Missoula, Montana, USA

We have the Montana base metal roots since 1998.. we are here for the party and the jagermeister


Undun are the slag pile of Montana's music scene; dark dank mounds of sharp edged rock spewing from pristine, country hillsides, Like slag. Undun are the by products of over-processed rock; stripped of supposed worth and tossed aside by the undiscerning. However they both possess value. Each speaks to the darker side of nature, evidence of man's greed and waste. Neither can be ignored. ......We are fun our fans have a good time everytime we are on stage.. It seems like there is nothing else but us and the fans for the next two hours.


EP (2005)
1. Melting Pot

Purifacation of Sin (2008)
1. Slow Clean Death
2. Beating You
3. Melting Pot
4. Right Hand of God
5. Lonely Road
6. March of Zombies
7. Hostle Youth

New album to be release Summer 2011

Radio Airplay
Missoula...The Blaze 96.3
Always streaming on the The Blaze web radio
The Rock 107.5 (R.I.P.)
The Zone 96.3