Undine are continuously looking for new ways to express life in all its nuances: dark and light. Their sound is best described as eclectic alternative world music. The bandname 'Undine' refers to a story about water-nymphs. These creatures called 'Undinen' express the emotions of the soul...


Inneke and Giorgo met in 2001 and have been making music together since then. When writing songs they usually start of with a basis of vocals and guitars. In December 2007 Els Becu joined the band. Her piano- and vibraphone-arrangements lifted Undine to a higher level. Her classical background is a perfect addition to the eclectic compositions of Undine.
Undine are continuously searching for authentic ways of expressing life in all its nuances. On their debut-album 'Exo' many different instruments can be heard. Ranging from vocals, guitar and piano over vibraphone, kalimba and harmonica to doudouk, synths and world-percussion. 'Exo', released on 30 October 2009, is a story about passion for life in all its diversity: dark and light. The title 'Exo' is a symbol for the movement Inneke and Giorgo have made in their life and their music. 'Exo' means 'Outside'. On the album-cover a hummingbird is sitting on the open door of a golden cage while looking at other birds flying in the distance. This image strongly expresses the longing to break free from sleeping life and welcome the uncertain but 'living' life.
The bandname 'Undine' refers to a mythological story about a water-nymph. These creatures called 'Undinen' express the emotions of the soul...



Written By: Inneke Geerts

Remember your song
Sing that song for us
You smile a lot
We are so proud of you

You can have your own opinion
Which we will reject
You may have your feelings
But you feel it all wrong

But sing that song for us
Make us all smile
Be a little angel
Make us all smile

I conquer your heart
As I lay you to sleep


Written By: Giorgo De Groof

There is fire burning inside me tonight
It is a higher power feeding that fire
I see a diamond shining in the night
It is a higher power fueling my desire

All asleep I won't be free
until my senses jump in the deep

There is fire burning inside my heart
There is a higher power feeding that fire
I beg your loving, caring, cherishing breath
It is like gentle wind fueling my desire

All asleep I won't be free
All asleep I won't be free
until my senses jump in the deep


Kelpie Unchained

Written By: Giorgo De Groof

Hear the subtle sound water makes
Hear the subtle sound water makes
When I drown in your reflection

Here, here I am, delayed
Sure, I'm prepared to wait
'cause you're still my number one

Here, here we are, turning 'round and 'round again
'cause we love this game
Should we stop this game

The Cave That Calls Me

Written By: Inneke Geerts

In dreams we find the key
But I can't sleep
Afraid of the cave that calls me I stay awake
I need this window
I need this lonely night
I want to see the world

Smothered Mirror

Written By: Inneke Geerts

I want to wash myself clean
Tear off my skin, rip out my heart
Spill blood all over
All the ambitions I had
What did I make of them
Have I been sleeping

I need to learn how to give
I need to learn how to live
Sometimes love hates me

Sometimes I block my own way
I find it hard to stay
Farewell, I'm staying

In a smothered Mirror I learned to hide my face
I learned to say some prayers
What do they mean to me now
History trials me
History finds me
Who was great, who was not
Who altered every simple fact


Written By: Inneke Geerts

Here I stand where it all began
The wind is coming from the west
Two suns in the sky and yet there is no light
Two suns in the sky and yet I shiver

Three cards fall on my chest
And plant a seed in me
As it starts to rain
It feeds the seed in me
You all laugh at me, superstitiously
You all break my bones
And place a black hole in the space
where once my heart was

Heal me storm
Show me what's worth the blow
Let me stand in your wind
Let me take a vow of silence
Makes me dream of hope


Written By: Inneke Geerts

On this beautiful earth I walk, I stand still
And listen to the silence when I sing
On this beautiful earth I make love, I dance, I’m free
On this beautiful earth I pray and live my dreams
On this beautiful earth I cry from time to time
I laugh and shake my hands when I remember who I am
Into this beautiful world I’m born to be
On this beautiful earth I’m just me

When you're in my womb you’re breathing my soul
You’re watching my heart as it grows

Come Back Home

Written By: Inneke Geerts

Come back home
I didn't mean to be so hard
You shouldn't have let me
Come back home
I'll give you space to breath
Together with me

If I feel so strong why am I in pain
Who am I where are you
Nothing is the same
Where is God now
Where is our love now

Come back home
We'll dream a new begin to this end

Once I was sure we would go
the whole way together
I knew you, you knew me
It was all we needed
We just had our wake-up call


Written By: Giorgo De Groof

Weary feet carry me to the place of my dreams
Every day is a new life
Words to keep in my heart
Imagine the world to act as one

More strength in my legs, in my arms, in my heart
Please make me believe I can achieve
Bring my dreams to life


Debut album 'Exo':
available on various online shops like iTunes and on cd. Free streaming available on their own website: http://www.undinemusic.com/listen.cfm

Set List

3-Kelpie Unchained
4-The cave that calls me
5-Smothered mirror
8-Come back home
11-Womb reprise

Typical duration of a concert is one hour