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""Mentally unstable and musically brilliant...""

"Unfinished Thought, the dynamic duo from Kalamazoo, MI that stunned listeners with the dark ambiance and painful beauty of last year's Becoming Aware have followed up the success of that release with Based On Actual Events - a CD even more mentally unstable and musically brilliant. As always, the dusky mystique of Joe Kiser's music provides the perfect tone for the luminosity of Stacey Nelson's vocals. Here's the twist: this time each song is not a separate entity, but chapters of an epic story set in the innermost depths of a mind not so abnormal, only more aware of itself than most. Believe me - you should check out Unfinished Thought."

-Sarah Byrne, Recoil Magazine
- Recoil Magazine

""Delicate, angelically ethereal harmonies...""

Propelled between the nuance of delicate, angelically ethereal harmonies and compulsively aggressive guitar playing, the music Industrial-Goth-Rock duo Unfinished Thought creates on 'Based On Actual Events' is a complicated and layered environment. A difficult achievement for musicians with decades of experience and rarely achieved multiple times by the same band. Their powerful sound is built on intensely haunting vocals and genre defying riffs and beats. Arrangements shift through an umbra of full-on industrial noise to orchestrated Goth rock and back to a soft whimper or the musical equivalent of a banshee's wail. They may have struggled to find a sound they could solidify as their own, even though it seems to have flawlessly found them. Influenced by musicians the likes of Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails, Unfinished Thought have been compared to the likes of Evanescence, Kidneythieves and Italian industrial act Lacuna Coil. Note also, none of the bands UT's sound is compared to have been listed as influences by the band members. This disc is the next evolution of unbridled rock, with a hint of industrial flair and a pinch of Goth for intensity. 5 out of 5."

-Adam Tibbott, Tainted Imagez
- Tainted Imagez

""Unfinished Thought portrays what all music should strive for...""

Unfinished Thought portrays what all music should strive for - excellent vocals, driving instrumentation and a sound that makes you NEED to listen. Unfinished Thought have a great edge. They have an interesting outlook and their music is way above par. Don't hesitate to check out this CD!"

-Yvonne Glasgow, Music Revue Magazine
- Music Revue Magazine

""An emotional roller coaster ride...""

"I think I've done it again. I've come across another shiny gem in the vast world of independent music. Dark Rock duo Unfinished Thought have just released their second album "Based On Actual Events", and it is nothing less than extraordinary. Vocalist and pianist Stacey Nelson and Producer Joe Kiser merge their talents together and create a compelling, layered sound. This album is very diverse. The opening track "Through Crowded Rooms" immediately grabs the listener with its fast-pace and honest lyrics. Another stand-out track is "Umbrella", an emotionally charged song with Stacey on the piano. The chilling piano wraps around Stacey's words "It's sad when the rain falls and it makes no sound, when it falls out of order, when you're not around." UT also shot a video for the song, which is available on DVD or on their website. Unfinished Thought do an excellent job of combining layered music with amazing vocals and lyrics. They seek to bring the listener a story of "never ending sleep, of forever deepening concern, and of unavoidable consequence." This is true, as "Based On Actual Events" takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride. Fans of Garbage, Kidneythieves, and Lacuna Coil should definitely take notice as I believe that this is definitely a band to watch."

-Sarah, Collected Sounds
- Collected Sounds

""An album of uncommon beauty and power...""

"Imagine if William Orbit and Trent Reznor produced the Cure albums of the late 80s. Okay, add in female vocals (competent vocals, if you want to be picky) and maybe the picture is a little more complete. There are elements of techno, industrial hardcore, drum 'n' bass and big beat sounds among many more. Kiser is smart enough to vary the feel of this album. At times the sound is lush and cushy. At other times it's more sterile than Tangerine Dream. He's happy to use keyboard washes of all sorts: some warm, some harsh and some almost indescribably beautiful. He refuses to follow the book, and so the sounds here are fresh and unexpected. Kiser and Nelson have put together an album of uncommon beauty and power. If you want to know where electronic music is going, this disc might give you a clue."

-Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting
- Aiding & Abetting

""A voice that could sing down the moon...""

