Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Girl/Boy electronic music band half french/half spanish, based in Barcelona. Hypnotic beats, dreamy textures, warm smoky female vocals. Live setup meant to be an audiovisual experience. 2 EPs, working on first LP. OST in between.


Underwaters is a project born in 2010, when the Parisian Nathalie Cahuzac (vocals, lyrics, song writing) and Jorge Viñals, from Madrid (production, song writing, sound) met. As they complemented each other, collaborating came naturally.

In a continuous evolving process, the band’s sound finds its identity through the uncommon and melancholic vocals of Nathalie surrounded by Jorge’s hypnotic and forceful beats and synths.

The band’s personality is hard to describe through others, however artists like Boards of Canada, Chromatics, HVOB, Trust, Bat for Lashes or even Portishead could be mentioned. 

At the moment, after 3 EPs, they just released their first LP, “Youth”. An album with a strong identity, a mixture of genres such as synth, tropical, tribal, idm, bass or dreamy. Summer colors and nostalgia stand out, with tropical and occult textures, evoking the adolescence’s innocence and its contradictions. 

Underwaters is currently based both in Paris and Barcelona, but open to play anywhere. They had a show in New York's PIANOS and love to move and know new bands and people.


[2016-11] YOUTH LP

[2016-07] Broke my Ceiling

[2015-11] Mama Please Forgive Me EP

[2013-06] Black EP

[2012-06] Once in June EP

Set List

Front Row

A Swim

Heat on the Roof


Wild Eye

Mad World (Tears for Fears Cover)

Broke my Ceiling