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"Review - 159 Manning BBQ 2012"

“Their set was a real joy to witness — they've already got the bravery and skills to rock out that put most of us to shame" - Mechanical Forest Sound

"Review - 159 Manning BBQ NXNE 2012"

"It was pretty adorable and funny" - Ride The Tempo

"Polaris Prize 2012 Q&A: F*cked Up Name UB Fave Local Band"


Favourite Toronto band right now?

Josh Zucker: Unfinished Business
- blog.to

"F*cked Up's Long Winter series starts with a bang"

"...I think few would argue that Unfinished Business stole the whole show, but hey, other stuff happened too.

...But really it was a trio of twelve-year-old girls — the previously mentioned "Unfinished Business" — who turned out to be the coolest thing all night (ever?). The first song ended with the drummer lighting a mallet on fire and banging a gong. The singer had sass and confidence way beyond her (my) years. Their short set consisted of songs about ghosts, haunted houses and people falling down stairs. The crowd was clearly impressed as smiles were plastered on just about everyone's face" - blog.to

"Toronto Thaw Festival"

A show that takes “all-ages” to its logical extreme, this early evening bill features Unfinished Business (formerly Food Fight), a trio of girls aged 11 to 13.

“We write all our own songs and we’re BFF’s,” band members Sita, Layla and Fiona write in a collective email. “We are kind of rock...but not really punk rock or pop rock...annd not pop punk either but they've called us that b4 we're fine with it.”

“We love to have fun and hang out together!” they say. “And also we would like to give a shoutout to… everybody! SHOUTOUT!!!!!!”

Check out Unfinished Business playing their song Epic Fail at a performance last week. In the video, the crowd calls for an encore, but they’ve already played all their songs… so they rip into Epic Fail again.

- NOW Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Formed in 2010, Unfinished Business is comprised of three middle school girls aged 12-13. They write songs about ghosts, falling down, not going to school and having fun. “Our goal is to be the funnest band ever ?”.
They played their first show at the Toronto Underground Cinema in March 2011 and in two short years have been invited to play some of the coolest shows in the city and beyond. They’ve had a mini-documentary produced by CBC Radio which aired nationwide throughout summer 2012. Josh Zucker of F’ed Up called them his favourite band in Toronto and then invited the girls to open the 1st night of the Long Winter Series 2012. They recently played their first 19+ show opening for Mac Demarco at the Silver Dollar Room.
Layla plays bass and also loves playing basketball.
Fiona plays drums and she also plays piano and does dancing.
Sita plays guitar and sings and has a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.