"I'd like to introduce you to Stacey Nelson and Joe Kiser of Unfinished Thought. This talented duo have a beautiful 12 song release to offer fans of dark wave, ethereal, and world music. As there is much to cover between the musical background and the vocals, distinct and yet intermixed, I'll address both sides of this release by discussing my favorite piece "Mokienko". This track in particular is brilliantly backed with acoustic guitars, a quiet bass and caroling layers of bell ringing. Completely hypnotic, perfectly timed, and beautifully produced. The guitar in this track carries a beautiful distorted harmony with Stacey's angelic voice. This song is characteristic of most of what I heard on the album: A strange blend of Portishead and Dead Can Dance. Joe has a true gift for making the endlessly hypnotic truly interesting. Stacey, on the other hand, has a voice that could sing down the moon. Sometimes biting, sometimes a glorious symphony of almost operatic quality. I was entranced by how well she handles multi-part harmonies. I would love to hear her singing sometime with nothing more than a single guitar or piano backing her. The way she can blend her voice into and out of the music behind it is truly a gift. Fans of Delerium, Portishead, and Dead Can Dance, to name just a few, should absolutely pick up this album."

-Poseidon, Gothic Beauty Magazine
- Gothic Beauty Magazine

""Energetic, daring, and passionate...""

This is the perfect record for curious listeners looking to get a taste of the goth genre. Fantastic in it's melodic structure and accessibility, Becoming Aware offers a simple, exciting glimpse at female-fronted goth music. It's the type of record that's an asset to its genre because it gets new audiences interested in the music. And part of that allure may be because Unfinished Thought's style isn't purely goth. There are elements of electronica, rock, and even pop present on Becoming Aware - and these influences greatly help to make the album more accessible. Songs like "Xoe" and "Voices" are very goth-like with elements of pop. Meanwhile, "Reflection" is an almost Portishead-esque pop number. Altogether, Becoming Aware is recommended for both goth fans and those just wanting to give the genre a try. Energetic, daring, and passionate about their music, Unfinished Thought have taken the genre to a whole new level."

-Matt Shimmer, IndieVille.com
- Indie Ville

""Industrial, superdistorted, and several layers deep...""

"Becoming Aware is a twelve-song album that can be best described as 'relentless.' Relentless in sound, in mood, and in overall outlook. Each track seems to iterate the feeling that life is lived in solitude and is primarily an individual experience. There`s definitely an effort to use electronics to bring their sound into the new millennium. The songs tend to start with futuristic drum loops and synths, but usually surrender to the thickly distorted six strings by the second minute. What really drives the sound is the guitar. It`s generally more than enough to carry the song, and Unfinished Thought is at its best when the guitars are industrial, superdistorted, and several layers deep. Later in the album more emphasis is put on piano and vocal, and the sound becomes more intimate. Honestly, my friends bitch at me when I put this kind of stuff on at a party. This is not light party music. But that`s obviously not their point. Those that don`t fear the personal and fatalist world of Unfinished Thought will have plenty to chew on here."

-Curt, Smother.net
- Smother

""A masterpiece in the dark...""

"Becoming Aware is a masterpiece in the dark. Heavy guitar jamming intertwined with harmonious vocals reaches a medium that is inexplicable. The talented duo from Kalamazoo, MI form an intense electronic and industrial rock sound. Song titles such as 'Lack of Days' and 'My Valentine's Last Breath' are just a few examples of the profound tracks on the album. The lyrics touch on deep subjects ranging from mental illness to addiction - this CD is sure to leave you in a state of deep and unfinished thought."

-Melissa Hill, Music Revue
- Music Revue Magazine

""A gifted, though likely disturbed duo...""

"Emerging from a backdrop of mood-defining music is the voice of a siren, attempting to lure listeners into the treacherous depths of mental instability. Thought-provoking lyrics and emotional industrial music join a piano and guitars in a creative journey through troubled psyches. This gifted though likely disturbed duo combine some unlikely elements to create a lulling schizophrenic experience. Stacey Nelson's voice is pure as a virgin as it explores the darker parts of human nature to the groove of haunting melodies. Not for the clinically depressed."

-Sarah Byrne, Recoil Magazine
- Recoil Magazine


[2005] Exits (EP)
[2004] Based On Actual Events (Full Length CD)
[2004] Umbrella (DVD Single)
[2002] Becoming Aware (Full Length CD)
[2001] My Valentine's Last Breath (EP)



Latest Unfinished Thought News:

"Illuminata" video available now!

