Nappanee, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop


I was born in a small town in Indiana, to a Christian family. When I was six years old, my father died to cancer, leaving me with my mother and sister to raise me. At a young age, I got into rap, feeling more in tune with people who've had it worse than me. Growing up in the country left me with very few friends, and the ones I had I rarely ever saw. I immersed myself in rap and took on an attitude for a life I didn't have - the little ten house I neighborhood I lived in became my "hood". At 13, I began to write songs, and at 14 started recording and working on instrumentals with a $50 music software. About that time my music and my life took a turn for the better. I have always believed in God, but never really given salvation much thought. A total stranger I met at a conference led me to see my need for salvation.
About a year and a half ago, I went to New York City and Boston to pass out tracts and even do some open air preaching. That experience totally revamped my music and set me on fire. All the songs on here are a result of that eye opening experience.


100 Million Dollars

Written By: unfAmos

100 million dollars
In my back pack
Passin them all out
Because I can tract
Like a contract
I will never walk back
Turn my life around
Now I walk fast

Faster than the fastest
While im running past the pastors
Who be preaching for the money
Who be preaching for dbank account
The bank is out
And so's the word
And now he's mad
He be flipping birds

But I don't really care
That's not really my problem
I'm passin em out in New York City
To the cops that is a problem
I got so many tracts
I need a triple beam
The gospel needs a hustler
Pick me

I'm out my comfort zone
An easy target
They come from everywhere
So we keep spitting farther
My friends preach it in london
My homies hit Jamaica
Me I went to a town nap town
I'll take ya

[100 million dollars
In my back pack
Passin them all out
Because I can tract
Like a contract
I will never walk back
Turn my life around
Now I walk fast
On this great commission
I feel like I'm on a mission
It's a problem if u dissin
Just sit down and maybe listen
My captain be my lord and saviour
Man it's Jesus Christ
We run the streets
Preaching eternal life]

New York
I wish it was my home
But it ain't
Nap town's closer to home
We like a gang
We in the hood
Uptown soldier
We doin good

U need the help
We got the answer
We two step the streets
Like a dancer
I hate the wrong I do
Like a cancer
I'm stalked by the devil
Like a panther

I'm lost in this world
Gorilla Zoe
Way too much is happening
Don't know which way to go
I miss the one I love
Like a stoner misses dro
I miss the streets
I'm on a road

But no longer will I hate and no longer
Will I wish that im goin with the flow like a fish
Better not mistake for the place
That I'm at when I'm servin it like a dish
We preach the word we love the world
And we're nice just like a kiss
But it's all for the gospel
Just like the man in the belly of a fish


All u care about is money
And the city that u from
And that's a form of idolism
So u smoke until u dumb
I don't really care
Cause my excuse is that I'm young
I got my life to live
So imma preach until it's won

I feel bad
I've made mistakes
I've hurt some people
I've had the same
It's so insane
They think we're lame
We preach the word
For the king

What's my motivation
Eternal life
Not Kelly Rowland
Or the the party life
I'm fed up why
Whats the reason we sittin here
What's the reason we shed a tear
When the people don't care if we even here?

Here I Stand

Written By: unfAmos

Everybody sayin that I'm rappin so good
Everybody like unfAmos so hood
Picture that!
Little white boy from a little white town
Little known boy with a little known sound
Listen to that!

I've been tryin to rap
About God I've been tryin to shine
I've been tryin to make a name
Man I've been tryin to get signed
No matter what my status
Unsigned or I be on tour
Imma present the gospel
Like lecrae when he on tour

Nevermind what u think about me
Nevermind what the world says
When they say that I rap
And they say that I'm crap
And they say that my rap is dead
Imma stand up never never goin down
Imma be the guy on the top of the deck
Screaming JESUS!!
When the whole world's goin down

[I think I need to change my life
I think I need to fall away
I think it's time for me to stand
I think it's time for me to say
Imma be what I can
Imma make myself a name
The world tells me that I can't
But here I stand today
I don't even care
What u think about us
We gone preach the cross
Before we bust
Get out on the streets
For God I'm goin hard
Thats right we live it up
For God we goin far]

