electronic pop. dark textures of trip hop beats, ambient keyboards and shoegaze guitars create a backdrop for gorgeous and emotional female vocals. former members of rosewater elizabeth and current members of allegra gellar and gertrude ross.


underwater began as a side project. jeremy and melissa were touring for the second rosewater elizabeth record when they decided to start a more electronic based project upon returning home. they recorded demos for 7 songs before rosewater elizabeth quite abruptly imploded in january 1997, leaving underwater to takeover and even fullfill remaining live show commitments. underwater did more than just fullfill an obligation...they soared far beyond their previous band.

within 6 months underwater had built a fan base in atlanta, ga and gained a drummer, alec irvin. the group continued to record demos and tapes were sent to matthew jeanes, in florida, who worked on remixes and additional instrumentation before sending tracks back to jeremy. songs would build over months of writing, arranging, remixing and re-arranging. by early 1998 underwater had developed a sound that got them signed to risk records in los angeles.

underwater flew to LA to record with chris vrenna (nine inch nails/tweaker) in may 1998. the record was recorded very smoothly as the band and producer got along very well. unfortunately, the same could not be said of the band and the record label. so, after ‘i could lose’ had it’s scattered and uncertain release (october 1998 in atlanta and early 1999 for the rest of the country), the band was released from it’s contract already loaded with a remix single and new EP prepped for release on matt and jeremy’s budding sub:marine records.

over the next 2 years underwater released several recordings on sub:marine including the hugely successful, RED. single and their, at least artistically, greatest success, ‘this is not a film’. still, due to various health problems within the band and personal commitments outside of the band, in the summer of 2001 underwater decided to pack up the studio and go seperate ways. matt focused on the label and his LARVAE project. jeremy and alec tried several bizarro electro and pseudo rock projects which received confused looks from underwater fans before jeremy moved to los angeles in 2003 and began playing as allegra gellar. melissa started gertrude ross with her new husband and produced a gorgeous demo with jeremy despite having moved to ahseville, nc.

now, in 2006, jeremy and melissa have announced that they will be working together again. there is no time frame and no specific plan, but new underwater music is being made. they will be looking back to their roots. they will be sending tracks back and forth around the country...los angeles...asheville...atlanta.


‘this night has opened my eyes’ - 1996
compilation track from "cover star" {a tribute to the smiths}

‘i could lose’ - 1998
debut full length on risk records {briefly re-issued by sub:marine} note* track 2 "the music" still gets substantial airplay in france and switzerland*

RED. - 1999
remix single on sub:marine

EP1 - 1999
alternate versions of 5 songs from ICL on sub:marine

EP2 - 1999
remixes of 5 songs from ICL on sub:marine

‘where is my mind?’ - 1999
compilation track from "pixies fuckin’ die" {a tribute to the pixies} on lifelike records

‘henry’s ghost’ - 2000
compilation track from "henry’s ghost" on sub:marine

‘the way you breathe’ & 'wasted' - 2000
compilation tracks on the 2000 sub:marine sampler

'this is not a film' - 2000
full length cd on sub:marine {first 100 copies packaged with bonus disc featuring 4 b-sides}

EP3 - 2001
atlernate versions of 5 songs from FILM on sub:marine

Set List

why am i afraid of you?
i've been thinking lately that it's just me
they laugh at us
a selfish girl
this is not a film
all hours human being is illegal

underwater play 6-10 song sets. usually 8 songs. never more than 10. ever. it's a superstition.

covers vary...we have played "this night has opened my eyes" by the smiths, "blue dress" by depeche mode and "where is my mind?" by the pixies. currently we're not very interested in covers.