Under The Hood

Under The Hood


A power trio based out of Atlanta, Under The Hood offers a refreshing, no-frills return to classic rock-n-roll with a modern edge. If you have a taste for super groups like Led Zeppelin or modern bands such as The Black Keys, Under The Hood is what you have been looking for.


At a time when mainstream rock is suffering to find it’s own identity in the world of music. Under The Hood offers a refreshing, no-frills return to the basics. A form of rock music that wallows in a boogie beat so much you can’t help but find yourself dancing again within the first few bars. Like the purest form of Rock-N-Roll that relies so heavily on rhythm and blues, Under The Hood is the return of Rock-N-Roll to it’s native soil. It’s not hard to see that a form of classic rock with great guitar riffs, staple drum beats, and unforgettable hooks could be what everyone is waiting on….
Under The Hood with it’s debut album out now on iTunes and Google Music, last year was fortunate enough to perform in front of a few thousand people at music festivals around the south.
Under The Hood is a Supercharged Power Rock Trio from Atlanta. Our music is a classic sound with a very modern edge. If you like classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and modern groups like The Black Keys you may find something here you like


Four on the Floor Jan 2010
American Muscle EP Sep 2011