Unexpected Arrival

Unexpected Arrival

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A 4 person collective known for making life music and high-energy performances that leave lasting impressions on established fans and turns non-believers into first hand witnesses of excellence


The collective known as Unexpected Arrival has been not only a trailblazer, but a mainstay in Seattle and Northwest hip-hop. With numerous hit singles and the ability to stay relevant to not only Seattle hip-hop but to his fans, Unexpected Arrival's Lead MC Neema has been able to adapt to the ever-changing sound of hip-hop and grow as an artist.

His last release “My Life for Sale” he has been able to transcend his music to the masses through songs like “Whispers in the Wind” and “Hat Low”. This album appeals to the most picky of hip hop and general music fans. With guest appearances from Twista, Wingo of Jagged Edge, Kurupt and Dylan (formerly of Da Band), the album propelled to the top of popularity around Seattle, selling 11,000 units independently around the region.

Currently promoting his latest album, The Essence, as well as upcoming projects, Neema continues to sell thousands of CDs and sell-out shows. The dedication he and his crew have to their music shows through their accomplishments and the respect they receive wherever they go.

In addition to the success of Neema, Unexpected Arrival also features one of the hottest upcoming DJs in the Seattle scene, DJ Nphared. In addition to his duties in Unexpected Arrival, Nphared can be see collaborating with artists such as Grynch, D. Black and many more artists.

Through his Revenge Series, he has released sucessful and acclaimed mixtapes including "Goodfellaz" from his collective Unexpected Arrival crew, and "The 40 Bar Dash" showcasing 19 local artists as a collective. With upcoming mixtapes from Jay Barz, Grynch, D.Black, Neema and many more, Nphared seeks to cement his name amongst the already accompished DJs in Seattle


-“Take Control” Remix (KUBE, 2002)
-“If We Try” (KMIH, 2003)
-“Julie” Remix (KNHC, 2003)
-“Angel” (KMIH, 2004)
-“Hat Low” feat Dylan of Da Band (KMIH, KUBE 2005)
-“Dance for Me” feat Wingo of Jagged Edge (KMIH, 2005)
-“Stick and Move” (KMIH, 2005)
-“Whispers in the Wind” (KMIH/KUBE, 2005)

“Unexpected Arrival” (2001)
“Take Control” Maxi Single (2002)
“If We Try” (2003)
“UA” Mixtape (2004)
“My Life for Sale” (2005)
"Goodfellaz" Mixtape (2006)
"The Essence" (2007)