music. Categorizing them as just a hard rock band would be misleading. Jay Jiovenale writes the lyrics most of the time as the band invents the music. Inspirations come from many avenues, but the songs always seem to relate somehow or someway. Though the songs may have had a certain meaning when they were written they can be interpreted in many ways. Appealing to the listener is important in any music and Underhoss certainly does so.
After recording their first EP independently released in 2001; they returned to the studio in 2003 and independently released their second EP. They toured regionally to promote their recordings, and expand their fan base. 2005 brought a lineup change, and a decision to rename the band due to the addition of 2 new members, and a new direction in the bands sound. Underhoss is playing live now, and is not a show to be missed. They deliver high energy live shows, and a fresh sound, mixing styles flawlessly. No one leaves disappointed.

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Written By: Underhoss


I don’t need you to lecture me, I aint gonna sit hear listenin’ to what you preach. And I’m too hard headed to listen to what you teach, so save your breath its best not to speak.

I got no time for game playing bitches but they’re drawn to me like flies. I got no rhyme to go with stitches that I’d like to put across your eyes. I got no money to throw at the honeys who think they can only have fun doin’ lines. And I got no patience to deal with your fucked up head cause I can’t even deal with mine. Things are gonna get better my friends keep yellin’ that, but this achin in my stomach feels like someone punched my ass. Tell me now watcha think of that.

I don’t need you to lecture me, I aint gonna sit here and listen to what you preach. And I’m too hard headed to learn what you teach, so save your breath its best not to speak.

I’ve wasted lives, waiting for better days, that aint shown up yet. I’ve past my prime in a whole lot of ways but there’s still some things I still do best. I cried my eyes like a little fucking girl, but can I pass that test. I’d be telling lies if I said I’ve never pressed that cold steel to my head.

Written and performed by King Pin
All rights reserved


2004- Self-titled EP 5tracks

Set List

Song List

Originals Covers

window licker
Wrong Way-Sublime
Hitchin Sober-Tool
Surreal Giveitaway-ChiliPeppers
Between the Lines
While Im waitin VoodooChile-Hendrix
Pain Red house-Hendrix
Whitebread Get Out-Sublime
Maybe Someday
Drip Wishyouwerehere-
Gone Easy Pink Floyd
Damn Right Killing in the Name-Rage