Underwater Country Club

Underwater Country Club

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

UWCC is a harmony-forward, 4-piece, original rock and pop band from West Philadelphia.


Underwater country club (UWCC) is a 4-piece rock and pop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All of its members sing so the band has a vocal-driven, harmony forward sound. UWCC is fronted by Andrew Robinson (vocals, guitar) and Skip Robinson (drums, vocals). They are related by blood (exact same parents). According to dictionary.com they are brothers. Also in the group are Jack and Anthony. They play bass guitar and guitar. They also sing their little hearts out. The brothers are from the beaches of central New Jersey while Jack and Anthony are hardened PA natives. Now they all live together in a twin house on a quiet block in W. Philly. 

Look for them walking in the park, reading in the library or headlining a venue near you.