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"“Hip, unique and completely timeless”"


Reviewer: Eric "EC" Compton

Rating: 4 of 5

A handful of really good hard rock bands hitting the shelves that are really hard to categorize. Throw these Seattle sonics on the same page with rookie sensations like Talon, Speed and Defuse in terms of brand new rock that leans on absolutely nothing. Underride have great vocals, a loud punchy guitar tone and a good sense of punk overdose as their main weapons. These songs are hip, unique and completely timeless...nowhere near as sleazy as Sweden and not glam banding it up like the retro vamps. This could hit radio or simply stay within whatever circle they call home. Could have a huge hit on their hands with a Lady Gaga cover. Smart.

- Maximum Metal Magazine

""Commands your attention""

Today’s free track by Underride, handpicked by Sleazegrinder. Click here for previous Track Of The Day’s.Seattle is still as rambunctiously rock-heavy as it ever was, only these days, the scene is not so intertwined with one specific sound/drug like it was in the early 80s, when grunge first lurched up from the goop to bum out an entire generation of hip young things. The last real cohesive ‘movement’ that town had was the retro pogo-punk craze of early 00s, as exemplified by The Briefs (now Cute Lepers) and, unm… well, there were a couple others, too. It wasn’t a huge movement. Take a dip in Seattle’s rugged nightlife these days and you’ll find a fistful of noise-powered spazz-cases like These Arms Are Snakes, bludgeon-metal uber-dudes like Lesbian, and several thousand alcoholic garage rock bands with “The” names. What you want find a lot of, unless you’re skulking around the Sub Pop retirement home, maybe, are many bands mining the sound that made Seattle the Coolest City In The World for a good five or years way-back-when.

And then there’s Underride. Lately, they’ve been calling themselves the “Kings of Camaro Rock”, which is fine with me. It sorta gives you an idea of what you’re in for. Camaro drivers are generally drop-outs with drug problems, and that sort of character usually digs Big Rock – Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC - and you get plenty of that from these fuckers. And since they’re from Seattle, they also bring a sheet of black rain with ‘em, that same sort of ‘weird scene’ vibe you’d get from Alice In Chains and Gruntruck, with a bonus splattering of Tad’s psycho-psychedelia drizzled on top.

Underride’s been around since ’02, at least. They have never been a flavor of the month back home, and they probably never will be. They don’t do irony, which is generally how you get famous these days. They just rock with wild abandon, and they do it constantly. One of the things I like about ‘em is that they’re versatile. You can take them anymore. They’ve opened for the hippest of the hip, like Rollins’ backing band, the Thin Lizzy-esque hair-shakers Mother Superior, and the not-so-hip-at-all (i.e. Dokken) with the same results: blood, sweat, beers, and healthy t-shirt sales. Plus, they write about stuff we can all relate to, especially if you drive a Camaro: hookers, drugs, getting beat up by cops.

Not that it matters (clearly), but I’ve been extolling the virtues of Underride’s super-grunge since ’03 debut album, Horsepower Kills, and every year since, it’s seemed like they were just on the verge of breaking through in a big way. Well, this year’s no fuckin’ different than the last six. Underride has a spanking new album called One of Us, and it’s a monster. In fact, it’s so overwhelming that is’ impossible to do anything else while it’s on. Driving? You’ll sail right into a brick wall. Cooking dinner? You’ll burn the house down. Sex? It’ll somehow turn into murder. It’s been awhile since a rock album really commands your attention, but One of Us does. Not only is it loud, bruising, and heavy, its got honest-to-gawd songs, with hooks and choruses and all that good shit.

Enough of my jibber-jabbber. Proof’s in the pudding. Here’s My Little Hell, from the new one. Download, rock out, repeat as necessary.
- Classic Rock Magazine - Ken McIntyre

"“Wake up fuckers! Underride is here.”"

Blogs N' Roses review: DISTORTED NATION

I found Underride during my trip to Seattle last year. I realize I was late to the Underride party, but getting their first only means something in the Olympics and with virgins. When it comes to music, who cares when you discover a great band. I received Distorted Nation a while back, but I was recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel because I have been furiously masturbating to this record.

