Under Matter

Under Matter

 Gainesville, Florida, USA


Under Matter began when Patrick (Lead Vocals/Guitar) felt he was never heard when he spoke. So he figured: "Hmm, maybe they will listen when I play and sing my thoughts..." So he began to write music.

He had the inspiration and the music, now all he needed were people to play with.

Eric (Bass/ Back-up Vocals) had recently moved from Carbondale, Illinois. Having had to leave his old band (Hour of Extinciton), he began moving on by searching for others to play with. He stumbled onto Patrick's sound and contacted him right away! They met, played some tunes and realized that there just might be something there. They decided that maybe this could work, if only they could a few more talented musicians.

David (Lead Guitar) is a student at the University of Florida. He, too, heard about Patrick's search for musicians. He contacted Patrick about a week later to schedule a meeting. They too connected very quickly, and were both very pleased with the results.

Christian (Drums) is also a student at University of Florida. Christian and Patrick work together. Christian happened to hear Patrick talking about his need for a drummer and volunteered himself.

Together, the four of them founded Under Matter whose original sound can be traced to Alternative bands like Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Matthews Band (amongst others) as well as ear-pounding Metal bands like Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, and Rage Against the Machine