Undying Resonance

Undying Resonance


Undying Resonance is a christian rock band with a focus of helping the youth of today realize that God loves us and that He doesn't dwell on our pasts. We love getting excited for God but also believe it important to seek a deeper connection through the music and our lives.


The goal is not to make it big, but to make a big impact -Brad Hamm

Formed in November of 2006, Undying Resonance has begun to make their impact on the music industry. With only a handful of shows under their belts, UDR is truly a force to be reckoned with. Leading the band is vocalist and guitarist Bradley Hamm; laying down the rhythm is Danny Dennis Bartsch on drums; swinging out guitar solos is Luke Bartsch; and turning old school funk into rock with only a bass guitar as his weapon is Jordon Jeschke. With each member comes a different musical background, bringing together an amazing and unique style of rock, alternative and punk.
The band members of Undying Resonance feel that their purpose as a band is to bring positive morals and values to todays youth. Though songs of sorrow and pain plague radios across North America, UDR wishes to bring songs of hope, peace, and the idea of having a second chance. The band feels that if these ideas of hope can be put to work, the world could be a better place; that even a grief stricken world such as ours could have a second chance.
Despite being unsigned, UDR has shared the stage with artists such as popular Canadian country music star Brad Johner, who kindly compared us to Kutless, and Christian rock band Addison. Although quite young, the band members feel this gives them an advantage, as they still remember what its like to be a kid. This characteristic gives their songs an edgy quality that pertains directly to youth and the struggles they face.

Set List

Our set lists usually consist of about 8 songs. Depending on the time slot. We do very few covers but when we do them we stick to the christian rock genre.