I am not an expert in the band's history, that documentation can be found in lore and legends. All I know is that some songs I loved on One of Us, the band's 2008 release, have been reworked and find their way on Distorted Nation. Songs like Candy Girl and One of Us sound different and that may be more to the new production quality on Distorted Nation, which sounds as if the band had months/years in a high end studio. This only helps solidify and capture the intensity of the band.

Underride are like Motley Crue meets a grunge-y Guns N' Roses. You may be thinking, what the hell does that sound like? Well it sounds like Underride. Part of my job as a reviewer is to link a new band with the past so you, as a reader, can understand a bit what they sound like without actually hearing them. But Underride is a different beast because they don't exactly sound like any mainstream band out there, and that is a good thing.

They have a raw magnitude that grabs you by the balls and pulls hard like your school nurse. Even their softer sounding ballads still rock hard. Rev has a unique Dee Snider meets Use Your Illusion era Axl Rose. The low growling snarl is a great addition to these sex fueled, booze soaked rock anthems.

Guitar solos are traded by Suzuki Sixx and Princess...yea the guitarist name is Princess and if you got a problem with it, you fight him. I got carpal tunnel from masturbating; I'm not fit for fighting anyone. At times, their guitars are borderline out-of-control with power and emotion, yet like Hooters delightfully restrained. Oh their slogan is Delightfully tacky, well Underride isn't tacky.

As I stated in my hasty review (here) of One Of Us "Seattle's Underride is poised to take the US by storm. They have the hooks, the ability, and the right pedigree to headline their own shows. Underride is the only Seattle product I choose to ingest on my own." I stand by those sentiments. Underride is ready to take the US kicking and screaming out of the Lady Gaga musically dominated landscape and into a world of rock! You can even bridge the gap with their better version of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi, which I prefer to the original.

I review a lot of albums and most don't really make it into my every day rotation of music. Underride has, which is a testament to their sound, personality, and staying power. Wake up fuckers! Underride is here.

- Blog's N Roses

"Classic Rock Magazine interview with Rev"

Classic Rock Magazine INTERVIEW

The Super Rock Power Hour! Read on to find out what this is all about…

Welcome to the first of many new Classic Rock podcasts, with the Super Rock Power Hour, 90 minutes of sleaze rocking, dirty punk ’n’ roll podcastery from Classic Rock’s sleaze rock super hero, Ken McIntyre (aka Sleazegrinder).

90 minutes (yeah, it was supposed to be an hour, but you know what Americans are like: everything’s got to be bigger) of new music, interviews and bullshit from Sleazegrinder and friends. If you like the cover disc free with this month’s issue (on sale Wednesday, June 22), then this is the perfect accompaniment, including music and interviews with The Nu Clears and Underride, plus tunes from Rainbows Are Free, 180 Proof, Chuck Norris Experiment, American Plague, Sweet Kiss Momma, and many more!

Equally, if you like the podcast, then get the CD with the new issue, a Sleazegrinder-curated compilation of the best new sleaze rock from across the world.

What is ‘super rock’? It’s the mutant son-of-rock; rock ’n’ roll on steroids and addicted to comic books; a parallel universe where Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper and Zodiac Mindwarp are the Godz of Rock ’n’ Roll.

Says Sleazegrinder: “Super Rock is played by starry-eyed dead enders who still believe that three chords and a grudge can save souls. Hopefully, their own, but maybe even yours…”
Look out for another instalment in a couple of weeks – and more bespoke Classic Rock podcasts in the months to come.

Stream the interview on all things that are rock...

- Classic Rock Magazine

"“Majorly Impressive”"

Tacoma Weekly review: DISTORTED NATION

Published on Wed, March 16, 2011
Review: Underride
By Matt Nagle
“Distorted Nation”

It’s official – even hard rockin’ metalheads can’t resist Lady Gaga’s musical spell. Case in point: the new CD “Distorted Nation” by Underride.

