Under the Influence

Under the Influence

 Seymour, Texas, USA

"Country with a Shot of Rock N Roll" We have a unique sound ranging form country to blues to rock n roll. Most of the band was raised on '80s bands and that influences the way we roll. "Brewed in Texas with the Red Dirt flavor you're sure to enjoy! This is the Real stuff! Accept no imitations!"


The band was formed in 2000 by Burnett and Hembree. St. Clair joined soon after, and Jowers and Janes became members in 2004. Under the Influence has a unique sound ranging from country to blues to rock n roll. Their influences include, but not limited to: Merle Haggard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, John Lennon, and Superman.They are all from Seymour, Texas except guitaritst Jeremy Jowers who is from Quanah.
Although there are several versions on how the band got it's name Burnett said the most likely reason is back when they were playing all covers, they needed to come up with a name for the paper fast and they were learning a song off of Alan Jacksons album Under the Influence.
Although they all have day jobs they all come together for the same reason: The absolute love for the music and to entertain. They truly are passionate about music and performing for the crowd.
Some of the venues they have played at are The Cotton Boll in Vernon, Texas, Iron Horse Pub, in Wichita Falls, Texas, Farm Fest in Chillicothe, Texas, and Graham Central Station as well as many others venues in Texas and Oklahoma. They have also played with many great bands including: Cross Canadian Ragweed, Mike McClure, Shooter Jennings, Brandon Jenkins, Johnny Cooper, Brandon Rhyder, and many more.
When describing the bands unique sound they collectively say it is Brewed in Texas with the Red Dirt flavor you're sure to enjoy! This is the Real stuff! Accept no imitations!"


Happy Song

Written By: Shane Boland

Hey There Man
It's been so, long since you, come around here
We got song, women, and wine
and a little beer, the smokes just fine.
We'll everybody here is high, but the tray's on your right.
We're rollin joints, and playin guitar, we're cooking burgers out in my backyard.

But, I'm doing ok, all my friends are with me today yeah, and we can all sing along, cause it's a Happy song.
It's a Happy Song.

2nd Verse:
Yeah we're movin, and groovin.
Slippin right on time.
The way you look girl is so damn fine I just got to make you mine yeah.
Here comes Betty, she's mad at Steve
She said he sold her a bunk bag of weed.
It didn't get her high, she said it was dry, and it had way to many seeds yeah!

2nd Chorus:
But I'm feeling alright,
All my friends are with me tonight yeah, and we can all get real stoned, cause it's a Happy Song!
It's a Happy Song, cause it's a Happy Song!

2nd Chorus:

Bang a Gong, Cause it's a Happy song.
Roll'em fat and long, cause it's a Happy Song.
Let's smoke from a bong, cause it's a Happy Song.
Hold it in real long, cause it's a Happy Song.
Like Cheech & Chong, cause it's a Happy Song. .
It's a Happy Song
It's a Happy Song Yeah, Yeah!

Corn Whiskey

Written By: Lance Burnett, Jeremy Jowers, and Steven Lewis

In the foothills of Kentucky,
When Grandad was a kid,
He used to fishing off the river bridge,
Until an old man with a twelve gauge
Blocked his way one day
And he said, "Boy, whatcha doing out this way?"

He said, "Sir, I'm just going fishing
Down on Pittman Creek
And Sir, I promise, I won't never speak."
He said, "I know your Pa
And I guess you'll be no trouble
So make yourself useful and carry the sugar."

Smell that smoke creeping through the trees.
They say that smell will bring you to your knees.
He makes corn whiskey in a still out in the woods.
To hell with the law, cuz they ain't no damn good.

The law caught wind of the old man
And they burned his still to the ground.
They hauled him off to the jailhouse
On the south side of town.
He knew that he had to help him
So he backed his truck to the wall.
He hauled ass, grinding third gear
Until he heard the jailhouse fall.

Repeat chorus

Well, he took him back in the woods where he came from.
Back where he knew the man belonged.
He knew that he hadn't hurt nobody.
He knew that he hadn't done a damn thing wrong.
I said that he knew he hadn't done a damn thing wrong.

