Under The Willow
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Under The Willow

Anytown, Illinois, United States

Anytown, Illinois, United States
Band Folk Jam




"Fan-Fiddle-Tastic! Shoe Fest 2013"

For my final top 5 moment of Shoe Fest 2013, I caught Under the Willow at 11. If I could draft a fantasy league of Shoe Fest, I’d have Erin Donovan as my quarterback. She brings back the Joni Mitchell loving, Tori Amos raging, and Natalie Merchant sounding voice with a delicate charm that makes the entire band so enduring.

“We’ll have our time” – Time Speaks by Under the Willow

With no drums, their songs sound light as air. This was the strings to sing like sirens as they made sounds with haunting echo like quality. With all this talk of Miley Cyrus in mainstream music, I recall again why I choose to ignore mainstream music and go to see bands like Under the Willow. They stand for something. They won’t fall for just anything. Matt Robinson from Old Shoe joined them on stage and dancing man went crazy! He was a real life superhero and this was like witnessing Superman taking Lois Lane on a flight around the festival and back. It was the perfect way to begin the last day at Shoe Fest. Their energy interplay was as warming as the late summer sun.
- See more at: http://www.gratefulweb.com/articles/fan-fiddle-tastic-shoe-fest-2013-review-photos#sthash.qnUjVRLQ.dpuf - June Grateful Web

"Widow's Peak 2013"

Best start of a full-time touring schedule: Under the Willow. One of the scariest things I could imagine a group of musicians having to do would be to make the decision to go full-time with the act. Not everyone succeeds in the venture, but luckily, Under the Willow has the potential to be one of those bands that can make it full-time and keep drawing crowds for a long time to come. They combine folk lyrical designs with bluegrass instrumentation to produce an infectious, toe-tapping sound that you can’t help but get excited about. The band is composed of two multi-instrumentalist couples, which might be kind of an understatement since the members are constantly trading instruments between songs without missing a beat, all the while being led by two powerful female vocalists and the whole group dancing along with the crowd. Hailey Hasegawa-Skreens and Joe Lenza, one of the couples, said they draw from many musical styles and separate themselves by playing a bit harder and with a more electric sound than traditional bluegrass and folk bands. This band is going places and is a great act to see. They plan to be back in the Chicago area for Rib Fest on July 3. - Heave Media

"Live Concert Review"

"On the formula side, it's a 5-piece band that looks good, sounds good, and knows how to listen to each other. Hayley, Joe, and Patrick play a variety of stringed instruments, rotating among mandolin, banjo, guitar, and slide guitar. Dani plays varied percussion instruments, and Erin shreds the fiddle. All three of the ladies contributed vocals, and the blend was effortless. I noticed some very advanced vocal techniques from Erin, in particular a messa di voce dynamic swell that raised the hair on my neck. They're calling themselves "newgrass" on their first demo release, but that doesn't quite cover it. Their music is clearly inspired by the acoustical tradition, but certainly not restrained by it. Accessible but smart, they covered a lot of... read more at: http://www.riverdriverecords.com/?q=UTW-ConcertReview" - Lars Rehnberg


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