One of the best tracks on their majorly impressive new offering is a cover of Gaga’s huge hit “Paparazzi,” so well done that it sticks in your head as much as the original, but in a whole new way – the true hallmark of a well done cover. The tempo is speeded up, and El Barto burns on his bass while drummer Double A pounds out a beat that will certainly please the headbangers. Guitarists Princess and Suzuki Sixx lay on a double-rhythm axe attack that’s so thick and beefy you can almost feel it.

And then there’s lead singer Rev’s voice, the icing on the cake on this and every track on “Distorted Nation.” Rev’s snarling, soaring tenor seizes and holds the melodies of each song, leading the band in a hammering, full-frontal assault that’s hook-laden and with one foot in the world of pop.

The CD kicks off with “Another Way Out,” about breaking out of cages, whether self-made or imposed upon us. Rev sings the words clearly on this and every track so that listeners can understand what he’s saying and enjoy the songs to their fullest. The guitar solo is tasteful and talented. Trading off on guitar, Princess and Sixx are restrained in a way that does justice to their abilities as musicians.

There’s a blistering guitar solo on “Say Goodbye To Everything That’s Gone.” Rev sings from the gut. “Love Is Like Dying” slows things down a bit to show some heart. The band is tight.

On “Porn Star,” Rev’s vocals are matched with a guitar playing notes in the right-side speaker. “Candy Girl” is another very strong track. It offers a different sound to Underride on this CD, more in the direction of Iggy Pop or New York Dolls. This one should be a serious candidate for a single release.

There’s so much more to say about this band. With so much going for them, one can only hope that Underride keeps on rockin’ in the free world for a very long time. Underride has garnered a strong following in the Pacific Northwest by word of mouth alone from their dynamic live shows and regional events, snatching airplay and concert promotion from Seattle's KISW 99.9 FM, and have begun to stab cities outward in the U.S. They've opened for the likes of many national acts, including Static X, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Trust Company, 30 Seconds to Mars, Saliva, Blackie Lawless, Divide the Day, and Jet Black Stare.

- Tacoma Weekly

""Unique in their own way.""

Metal Music Archives review: DISTORTED NATION

"Distorted Nation" is the follow up release to Seattle-based hard rock act, Underride's debut, "One of Us" and shown a more matured side of the quintet in terms of musicianship and songwriting. Cranking up high-octane rock and roll, swirled with the dirty hooks of alternative metal but still retain the roots of classic rock, Underride is unique in their own way and definitely one of the bands I'll watch closely in the future.

"Another Way Out" shoots forward with a thrashy hard rock as in Skid Row's legendary "Slave To The Grind", a tense track to start the album. "Paparazzi" could be this year's surprise, covering the sensational hit of Lady Gaga, the hard rock rendition of this song should be in my top 10 covers of the year. "Say Goodbye To Everything's That Gone" is a balance combination of hard rock and alternative, another great track by the band. "Don't Walk Away" is a lovable midtempo commercial track, friendly to everyone's ears.

The second half is even better. The three consecutive superior tracks, "Do Anything To Me", "Inside Out", and "Blinded By You" will assault you with their massive chorus and incinerating riffs. The rest are spread evenly between average and good. My little complaint is on the vocal mix, which sometimes not very audible, drown in the crowded rhythm, such a shame since Rev is a fantastic singer and bringing his vocal upfront should be the priority in the next release.

An unexpectedly great release by the band, an essential purchase especially for modern/melodic hard rock fans!

- Metal Music Archives

"“A huge major-label sounding record”"

