Under The Given

Under The Given


Groove, dynamics and feeling that sends the shiver up your spine to the banging of your head. Progressive and epic song structures with dramatic builds and manic climaxes make Under The Given a welcome addition to any fan of music.


Under The Given was formed in 2002. Since then the band has gone through many changes which finally converged on the present line up in 2007. At that point, the band was finally ready to record the album that had been 10+ years in the making. Wake, the debut album from Under The Given features 7 tracks spanning 60+ minutes while providing an authentic, captivating and mind-altering experience. Fans of metal and easy-listening alike will find something appealing in Under The Given and would appreciate them musically, visually and artistically. In a time of shallow and cliched bands flooding the music scene, Under The Given strives to be the antithesis of this overheard sound. Drawing on influences such as Opeth, Pink Floyd, Tool, The Mars Volta and ISIS, Under The Given produces a unique sound that achieves this, and achieves it well.


2003 - Demo EP
2009 - Wake - Release Date TBA

Set List

1. Circadian Mourning (approximately 8 minutes)
2. The Tower (approximately 7 minutes
3. Janus (approximately 7 minutes)
4. Fractal (approximately 4 minutes)
5. Ominous (approximately 10 minutes)
6. The White (approximately 8 minutes)
7. Wake (approximately 7 minutes)