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The best kept secret in music


""Useless" Zine: Cd Review"

Hailing from the ashes of Boyce Lane (former band name), comes a new; stronger, faster and heavier band. Undying Morals (UM), after 2 years of of the release of their debut cd "A Liberal Death Artist". They have endured turmoil with lineup changes and personal issues. They release their 2nd ep. From being a 3-piece, they have become a 5-piece powerhouse of positivity and aggression. Some would say, how could that be? Let me say it terms of awesomeness. They feed their fans positive aggression with the praise of unity, brotherhood/sisterhood and community driven family. The song that starts off the 3 song ep is "Tough Like Leon". Rumors have it that the song is about the bands 6 month run on Resident Evil 4, which is a zombie video game that had the character "Leon"; who is the main character and is the hero in the game. Though, no one knows for sure. I can tell you that, after listening to the song. I bought myself a gamecube and Resident Evil 4. And i havent been able to let go since. The second track "Love for the Dramatic", is a heartfelt song with amazing melodies, lyrics and unexpecting 2-step parts. It slowed it down a little bit, but the ending is where it gets you back on your feet and start wailing your arms again. All and all, this song isnt just meant for the girlies and emo kids. But for the inner emotions to most, not all hardcore kids. Then we come to one of the most epic songs ive heard from a local band. The final track on the ep "MY OWN WAR". This song is a fusion of today's hardcore and the HEY DAYS of the 1980's hardcore movement. Measure after measure, i was impressed on how both complimented eachother. Rather than the same old thing over and over again, like some bands out today. They gave the song life and longevity. Brightening the local hardcore scene that much more. The ending of the song is probably where it will get you to bedroom mosh like nobody's business. " I!... WILL!.... NOT!.... FAIL!!!" This epic ending isnt quite the ending though. If you ever get to see them live, they have added a bonus for all those old school hardcore kids who gorilla grind and 2-step like its going out of style. By far, this EP; though there is only 3 tracks; gets a 3 out of 4 Thumbs Up. I recommend this cd to any kid who is into Boysetsfire, Atreyu, Thursday, AFI, Poison The Well and Comeback Kid. Plus, its only 2 BUCKS!! You cant beat that! - Rachel Heath


Undying Morals - A Liberal Death Artist EP (2005, out of print)

Undying Morals - Send Off Demo's EP (2006)

Bro Radio (stockton college radio) - tracks are: my own war, love for the dramatic and tough like leon.

WSOU 89.5 (Seton Hall radio) - tracks are: my own war and tough like leon.


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are Undying Morals from Monmouth County, NJ. Positive messages, positive aggression. Since the start we've been pushing the envelope on what is considered hardcore. Come out and see us at a show; we fully endorse the sick mosh.

It's hard to say when Undying Morals formed really. In 1998, a little band named Elysium was playing with members Ki, Jay, Rambo, and Ben. That line-up changed a few times, the band name changed, and even the sound changed (as it naturally would over the years). Let me just spare you the boring details of who came, who left, and for what reasons. In summary, the band is not the same as it was years ago. Sure there are common members but the sound and attitude of the band have changed dramatically (not to mention that there was a lot of down time for a while- local shows only once in a long while, etc). Now it's 2006. The band is more serious than ever and looking forward to what the future holds in store.

Like the time of the conception of the band, it's hard to say what kind of sound Undying Morals has. We are a band with many influences from old school hardcore bands to post hardcore bands but we also take in a lot of influence from other genres. Major influences include Boy Sets Fire, Youth of Today, Sick of it All, and Ignite. Ki has his own signature vocals, going between screaming and singing and always keeping it melodic. Rambo brings in lots of fast and technical drum beats. People have been complimenting him on his style since he started playing shows when he was 14 and he's only gotten better since then. Sean plays lots of complicated bass lines giving the band a full, rich sound. Chris and Jay bring in guitar riffs and solos that are aggressive, catchy, and very hard to imitate.

Throughout the years Undying Morals has had the chance to share the stage with many notable acts. Such bands are Mushroomhead, Nora, Eighteen Visions, Lamb of God, Bigwig, Strength in Numbers, Ensign, Huge (member Russ of Underdog's other band), The Great Redneck Hope, Bleeding Kansas, and more. They've been out of state several times. States include Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee and Florida. That list will be growing quite a bit after July '06 when they go on a 20+ city tour, playing the east coast and finishing up in the mid-west.

If you've ever been to an Undying Morals show before you know how energetic the band is live. You'll see five dudes going nuts for 30 minutes straight doing their thing and getting the crowd involved. You might not see Ki cause he's like three and a half feet tall but that's besides the point. There has never been a show where the band isn't going crazy. If you haven't seen the band before, get out to one of our shows, you won't be disappointed (we hope).

Unlike a lot of bands, we don't have any rockstar attitude. Even though we've seen a little success, we know how hard it was to get to this point and we are very appreciative of all the people who helped us through the years- family, fans, promoters, sound engineers, everybody. There has been so much support for this band and without it the band probably would not have made it to where we are now. We will never forget all the kind things that so many people have done for us. We're all down to earth and if you ever see us around feel free to talk to us, even Rambo. He only eats food even though it looks like he has a few people in his stomach.

And just why are we called Undying Morals? Let me start by saying the name has nothing to do with religion (I find it amazing that a lot of people think you have to be religious to have morals.) Anyway, you see, the world we live in is full of people who claim they're pure hearted but when their morals are put to the test, most of them say "fuck it." And that's not something we're ok with. We're not claiming to be saints; we have a long list of vices. But there are values we have that we would never trade in. Helping someone you care about get through a tough time, working hard for your dreams, standing up for your beliefs, making smart, positive life choices...these things (and others) are at the heart of our band. They are our morals and they will never die.