Now this is what real Hard Rock and Roll should sound like nowadays! We already reviewed 3 albums of the Washington/USA based band UNDERRIDE in the past, but the new CD ‘Distorted Nation’ is definitely their finest one so far. The band is able to come up with a huge ‘major label’ sounding record that combines the rock and melodies of the past with today’s attitude, finding the perfect balance between catchy choruses and big monstrous guitar riffs. The band has 2 new guitarists in their line-up and the 11 included songs on ‘Distorted Nation’ sound really impressive. The excellent lead singer REV is reminding me a lot of DEE SNIDER/TWISTED SISTER and even the choruses of the material are close to that legendary New York based band. The music is also clearly influenced by Classic 80s Hair Metal, although with a tough modern approach a la SALIVA/ALTER BRIDGE/STONE SOUR, which can be heard especially during the first couple of songs. The cover of the LADY GAGA song “Paparazzi” sounds really great actually! Here and there UNDERRIDE also goes for the classic 80s approach. They go full-speed late 80s/early 90s Sleazy Metal during “Porn star” that screams out NASTY IDOLS, while the superb 80s Melodic Hardrock of “Don’t Walk Away” is a mix between ROUGH CUTT and DOKKEN! That last mentioned song is by the way the highlight of the record, although each tune is a winner. For example “Blinded by You” is maybe the finest Hard Rock song created in ages! This record creates a perfect bridge between the past and present American hardrock sound. An easy winner for both classic 80s Hair Metal fans and people into today’s modern stuff a la ALTER BRIDGE, SALIVA, SHINEDOWN… Make sure not to miss out this release! More info at:
- Strutter’zine

"The Never Ending Hunt for Bands: Gnarly Charlie Bags Underride"

Underride is the anti-Seattle, antithesis to Blade Runner-weather and crunchy flannel-shirted, kayak-paddling, salmon-fishing, mountain biking, moan and groan outdated grunge music. This might depict the very hard-rocking, steadily emerging band from Seattle that wants to put more out there than just an image.
Underride is Rev (vocals), Princess (guitar), Suzuki Sixx (guitar), El Barto (bass), and Double A (drums). The band had already found notoriety several years ago as a group of guys who liked to party, making music to encourage people do likewise. They've toured primarily, though extensively, in the Northwest, opening for acts such as Static X, 30 Seconds to Mars, Saliva, and Duff McKagan's Loaded. They play a killer cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" and are soon to release their follow up to 2008's "One of Us."
So there we all were, next door to the Central Saloon in Pioneer Square, in a restaurant that serves the best gyros in the world. It was pouring outside in typical Seattle fashion. Just a few minutes before, they had played a set that blew the doors off the place, despite the limitations in the small venue. Even a rat, who had apparently been hanging out under the stage listening to the set, walked across the club floor and out the front door when the next band took the stage. Music critic.
During the gig, I could envision these guys, who rocked the joint with a sleazy guitar-driven sound of a Buckcherry/Velvet Revolver bastard child, in a much bigger place, playing full volume and running around the stage.
“We're trying to save rock and roll. It feels like it's kind of drifting away. It's going a little bit dark, and underground. Or it's been underground and it's time to bring it back up." says Rev, the band's singer, whose swagger, brashness, and filthy mouth defies his nice- boy looks. "There's a lot of people who want to go to a club and have a good time. We're getting ready to launch a new record and hopefully bring our brand of rock and roll to the masses. It's what we're looking to do, because I think there's a lot of people who want to go to a club and have a good time. They don't want to do the thing where ‘my parents got divorced and I feel bad.’ All that shit is over. That makes us the most hated band in Seattle," he continues, "look at it--it's fuckin' raining. It's depressing. It's doom and gloom here. and we show up with lights."
El Barto, who has been Underride's bassist for about six years, interjects: "I used to go see this band when I first moved to Seattle and thought it was the coolest thing. They did Sammy Hagar's pyro rig and it was awesome. I was like, ‘That's the band I wanna play in.'’” El Barto helps write the songs' lyrics with Rev, and along with drummer Double A, make up a most devastatingly brutal rhythm section for Underride, giving guitarists Princess and Suzuki a sonic platform to soar.
Rev recalls the time he saw Bart playing in another band before joining Underride. "He had a Bullet Boys shirt on. Wear a Bullet Boys shirt in Seattle? It's always been easy to figure out something that worked together, as far as putting songs together and shit.”
I didn't get to find out the story behind everyone's stage name in the band. Princess? Apparently, the guy did not come from royalty. Turns out it's a nickname from back in the olden days; Princess came from an old band called Love on the Rocks. “The nickname was basically because of the amount of makeup that I wore onstage. I used to wear a lot of makeup onstage. Anyway, it stuck and I embraced it and it's who I am now. Everyone wants to know if it's a gay thing." Princess asks me, "Are you homophobic?" I respond "yes," and he continues. "I came from a project where I was the songwriter, I was the lead singer, I was the guitar player. I was everything. Joining Underride, I wasn't used to group songwriting. A month or two of songwriting, Bart and I got on the same wavelength and gelled. And songs just started to come together like nothing."
"Princess is the riffmaster," adds Rev, about the talented guitarist with the ferocious moniker. “This lineup is pretty fresh. We brought in Princess, probably over two years ago. We just brought in Suzuki Sixx about six months ago. And Double A's been with us for a pretty long time. And Bart and I, we go back about six years, I think. So we've been slugging it out for years and we've just been looking for the right mix of guys. It's really hard to find. You know, everybody can play guitar and everybody's a gunslinger and this and that, but a lot of it's chemistry. It sounds cliché to say, but it really is. So, like right now we feel like we have the right mix. Everybody gets along. We all respect each other, to a certain degree. It's like when you have a recipe and you’re cooking up hot wings or you’re brewing beer. So we're bringing all the--what we think--are the key elements or the critical ingredients in the rock and roll recipe. That's what we're cookin' right here. Tryin' to cook that up in a big, nasty fucking stew.”
Double A may be the madman of the group, though by appearance, you might not think so. The drummer who cites Lars Ulrich and jazz great Dave Weckl as his strongest musical influences, is all pro onstage, but likes to let the hell out after the shows.
"You can't let him drink too many rum and Cokes because then he spits on you. We got to keep him on a tight leash. He's truly the animal drummer guy. He's got this bootleg or black market alcoholic chocolate that he always brings." says Rev. "I actually have some in my coat.” Double A confesses."Some people carry around little tooters and baggies--I've got alcoholic chocolate. I don't drink til afterwards and then it gets ugly."
Suzuki Sixx, at age 23, is the youngest and newest member of the group. Though he was vicious presence onstage a few minutes before, the guitarist had few words to add: "I kinda just do what feels good. I don't like drama and I want to be around for a while so I do what needs to be done.”
"His main function in the band is, actually, mopping up all the ugly chicks," Double A reveals.
No boring 7-minute opuses, no wrist-slashing dirges or apocalyptic themes, no weepy ballads--that's Underride. Rev concludes, "It's the new mentality where everything's instantaneous. You can't have the long songs like Rush did back in the day, or Yes. Attention spans are instant. We like those three minute, cool songs that are packed up in a tight little package. We like that. We just want people to come to the rock show and have fun. That's all. Come to the show and have a good fuckin' time and hopefully you'll get laid. And you won't get a disease."
Check out Underride's official website:

- By Charlie Steffens, aka Gnarly Charlie, Writer/Photographer

"Veglam Review"

Modern US hard rock from Seattle! Nevertheless, UNDERRIDE seem to be more influenced by STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and VELVET REVOLVER than by NIRVANA and SOUNDGARDEN. Add a bit of BUCKCHERRY in hits like “Candy Girl” and “On The Radio” and you’ll get everything you need to rock hard!

Oddly enough, the band already released 2 CDs and 1 EP but I’ve never heard about them before. Since their first CD got released in 2002, it’s not too surprising to hear how tight UNDERRIDE sound. Moreover, these guys never forget about the melody in their heavy rock and as you listen to this album, you get to think that these songs could easily be played on major US radios, especially a track like “Throw It Away”.
The VELVET REVOLVER influence is sometimes a little too obvious (“Kink Into My Heart” or “Lights Off Baby”) but the songs are always solid and catchy most of the time, you’ll probably sing “Road To Nowhere” all day after you’ve listened to it! If you liked the lyrics and atmosphere of “18 & Life” (SKID ROW) then you’ll probably enjoy “Upstart Coming Up” even though this is not a ballad. US heavy rock fans, this album is for you! - Veglam

"Wildy's World Review 2008"

Underride are looking to revive the Seattle sound in their own image. Building on the legacy of grunge, Underride take it to the streets in a raucous and crazy fashion. Rev, El Barto, Double A, Rex Nomad and Pondscum put you in the mood to crank it up to 11, hit the streets and see what's cooking' The band's 4th release, One Of Us, aims to put them squarely on the American hard rock map with 14 songs of kicking-in-the-windows and doors rock.