Tryin to figure out what to do with my life
Not really worth it if I'm losin my life
Try to keep it real but it never really works
Fall and I fail so I guess it's really work
So yeah keep it real if it works for u
But everybody fails it be work for u
Keep it outta my way I got work to do
Watch yo back never let it hurt u

Yeah what it is
I be dancin on these beats
What this all about
I'm preaching God up on these street
That ain't no credibility
Hey brotha I ain't bragging
But it's time for the world to see the light
And man I won't be laggin

Why the world be hatin
Christians ain't some stupid freaks
No money we be takin
It's the gospel that we preach
The message that we give
Is one of peace and one of love
We preach the God above
Who's one as gentle as a dove


Feelin fresh as the best
But your lost as the boss
Better look for the man with the cross
His name was the Christ
And they took out his life
But He rose up from the cross
So watch what u say better watch where you go
One day you'll meet your maker
I ain't tryin to be mean I ain't tryin to sound tough
But that day you won't need paper

They try to take me down
I don't know why
But I'm never goin down
Imma stay fly
To the day that I die
I will never ever fry
Imma always gonna fly
Like a bird in the sky
Everybody think I'm crazy
Everybody think I lost it
I do it for the hood
Man I do it for the block
When the rivers in my way
Imma cross it

What u looking at man
U looking at me now
Up on the box or out on the streets
U ain't ever gonna take take me dwn
I ride with the best I fly with the best
I guess it sound like I'm bragging now
I'm saved by grace now I'm saved by faith
Man I guess that mean I'm bragging now

From the Ashes

Written By: unfAmos

I been rollin since a kid
Rollin like I'm really big
Live it breathe it love it
Never kill it let it live
Fighting through my life
Never sitting on a couch
Murder hate in my eyes
Prepare myself to pounce
Never Rollin dro
I been Rollin bible pages
Life is so slow
I been busy writin gospel pages
life is flippin hard
But man I'm goin harder
Get loose get loose
But man I'm goin farther
Forget them earthly things
Theyre adulterous
They don't love me
They love the both of us
Love runs away from me
I guess it's in my pedigree
But screw it I ain't bred to be
Livin unincredibly
I'm livin expeditiously
Ur never getting rid of me
Fire fire flame
That should be my middle name
U can disrespect the demo
But u can't remove his name
Jesus Christ
He's who I'm rappin for
If u ain't get the picture
Then get up out the door
I'm rappin till the music stops
Until my voice diminishes
Listen where u at
Cause your boy never finishes
I'm a rebel on the beats
And I ain't even from the south
Midwest whitey
Spittin gospel out my mouth
imma go hard
Harder than a dinner plate
Allergic to ceramic
I ain't sleeping at a super 8
Spit this gospel
I don't plan on getting super cake
I threw away that life
Never plan on getting super baked
My friends smoke weed
I don't plan on that hallucinate
Love so many people
I can't even think of who to hate
Imma peace lover
I'll leave hell for u to raise
I'm not fresh
Just ask the neighborhood
I may still be a nerd
But I let em know whats really good
Rap is either hate or killin
Partying or drugs
Take a shot of penicillin
Brotha he's a thug
Man the streets need ridillin
Bouncing like a pub
But man hey imma get it in
Like u do ur drugs
Christ is who I really dig
The one I'm tryin to please
He's the one who finished it
The one who set me free
I'm tryin to serve him truthfully
Stand on bended knee
He can cool my heated heart
Cause he's the one who calmed the sea
U slowin little brotha
Try to keep up
Let's burn a little rubba
It's time to speed up
Take it it's salvation
God would u please save this nation
Let this rap song be the potion
Never quittin foolish notion
They walkin dead
We walkin tall we forty deep
They at the mall we preach it loud
We do it all for God we ball
Never quittin never sittin
We pursuin Godly livin
They be trippin if they thinkin
If we do this to live in
He make a bit a cash
On the side with his rap
But his whole goal is for the king
He ain't countin cash stacks
We got no time to waste
we got a king to face
We ain't all up in your face
But we do it for the greatest
So this goes out to all those cats who still be unashamed
Out there on them streets
best believe we rep His name
I call myself unfamos
Imma push the kings fame
For me to live is Christ
To die to flesh is gain
I'm gonna go never roll
With the flow cause I'm doin it like u know
I'm caught in the current like a car in the flurry in the middle of a Midwest snow
And your ice is so white and it's shinin so bright it's idolatry dont u know
I'm sick of bein little miniature let's get even it's spiritually time to grow