Exits [EP] - The NEW digital album from Unfinished Thought is available for download at the UT Store for only $5.00!

Visit: http://www.unfinishedthought.com/store

UT Quick Bio:

-Q: "What do you sound like?" A: Think Evanescence, Garbage, Kidneythieves, Lacuna Coil and Depeche Mode.

-Unfinished Thought began as a duo in 2001 in Kalamazoo, MI [yes there really is a Kalamazoo].

-Stacey Nelson [now Stacey Kiser] provides beautiful female vocals [often times with 3 or even 4 part harmonies] which combine with Joe Kiser's unique studio sound of crashing industrial guitars and driving, mechanical rhythms to produce a sound that is truly unique.

-UT's first studio album, "Becoming Aware", was released in December 2002 on Shiverstar Records, UT's own Midwest label.

-The album sold slowly via the UT website until Evanescence [yes THAT Evanescence!] got a hold of the disc and began playing it in between sets on their world tour with Cold. Album sales SKY ROCKETED and put Unfinished Thought on the musical map. Thank you Evanescence!

-UT's second studio album, "Based On Actual Events" was released in April, 2004. Album sales have been very strong with both UT CDs requiring frequent restocks at Amazon.com, CDBaby.com and the Official UT Website - www.unfinishedthought.com. Fans can also buy stickers, DVDs and shirts from the band's official site.

-UT's first music video, "Umbrella", was released on DVD in 2004. [2nd video currently in production].

-Fan base has swelled dramatically over the past two years to include fans from all 50 states and over 14 different countries [based on CD sales and merchandise shipments].

-Internet promotion is an Unfinished Thought specialty. Most of UT's success has come from unique online promotional strategies including eBay advertising, massive message board advertising campaigns, frequent email list updates, creative banner placement, and the establishment in 2003 of the Unfinished Thought Street Team.

-Realizing that UT had the potential to become much more than a Midwestern phenomenon, Joe and Stacey hired 3 other musicians to take the UT studio sound to the live stage in 2004.

-Rehearsals with the live band began in March 2004.

-First UT live show in November 2004 in Kalamazoo, MI was preceded by unprecedented local press coverage and fan anticipation.

-Unfinished Thought currently play out frequently in the Midwest including regular stops in Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit and more...

-"Exits [EP]" released in November 2005 - this album saw UT pioneer independent digital distribution by releasing 100% digital content sold DIRECTLY from the UT Store!

-"Illuminata" - UT's 2nd music video was also released as a companion piece to the Exits [EP] and is available for download on the UT website.

-Selected to showcase at the Motor City Music Conference in Detroit, MI. April 2005.

-Selected to showcase at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH. September 2005.

DETAILED Unfinished Thought Biography:

Following up on the unexpected independent success of their 2002 debut album, Becoming Aware, dark rock innovators Unfinished Thought have returned with an album that solidifies the duo's status as one of independent music's most original and creative forces. Their brand new release, Based On Actual Events, is a genre defying collection of songs that spotlights the unparalleled precision and forceful elegance that defines Unfinished Thought's decidedly unique sound. "Uniqueness has been a blessing and a curse for us" explains producer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Kiser. "Every band wants to say that they sound like nothing you've ever heard before. Obviously comparisons can be drawn between any two given sounds, but our music tends to drift freely between multiple genres. I think we have more of the 'nothing you've ever heard before' element than most bands that have surfaced in the past several years."

Combining the more abrasive elements of dark wave, industrial, electronica, metal and goth with the more melodic components of etherealism, ambient, dark rock, and even pop music, Unfinished Thought have crafted a sound all their own. "Our audience tends to find their way to us through the darker channels like goth and industrial, but quickly realize that we have a lot more going on than most bands in those genres" continues Kiser.

The duo that would eventually become Unfinished Thought began their creative partnership in 2001 when Joe Kiser, a Midwestern college student studying music production met Stacey Nelson, a young singer/songwriter with an extensive choir background. Joe had been producing instrumental tracks while auditioning female vocalists for several months prior to meeting Stacey. He explains, "I had a vision of what I wanted Unfinished Thought to sound like. I wanted to find a girl that c