Sounding a bit like Poison and a bit like Whitesnake, Underride brings back rock the way it was meant to be played. One Of Us plays like a bit of 1980’s hard rock/hair band memorabilia. Candy Girl is the sort of song that would have made for a great video in the early days of MTV. Full of big guitar hooks and big, harmony-filled chorus, Candy Girl is a hit that should have been. On The Radio follows in the same vein, bringing that 1980’s brand of hard pop back into focus. She Gets Paid takes a harder turn, toward a more driving rock experience (although still with a certain pop sensibility). Throw It Away sounds more modern, coming across as a modern rock anthem (ala Pearl Jam/Soundgarden).

Be sure to check out Kink In My Heart, with a great guitar hook you won’t be able to shake. Road To Nowhere would be a great concert tune, and is probably my favorite track on One Of Us. My Little Hell returns to the dark, driving guitar, and is currently my 2nd favorite here. Other songs of note are Lights Off Baby, Shotgun Breakdown (sounds like Ratt), Riot Stick and No Means No.

Underride deserve some serious credit here. The courage to play a style of rock that has gone out of vogue is rewarded in the fact that they do it so well. This is the sort of album that could rekindle an interest in the best hair-metal from the 1980’s. One Of Us is an absolute keeper. No low moments, no catering to pop radio with syrupy ballads or acoustic-based alt-rock divergences. Just pure heavy rock with a sense for hooks and great phrasing. You need to hear this.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy's World

"Sleaze Roxx Review 2008"

Seattle, Washington is usually considered a four-letter word for 80s hard rock fans, but when it comes to Underride it is simply home. And in this case the city that helped destroy the music so many of us love has given something back. If Underride is Seattle's attempt at appeasing rock fans for the early 90s - apology accepted.

I'm not much of a fan of the current mainstream rock scene, but this five-piece brilliantly teeters on the edge of old and new. For my money these guys play 'new' much better and with more conviction than bands such as Sixx: A.M.. They play a type of music that wouldn't be completely out of place on Top 40 radio yet their songs add enough aggression, guitar solos and catchy hooks to keep people like me happy.

It didn't take long for a song like 'Candy Girl' to impress. Talk about a memorable chorus, as the backing vocals are flawless and the top-notch production is perfect for such a young band. Vocalist Rev stands out with his Slash Puppet meets Bangalore Choir delivery and it quickly becomes obvious that he has a voice tailor made for hard rock music. Underride mix things up a little as well, as 'Road To Nowhere' is a great open-highway rock song that brings back memories of the underrated Hair Of The Dog.

The perfect formula used on 'Candy Girl' is also on display on tracks such as 'On The Radio' while 'Throw It Away' and 'Kink Into My Heart' showcase the group's melodic side. With each song coming in at roughly three minutes Underride keep things short and simple, letting the slight differences in each song offer the variety within the album itself. The only way One Of Us could have been better is if tracks 11 to 13 were kept off the CD, as these are the only songs in which the band's hometown influence overtakes the sound.

Underride is the type of band that should be able to garner fans from several different demographics. 80s rock fans will jump on board thanks to a songwriting ability that far outweighs their years together, while people that snub their nose at 80s hair bands will also find enough to keep them occupied. If any band is poised to make it big in the current state of music, Underride is a good candidate. - Sleaze Roxx

"Hard Rock Hideout Review 2008"

I have to admit I cringe every time I hear a band is from the Seattle area, mainly because I still hold all of the “grunge” bands responsible for killing the hard rock scene back in the 90’s. Of course there are exceptions namely Queensryche, Metal Church, War Babies to name a few. Now you can add Underride to that list. Underride are about as far from “grunge” “post grunge” or any other genre with the word grunge in it as you can get. These guys are a straight up in your face, kick ass, take no prisoners, make no apologies, rock-n-roll band and they will be more than happy to show you on their new album “One of Us”, which is actually their third full length album and along with 2 e.p.’s I am really surprised I had never heard of them before. With a sound that falls somewhere between Beautiful Creatures and Velvet Revolver they definitely made a believer out of me.

