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Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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"Dallas band to open 20th annual Edgefest as first gig"

By Nicole Landry / Staff Writer -

With a new EP ready for release and the opportunity to open at Edgefest XX on Saturday, vocalist Brandon McInnis and his band Unfathom have come a long way from Japanese pop.

When McInnis was a senior at Austin College last year, he became interested in the Japanese music scene while studying abroad. Joining forces with guitarist Derek Troxtell, he formed a project that would later become Unfathom as it is today.
“We met with some people, and they liked [our music],” said McInnis, “But they were hesitant. I think it’s probably because I’m not Japanese.”

After coming back to the States, McInnis decided that the band needed an overhaul. With a new American rock focus, they spent the next six months writing music and rearranging band members. The final incarnation of Unfathom, who will perform for the first time Saturday, consists of McInnis, Troxtell, Derek’s cousin Nick Troxtell on bass guitar, Lisa Chou on keyboards and Stephanie Thornton on drums.

“We just have fun when we play,” Troxtell said. “We feed off each other’s energy.”

It was Thornton who told McInnis about the 102.1 KDGE-FM contest to have a local band open at Edgefest, the alternative rock festival the station holds every year.
“Stephanie had heard from a friend that the Edge was doing the local band contest,” McInnis said. “We had just finished recording [“Can’t See,” the EP] in the studio a couple days before.”

After submitting its music, the band forgot about the contest until it heard it was one of the 20 bands picked as finalists.

The contest’s winners would be chosen by online votes, so the band told everyone they know to vote. McInnis even had some friends from Japan voting.

“We’re very excited,” Troxtell said. “We’re hoping Edgefest can open new doors for us.”
A few of the bands that inspire Unfathom — Paramore, Three Days Grace and Metric — will also perform at Edgefest, which is one of the more exciting aspects of McInnis and Troxtell.

“We can’t wait to get to meet some of these bands,” McInnis said. “I draw inspiration from Paramore’s sound and how they combine soft and more heavy sounds.”
In their song, “Stand Down,” the influence of Paramore is apparent atop the song’s electronic pop-rock feel. Much like Hayley Williams, Paramore’s vocalist, McInnis’ singing style has a spoken-word quality to it. In addition to Thornton’s drumming, which adds a steady beat beneath McInnis’ vocals, Chou’s synth skills provide a smooth tone underneath the quiet rhythms of the Troxtell cousins.

“We try to convey [emotion] in all our music,” Troxtell said. “We understand each other and our music.”

The doors of Frisco’s Pizza Hut Park will open for Edgefest at 11 a.m. Saturday morning, and Unfathom will take the stage at 11:20 a.m. - North Texas Daily

"Unfathom to open EdgeFest in Frisco"



EdgeFest, the festival produced by FM radio station 102.1, The Edge and now in its 20th year, is being kicked off this year by a young group with strong Sherman ties. Unfathom is an alternative rock band consisting of Nick Troxtell and Derek Troxtell from Sherman; Lisa Chou and Brandon McInnis, both Austin College 2009 graduates; and Stephanie Thornton from Rowlett.

Recently, Unfathom won the Dallas-based rock radio station The Edge 102.1's band competition. They went through three rounds after being selected the top 20 from a large pool of submissions to keep vying for top honor. It was the station's listeners who voted through its Web site that chose Unfathom as the best of the rest.

Unfathom opens the festival Saturday with its set beginning at 11:20 p.m. The festival is being held at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco and includes bigger-name acts including Three Days Grace and Flyleaf.

Unfathom has recorded a 5-track recording they are calling "Can't See," which includes the song that got the radio station's original attention, "Stand Down." This album is being released at the festival.

For more about this band, go to myspace.com/unfathommusic. - Herald Democrat


March, 2009 - Complicated Life EP (as Buranden) (Title song streamed over Cure Media USA radio. Music video put in rotation on Japanese cable station Music Japan TV in September 2009.)
May, 2009 - Complicated Life Remix single (as Buranden)
September, 2009 - Sabaku single (as Buranden)
May, 2010 - Can't See EP
*March, 2011 - Unnamed full album release



Unfathom is a Dallas alt-rock band that weaves synth-pop keyboards and emotionally-rich vocals into an alt-rock landscape.

The band released its first EP earlier this year and is currently working on its first full album for release in early 2011. To promote this album, the band is preparing to put on a series of digital concerts broadcast in real-time to fans through the website ustream.com.

Originally starting out in Tokyo, Japan, vocalist Brandon McInnis started writing music in Japanese while studying abroad. After returning to the US, he began collaboration with guitarist Derek Troxtell and pianist Lisa Chou to form a synth-pop band, going on to tour at Japanese conventions in Sacramento, Houston, Omaha and even in Japan as a featured artist at the Kansai Music Conference in Osaka.

Upon returning to the United States a second time, the band went through a genre shift to American alternative-rock, acquiring bassist Nick Troxtell and drummer Stephanie Thornton. They emerged to play their first gig opening the largest rock music festival in North Texas, EdgeFest, earlier this year. After sharing the stage with international French band Phoenix, Metric, Flyleaf, Three Days Grace and 30 Seconds to Mars, they started booking local venues in North Texas. They entered 2010 with the goal of establishing themselves as a Dallas local band and succeeded, playing regularly at venues such as the Curtain Club, Prophet Bar and Trees.

In the coming year, Unfathom plans on exploring new ways to connect with their fans more directly, through acoustic performances and internet concerts. Fans have described their new single, Camaro, as “edgy,” “aggressive in its delivery,” and “connects to its listeners on a very real level by offering an outlet of musical escapism from the world.”

Sean Young of Wherehouse Entertainment is quoted as saying “People don't buy plastic and paper, they buy emotion.” Unfathom has that emotion.

“How do you do when my voice isn’t there,
and off in the corner, red flags of despair
taunt you and tease the strength right from your hands?”
-Unfathom, Camaro