Too White

Written By: unfAmos

The first thing I hear
Is that I'm just too white
I'm dressin like rappa
But I act too white
Tryin to make demo
Everybodys like right
You will never make it in the game
Youre white

Are they right?
I don't know
All the people saying it
Are white so I don't know
Let me go
Let me do my thing
Let me Try the rap game
Try to rep my king

I guess they call it hatin
But no more procrastinating
Imma make this nation
See that God has not forsaken
Imma prove my point
That this here rap game's forthetakn
Call this a recession?
I ain't gonna hate for waitin

I may not be
Lyrically excellent
Imma leave my slavery
And come for u like Exodus
Why u mess with this
You don't think I'm good
Tellin all your friends
That I don't rep no hood

I may not be
The optimus of the primes
I may not be
The one stopping the crimes
I may not be
The best rapper to shine
Imma be a Christian
Put Christ in my rhymes

I guess they call it bigotry
But I don't dig none of that
Maybe u should live with me
U turn around ain't running back
Man I ain't a running back
Sports is like my fanny pack
Wear it y'all gone laugh at that
Laughing I got half a pack

Laughing at the last of that
Eminem is flashin back
Looking on and slapping backs
I'm whiter than a paper back
Take a stab at that
I ain't one for acrobats
Flip a bird and snap it back
I ain't one to laugh at that

I be like the ashes that
I be risin up from that
Burn it down and ice it up
And watch me have a Mack attack
want something Grab at that
Take a Bible learn at that
Feast on it don't have a snack
It's your sustenance now go attack


Grew up with this self consciousness
Like I am not the best
Always listenin to rap
to stand out from the rest
Never really worked
Cause I was always so depressed
Beatin myself up
As if I was the last one left

Come back home and hide away
Take long walks in the woods
Lie to myself and tell myself
This was my hood
Lil Jon was the best
So I cussed like him
To cover up my pain
And I tried to blend in

I was so alone
Few friends no life
Looking for some friendship
After while turned to Christ
It was just a shallow thing
Not detriment to life
So then I started rapping
Try to make myself a life

Four years
New day
Rappin bout God
In a wholly different way
I guess I survived
So now I'm here to say
In Christ there's life
Look toward a brighter day

Imma spit the Gospel
No time to waste
Eighteen years
Brought me crawling to this place
Imma rep God
Through the tears of a saint
Imma put Him up
But I ain't no saint

Another Day

Written By: unfAmos

Another day
Another dollar
I ain't for the money
I'm all about the power
Power reign supreme
Sovereign God
Call Him Elohim
Cause He's the rock

God should be president
Eternal resident
Rule it all
Glorified essence
But wait he does
He's the maker of this place
Hundred years later dog
It's still gonna take some faith
Without a doubt
He the artist of the year
Just look into the sky
And see the roses of the air
Just listen to orchestra
The orchestra of nature
God's the great composer
Man it just ain't in our nature
Rookie of da year
He created light the first day
And u think that u be ballin
Cuz u glowin neck chains ha
The rent is due
I need the money
Maybe I should charge
For the gospel I be pushing
But that's just sick
They say we do it
They say we killed a lamb
But man there's truth to it
They say we lost our minds
That's right some fools do it
So what u waiting for
Get used to it