“One of Us” gets started with “Side By Side” try to picture if you can Joe Leste singing for the Backyard Babies. Lead singer “Rev” channels Joe Leste to perfection with bassist “El Barto” laying down some fat bass lines, while guitarists “Rex Nomad” and “Dr. Pondscum” battle back-n-forth. What really surprised me was the fact that drummer “Double A” arms and feet did not fall off after not only this song but the whole album he is playing at 120 mph.

Oh before I forget, if you are looking for a ballad on this album you will be sadly disappointed, there is nothing on this album that even comes close to a ballad. As a matter of fact there is nothing that even comes close to being considered a mid tempo song. But every song is worth rolling down the windows and being played at maximum volume.

Just as “Rev” channeled his best Joe Leste on “Side By Side” he channels Scott Weiland just as well on “Candy Girl” it reminds me a lot of “Crackerman” off of STP’s debut “Core”. It has a great groove with a sing a long chorus. “On The Radio” is up next and it seems like “Rev” finds his own voice instead of mimicking other people and it is actually quite good. Like the two songs prior it has a great sing a long chorus with out giving up it’s heaviness.

“Throw It Away” is a slower rocker with a Theory of a Deadman feel to it, it isn’t a bad song but I could also live without it too.

“Upstart Coming Up’ is a balls out rocker and it has the one thing that was pretty much missing from the four songs before it…a solo a pretty damn good solo at that. “Kink Into My Heart” finds the band back in STP territory but once again it has a great groove and another smokin’ solo.

The rest of “One of Us” is filled with more straight up rock-n-roll with “Lights Off Baby”, “Riot Stick” and “No Means No” the best of the bunch.

Hopefully with the release of “One of Us” Underride will finally get the attention they deserve. They definitely got my attention and they delivered with some kick ass music in return.
- Hard Rock Hideout

"Rock and a Hard Place Review 2008"

Words can't quite describe how much I fucking love this band. They GET IT! Instead of all this Pop Country and Nickelback clones, the masses should be rocking out to bands like Underride! This CD has more hooks than a goddamn tackle-box! I'm serious, almost every songs is a flat out rocker, frontman Rev has one of the coolest bad ass voices I've heard in ages, and the band is about as solid as they come.

These guys aren't 80's, and they're not modern either, they're a lot like Buck Cherry where they just crank out killer rock tunes that are timeless. No, they are not solving any world issues or making you think too hard and THANK GOD! We need music we can escape with and have a good time listening too, I'm tired of thinking so hard and being depressed! Having said that, don't get the idea this is mindless Pop, it's far from that, but they don't try to talk over your head with condescending lyrics. This music is for everyone, it's catchy, it rocks hard and it's just damn good!
- Rock and a Hard Place

"Heavy Metal Time Machine Review 2008"

"One of Us" is the fourth release from Seattle's Underride. However their sound is much more rooted in the rooted in the glitz of 80's hard rock from the LA area. However, don't get it into your mind that they are a direct copy of those big-haired bands of two decades ago. No, this band sounds more like a descendant of that style. Certainly they are influenced by the likes of LA Guns, Ratt, Motley Crue, Poison and others. Still they manage to takes the essence of those bands, drag it into this decade and step it up just enough that it seems fresh. It took me a few spins to determine the above, but eventually it became clear. Perhaps the music is closer to an older hard rock style than the vocals are. Where I hear songs like "Side by side" and "On the radio" I hear enough in the grooves and hooks that I feel like temporarily transported back to about 1987. Still the music pushes ahead more as they don't just live on one riff like many popular hard rock acts back in the day. Underride make and effort to drive forward and keep the ball rolling . The vocals have as much in common with this decade and the 1990's as they do with the 1980's. They are strong and gritty, but not exactly like the throat searing vocals of many of the bands they are likely influenced by. I think that they manage to do a good job of bringing hard rock into today's time or at least they come closer than a lot of other bands. If there is one downside to this album it's that many of the songs are the same speed and some of them do blend together a little. I would like to see them mix it more the next time around. Underride have done an admirable job of taking an established style and adding some of their own ideas to it. The result is a gleaming, fired up blast of heavy music.
- Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Metal Observer Review 2008"

