Under None

Under None

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Under None is a surge of raw grunge mixed with hard rock. Edgy discordance similar to Alice in Chains & Nirvana turned up to 11.


Under None is a grunge/hard-rock trio out of the Minneapolis, MN area.
A heavy 90s/Grunge influence is heard in their overall sound of edgy and catchy songs with vocal harmonies compared to Alice in Chains.
Gritty guitar and bass riffs locked in with head bobbing drums that summon a mixture of Soundgarden, Nirvana and early Deftones. Topped off with thoughtful lyrics that connect listeners to the stories being told.
They bring raw, high energy and power to the stage with their 100% Do-It-Yourself attitude and punk aesthetic.
Under None is fostering in a new Seattle Sound to the Midwest.


"Take One" (EP) - singles: "Step Away"
"Head Case" (Full Length) - singles: "Shane's Message", "White Elephant", "Feel It" and "Numb".

Set List

Our typical set is 45+ minutes.

Each of our original songs are about 3-4 minutes long on average.
Originals include:
Burn It All Down
Shane's Message
13 Steps Ahead
White Elephant
Feel It
It's Your Turn
Step Away
Medicated Meditation