Seattle, Washington, USA
DuoHip Hop

UnderPlayed is an energetic Hip-Hop Duo with an explosive stage presence!


UnderPlayed consists of two talented songwriters- Taylor Hower (T-James) and David Stottlemyre (Hype).  The duo set out with sights set on recognition in the music industry and haven't stopped searching for and developing a spot.  

Early on it was open-mic nights and house parties UnderPlayed used to sharpen skills and grow as performers.  With age and experience came showcase shows, opening slots and eventually headlining and organizing events. 

In late 2012, UnderPlayed began writing and recording music with Sam Dinsmore (Sammy D Soul) out of Portland, OR.  The combination of a classically trained opera singer [Sammy D] with now highly polished hip-hop lyrics and delivery gave the boys a new life and avenue to travel. They called it "Hip-Hopera"

Early 2013 brought the boys to an unforeseen crossroad and opportunity.  A record deal.  The group was offered a four-year deal with a small-time, independent record label out of New Jersey by the name of Smoke Tree Records.  After negotiating and signing the contract the boys were flown across the country to NJ and PA to perform shows and flown back home for radio interviews. After achieving nation-wide radio exposure on the John Jay and Rich show, UnderPlayed was played on Wild 107.5 for 3 weeks straight.

After some financial disagreements with the record label, UnderPlayed opted out of further association with Smoke Tree Records and went Independent.

Now; with two studio albums released and singles available on itunes, shows in many venues up and down I-5, UnderPlayed has claimed a spot in Northwest Hip Hop.  


1st Studio Album: Take One (Prod. By: Latest Records)


Mixtape: N.W.K. Vol #1 (Prod. By: UnderPlayed Records)


Single: Tears From The Sky Ft. Sammy D Soul (Prod. By: Bosko)


Single: OTB CD's (Prod. By: Isaac Meek)


Single: Let Me Guess (Prod. By: Jack Vlassic)