My band is unique in the newest way... its unheard of sound..people need something new from an older sound new to be trendy and bluesy to show it has soul.Now i know i said bluesy but thats not as it sounds.Here let me explain without JUST using a cliche singular genre."GOOD TIMES FUNK SOUL ROCK"


well we're a new style completely..... just listen to it and it can do the explaining."Influences" well theres some i cant list . lol. no.... seriously id say SUBLIME,JIMMY HENDRIX ,CCR,NIRVANA,RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE,LIMP BIZKIT and so so many more


hard rain

Written By: jordan dabner

so many things have passed me by but i never look back and wondered why. I'll be there until the end, even in the darkest day we all need a friend.Ive seen good times pass me by, hard times come and they never lie . They tell us who we are and who we're gonna be. Those hard times are hard ....hard on me. so many times of fun in the sun .I'm just sitting here i aint hurtin no one


working on it....sorry

Set List

well i can play for about 3 hours but longer if i had the time to really lay down some tracks ?