Think about it now
Never never back down
With the bible now
put it up not down
Turn the bass up
Let the amp go boom
Battery park
Make the people go who
Refer to God
And his son Jesus Christ
Who came to the earth
And he lost his life
Looking all around you
Thinkin bout the time u
Cussed his name in into the ground
Cussed his name and now see him now
Underground and I rep my lord
All around in A town new York
Fallin around no time for yo
Games you play now it's time to go
Thinkin bout the way u roll the flow
But it's worthless to to go no more
What u tryin to get it's hopeless dou
They seein me now
I ain't on the top
They ain't hearin me now
But I rep the rock
No time to waste
Time to face
The king above
Like face to face
How sweet the sound
Amazing grace
Sovereign God
I'm saved by grace
They sick of me now
try to put me out
I'm sick a looking down
Time to put him up
Sick of askin
Time to get some answers
Like a bunch of dancers
Needed that help
God is the answer
Figure it out
Yourself no pampers
Looking for love
But got u no anwers
Walkin down the road
U pick up that pamphlet
Read it up inside
that's why we do it
Do it for ur safety
Now we never gonna lose it


You Blinded by the money
It's like takin place of Buddha
You Worship it like God
You're goin Hollywood like Luda
Ain't nothin wrong with money
Ain't nothin wrong with riches
Until u start to kill for it
And die for it like snitches y
It'll keep u them stitches
It'll keep u in it's hold
Until you're so far gone
U realize u ain't got a soul
See We worship God
The one and only Elohim
Servin him like slaves
But our soul remains forever clean
We packin tracts
While u trappin packin gats
We worshippin the Saviour
That can free u from the trap
Hope comes from above
As well as diamonds in sky
I'd rather be broke on earth
To have those diamonds when I die
I'd rather give my soul to God
Than lose it down in hell
Yeah I know it's morbid
But I'm drinking from the well
The well of life
Happiness and freedom
God's the emancipator
He gone come through and free us

Saved by Grace

Written By: unfAmos

I'm saved by grace
now I'm saved by faith
Know it in my heart
Now I'm saved today
I'm on top of the world
And I see u all
So many people
And I see u all
And no aint high
I'm not wasted
Washed by the blood
I think I can taste it
Walkin dead
Cause I'm dead to my sins
But I'm still alive
Got Christ within
Livin on the clouds
No frown in my soul
My chain was snatched
Now my heart stay warm
The air is so clear
Stars shine bright
Now I rap in here
Need no potion
To keep me alive
God is the one
Keep my soul on fire
Burnin up with
The flame of his life
Imma rep him
Cause I got new life
No I'm not boring
I got a cool side
I may be a Christian
I ain't sittin pewside
The streets my stages
Minimum wages
On earth small pay
But in heaven it's the greatest
I walk them streets
Like an undead man
Any time I'm gonna pray
For the undead man
Cause they still alive
Ain't dead to their sins
Man they never died
No life within

This for the king
Who rules the earth
This for the King
Who came to earth
Here's to the king
Who died for our sins
Here's to the king
who lives within
Read the Scriptures
It's all true
God came to earth
And lived with you
They put him on a cross
And he died for sins
All u sinners stand up
cause we got Christ within!

Give me another verse
Like sixteen bars
To tell u what he's worth
More than clothes and cars
I was walkin down a road
Like a foolish man
Even though I knew God
I ain't know that man
There was no relationship
There was no trust
There was no companionship
There was no love
Then one day
Through the words of a stranger
God opened up my eyes
And alerted me to danger
I was like oh Lord
I'm in need of a saviour
Need a new life
Lord I need a new behavior
Then I got rescued
Lord imma praise ya
Cause you saved my life
And this is how i thank ya
People probably think
That I lost my mind
Rappin bout a God
I can't see with eyes
But it's all legit
I am so alive
If it's either sink or swim
Imma take a dive


Everybody judges me
Because of my faith
But when do the same
They sayin that I hate
So I keep it real
Hold my place
Soapbox works
Imma illustrate their fate
Don't fight with a heckler
You just get upset
It's because they always win
When you got no words left
Argue your point
And don't relent
when it's time to let it go
It's best u left
You saved you peculiar
Saved cause He knew ya
Ain't nothing that you did
Good works for losers
You're for the master
He ain't even gotta ask ya
You are His treasure
So serve Him with laughter
Never be ashamed
When u be on them streets
Get over your fear
And u can rock them beats
The world is a stadium
The Gospel my cleats
I ball for the King
The sidewalks my seats