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Undue Favor @ New Line Cafe

Suffield, Connecticut, USA

Suffield, Connecticut, USA

Undue Favor @ Holy Grounds

Portland, Maine, USA

Portland, Maine, USA

Undue Favor @ One Way Cafe

Clinton, Massachusetts, USA

Clinton, Massachusetts, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



August 30th marks the first time Undue Favor will join other Christian artists on the stage at Chop Point. Singer and songwriter Christy Burnham leads this Christian contemporary duo on piano with sister Kelly Cox accompanying on guitar. They have been navigating their way through music most of their lives with a passion to minister God’s love to others. What you see on stage is a bond of unconditional love between two sisters. “There’s so much conflict in the world. Music has a different way of communicating.” Burnham says.

The rock/pop sounding songs, mostly written by Burnham, deal with personal struggles and triumphs, broken relationships, as well as times waiting on God. Christy remembers the stormy times in her life. While in college, she volunteered to go on a six week mission trip to Brazil where God challenged her faith and trust in Him. “I was there and very alone. I had to come to grips with where I was with myself and get things straight with my relationship with God. I grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian school. I knew a lot about the Bible. Christianity. But, it hadn’t become real to me.” It was there in Brazil that she found faith in a God who loved her deeply and wanted her back.

Shortly after Brazil Christy married Andy and God continued to amaze them. The birth of their 2nd child Matthew once again brought them to their knees. Matthew was born with a rare birth defect that would challenge their faith and trust in God. Matthew was such a blessing and allowed God to shine through every circumstance around his amazing birth, numerous procedures/surgeries and continued growth into a handsome, vibrant young adult. Through it all God ministered to family, friends and strangers about His unfailing mercy and consistent grace in their life.

In the summer of 2006 an anonymous donor came forward with a gift that allowed Undue Favor to record their first album, “Life Amazing” in Nashville. Cox says, “the Lord was getting us out of our comfort zone and into the world of a national ministry.” Launching Undue Favor was a culmination of two lives filled with favor and grace. The very definition of grace is unmerited favor. “We understand that God has given us favor far above what we could imagine! So what else can we do but sing our hearts out to Him in gratitude” Cox said. “The Lord knew what we needed to bring the music to a new level of excellence and then He provided it.” Burnham adds. In the summer of 2007 Christy, Andy and their 3 children moved to Tennessee, where Kelly and her husband Tim joined them. Their ministry of reconciliation is clear; the desire to spur others to grow in the Lord; to know what peace and comfort can come from walking closely with Jesus Christ. That is Life Amazing!

- Times Record, ME

You know how sometimes you listen to the same CD over and over before putting it away for awhile. Then later, when you revisit it again after several months of hiatus, it’s like getting a brand new treat! Well that is exactly what I did with my “Life Amazing” CD by one of my favorite bands - Undue Favor. When I first got this CD, I literally listened to it so much that I’m surprised it didn’t wear it out! A few days ago, I pulled it back out and have been blessed by the music once again.Sisters, Christy Burnham and Kelly Cox, make up Undue Favor. This Contemporary Christian duo exudes amazing harmony, and their inspirational music is such a wonderful testimony of faith. In fact, one of their songs has especially been resonating with me lately. It’s called “You are the Only One.” The lyrics reflect how Jesus is a perfect example, and how He is the only one who can change your situation. For me personally, I find myself going through the “situation” of a career transition. It’s exciting, but frustrating all in the same time. I feel like God has put a big U-TURN in the road, and that He’s leading me down a path toward ministry….to help others through the creativity that He’s gifted me with. I want to be faithful and listen to His calling, but I’m a little out of my comfort zone. As I listen to “You are the Only One,” I find myself singing the lyrics as a personal prayer. I know Jesus will change my situation for the better. He’ll put me in the right job at the right time and place. I just have to be more patient, and trust Him completely. Sometimes surrendering our lives to God with complete patience and trust is not an easy task.

However, no matter where you find yourself today, please know that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only one! He can change your situation if you allow Him to work in your life. It may not be in your time frame, or He may not change it in a way you were expecting, but He will create change whether it’s in your heart, in your mind or in your circumstances. I’m reminded of one of my grandmother’s favorite scriptures - Isaiah 40:31. “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, and they shall walk and not be faint.” (NIV) I hope that you, too, will soar on eagle’s wings while going through life’s situations! In the meantime, if you want to hear some really awesome tunes while being inspired, I encourage you to attend the upcoming Undue Favor concert. For more information, please visit their website - http://www.unduefavor.com/. And…may you personally find “undue favor” with God.

Peace & Blessings,



Rachel says:
May 23, 2009 at 7:16 am
UNDUE FAVOR is certainly one of my favorite bands as well. I’m truly blessed everytime I hear the songs on their CD “Life Amazing”. These ladies truly pour out the love of Christ in the music God has put into their heart. If you have not heard their music I encourage you to check out their website. There are videos featuring a couple of their songs. I believe you will be encouraged. Check it out!!! These 2 sisters are a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Their music reflects life and everyday situation we live in and how God is intune to every detail of our life. The Lord has truly given them the gift to write songs. When you hear them sing it overflows and will touch your heart. The concert will be a blast I hope to see you there! I can’t wait!

- Southern Beauty


AGES PASS (2009)
-produced by Todd Robbins
-already streaming on internet radio!

-produced Eric Copeland/engineered by Todd Robbins (downhere and Sara Groves).
-Single "I Will Serve Thee" played on WYCM in Central Mass.
-Various singles nationally streamed.



Undue Favor is comprised of two sisters, Kelly Cox and Christy Burnham. Born and raised in upstate New York they spent much time singing and creating at home and in the church setting.

In 2001, Christy began writing songs inspired from her personal experiences and relationship with God. She then performed and toured with her band, Harvest, for 3 years. Together, they recorded a project called "Change my World".

2004 brought the end of Harvest with the band going their separate ways. Christy found herself with an increased desire to continue to share the message that God had given her. At that point, her younger sister, Kelly, was in a position to come on board with this mission. She was the perfect fit. The sisters share a common passion for harmony and authenticity in their personal and professional lives. On stage, they create a connection with their audience, sing, and share stories that are relevant. By 2006, they had a demand to record their new collaborative style. Seeking excellence, they upped the ante and recorded their freshman project "Life Amazing" at the renowned Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN. This brought about many exciting opportunities for the pair. Finishing the project in the fall, they celebrated their CD release in February of 2007 and continued to perform throughout New England.

In 2008, after much prayer, Undue Favor felt called to expand their horizons. Trial, transition, leaps of faith and many open doors, prompted them to move to Spring Hill, TN. From these experiences, a new project was conceived, which is presently in progress. They are currently sharing their music and ministry in the area, leading worship at New River Fellowship in Franklin, TN and influencing their community for Christ.

2009 has brought to light some of the purposes that God has for us here in Franklin, TN. We were able to record our most current project "ages pass"! God made it happen and we are so grateful! Take a listen to what He has done!!