UNDERRIDE comes spilling onto the Alt-Rock scene from Seattle, bringing with them a fast-paced, upbeat brand of Rock with a “live free, die hard” party atmosphere. They can best be described as a combination of MÖTLEY CRÜE and current radio darlings BUCKCHERRY. Fortunately, this interesting combination of the sex-fuelled Rock of the ‘80s and today seems to lead to a fairly enjoyable album. What it lacks in depth it makes up in pure catchiness.

UNDERRIDE are a good deal more mature than BUCKCHERRY, however, relying more on melodies and catchy choruses to stick themselves in your head rather than shock value and “oh-I’m-so-tough-I-said-fuck-in-my-lead-single” attitudes. The CRÜE comparison is still apt, though; just listen to the chorus of “Candy Girl” and marvel at how well Vince Neil’s trademark whine/snarl is aped.

The majority of the songs on “One Of Us” are pretty damn catchy; the aforementioned “Candy Girl” has an excellent chorus, if an underwhelming verse structure, and “On The Radio” is a spectacular summer driving song. However, as the album progresses, it seems to drag on more and more, and the song quality takes a bit of a nosedive with mediocre tracks like “Shotgun Breakdown.” Bear in mind that there are fourteen songs on “One Of Us,” and none of them are longer than three and a half minutes; the band could’ve cut three or four songs and ended up with a half-hour long album that was more or less great all the way through.

Despite a few flaws, “One Of Us” should readily appeal to fans of Alternative Rock who are looking for something a little more upbeat than the standard NICKELBACK and THREE DAYS GRACE fare. The heavy CRÜE influence really helps UNDERRIDE distinguish themselves from the loads of PEARL JAM clones clogging up the radio waves of today.
- One of Us

"KISW 99.9 the ROCK of Seattle"

"Underride both live and on disc are Rock n Rolla outta controla!! Once you hear them you too will be a believer. Underride makes you want to grab life by the throat and maybe leave a bruise."

- Jolene KISW 99.9 jock - Jolene (DJ) KISW 99.9

"UNDERRIDE inks deal with Rafelson Media"

Hollywood CA, December 11th, 2009: Rafelson Media announced on Friday its new licensing agreement with Seattle based rock band UNDERRIDE.

Through a newly formed partnership with New York based Music Xray, Rafelson Media and its President, Peter Rafelson connect emerging artists with established media juggernauts like Rafelson.

Through a unique user interface that leverages the cutting edge of Music Information Retrieval Science, Music Xray provides media outlets like Rafelson Media with accurate data, mapping his content needs to potential new and emerging artists like UNDERRIDE. Rafelson Media and UNDERRIDE have agreed to a synch-licensing deal that potentially places UNDERRIDE music in television and motion picture releases.


Rafelson Media is an innovative entertainment company, established April of 2000. The Company develops and produces original content and aggregates both in house, and third party rights for exploitation world wide, to be licensed in all forms of media. Our vision is comprehensive. Though not limited to the entertainment industry, it is our main focus and core competency. With a proven track record in creative accomplishment and technology development, RMC is positioned for long-term growth. With an extensive list of successes, we have gained critical access to the major players in our industry. We ensure quality production and guarantee release and exploitation in the global marketplace.

Music Xray is a New York based Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc. (Music Xray) is leading the way in song filtering for the music industry and in enabling artists to interact directly with professionals and companies that screen songs for exposure and licensing opportunities. The company has developed, acquired and licensed technologies that uniquely position it to provide valuable services and create more efficient systems for the music business.

underride is a Seattle based hard rock band currently in the studio recording its fourth album set for release at Austin’s SXSW music conference in March of 2010.


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