Well you can still smell good corn whiskey
Up high there in the woods.
The law, they still ain't figured out
Where he hid, cuz he hid real good.
You can hear that old man laughing
In the night out on the wind
A new jug of corn whiskey
On his porch every now and then.

Repeat chorus

Let It All Go

Written By: Rodney Janes

Two wrongs don't make it right
They never will.
You may not know it now,
But I love you still.
Even though you are out there
Running around on me.

Well maybe one fine day
You know, we might get it right.
It won't be right now
Not even tonight.
Maybe cuz you're out there,
Running around on me.

Just let it all go, baby
And just come home.
There will be nothing said
Cuz nobody's wrong.
We can turn out the lights
But not say a word
Just let our broken hearts
Get what they deserve.
And let it all go.

If you ever see a shooting star,
Just take a moment, girl
Wherever you are.
Even though you're out there,
Running around on me.

2nd Chorus:
So let it all go baby
And think about home.
They'll be nothing said,
Cuz nobody's wrong.
We can turn out the lights
And not say a word.
Just let our broken hearts
Get what they deserve.
And let it all go.

And if someday you'll think of me
Girl you know damn well
Where I'll be.
I can't tell you what to choose
But you can walk out of those blues.

Repeat 1st chorus

Down This Road Again

Written By: Rodney Janes

Dawn is breaking on a new day.
Soon I'll be leaving, and I'll be own my way.
On down this road again.

The sun is shining rather bright today.
Nothing but blues skies, no clouds are in the way.
Going down this road again.

I wanna drive down this highway one more time.
Give it everything we got and lay it on the line.
There's a world out there, you've never seen.
Won't you pack your bags now baby, you can come with me.

Another town, yeah a new place.
Another song and new face.
Somewhere, along this road again.

Repeat Chrous:

Another night, yeah another show.
We hit the stage, and we got to go.
So we roll, on down this road again.

Repeat Chrous:

Don't Say We're Through

Written By: Dustin Morris

Well here we go again.
Let's call it off as friends.
Another page is being turned, but still no lessons learned.
But when I saw you out last night.
I knew the feelings were the same.
Come on baby let's go, I won't take a no,
now what do you say?

I can fly ya to the moon.
So far outta sight.
I can take you to a place.
Where everything is alright.
Well girl you know I'm crazy, crazy in love with you.
Come on take my hand, let me be your man.
and Don't say we're through.

I never dreamed you'd be gone.
I never dreamed I'd be alone.
I never felt so unalive, without you by my side.
But when I saw you out last night,
I knew the feelings were the same.
Come on baby let's go, I won't take a no.
Now what do you say?

Repeat Chrous:

Repeat Chrous:

I said girl take my hand, let me be your Man,
and Don't say we're Through.


Our first album, Delayed, had two singles Happy Song and Take a Ride, played on the Outlaw 94.9 out of Wichita Falls, TX. Also our Album is on Internet stations www.radiofreetexas.org & www.tossmmusic.com

Set List


Little Town
Rollin' On
Now and Then
Take a Ride
When You're Gone
Thinking About You
Living for the Moment
Happy Song --Written by Shane Boland
Crashing Down
Don't Say We're Through---Written by Dustin Morris
The Storm
Corn Whiskey
Paranoid Blues
I'm Sorry
No One There To Blame

Cover Songs

Can't You See---Marshall Tucker Band
11 Months & 29 Days--Johnny Paycheck
Love In Vain--Robert Johnson
Honky Tonk Woman--Rolling Stones
All I Cand Do is Write About It--Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mary Jane's Last Dance--Tom Petty
Keep Your Hands To Yourself--Georgia Satellites
Knocking On Heaven's Door--Bob Dylan
Hard to Handle--Black Crows
Copperhead Road--Steve Earle
Rockin' in the Free World--Neil Young
Roadhouse Blues--The Doors
Blister in the Sun--The Violent Femmes
Pride & Joy/Voodoo Chile--Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jimi Hendrix
Johnny B Good--Chuck Berry
Green River--Creedance Clearwater Revival
Sharp Dressed Man--ZZ Top
Man in the Box--Alice in C