Original hard hitting southern rock. A quote from 1977 the comic after reviewing our cd " its about broken relationships, fast cars, fast women and the “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” wild ass sex that is truly rock and roll. I'm hooked."




Lp Undun (14 original songs)
93.7 Lafayette, La has interviewed the band on air and is playing tracks "Bring Down" and "Muncie"
Undun has opened for Ratt in 2008 and has other pending gigs opening for national acts

Set List

When performing as the only act we will typically play three one hour sets including our originals and a mix of covers. Covers included but are not limited to the following:
Keep Away Godsmack
Slither Velvet Revolver
Hair of the Dog Nazareth
Working Man Rush
Sound of Madness Shinedown
Drowning Saving Abel
37 Stitches Drowning Pool
Would Alice in Chains
Sober Tool
Machine Head Bush
Mudshovel Staind
American Band Grand Funk
New Girl Honeymoon Suite
Plush Stone Temple Pilots
Fine Again Seether
Spacelord Monster Magnent
Brainstew Green Day
Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots
Get Stoned Hinder
High Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
Check my Brain Alice in Chains
Whiskey Hangover Godsmack