Unemployment Crew

Unemployment Crew

 California, Maryland, USA
BandHip HopEDM

exceptionally dense hip hop, lyrically and sonically, designed to make you nod your head serenely as you pass into the end of all things.


In 2007, something went very, very wrong. Somehow, a group of disaffected twentysomethings found themselves in possession of absolutely no money and far more alcohol than was medically necessary.

Of course, nothing like this has ever happened before. Of course.

In 2010, from the wreckage of that hazy summer, the loose collective that is Unemployment Crew arose, represented sonically by Lee White and Johnny Walks the Wind.

Our aesthetic is uniquely ours.

We like to think that speaks for itself.

Set List

Current Set List:

The Hook
I Don't Mean to be Deep
Unemployment Crew Anthem
Slow Burn
Medicine Man
American Miracle
Student of the Game
The Basics
Icarus Dares (Swing Ya Rag Take Two)
One Mic 2010

approx. 32 minutes.