Unicorn Power!

Unicorn Power!

 Brighton, England, GBR

Squelchy synths meet fuzz guitars and electronic drums. Their aim is to make you dance until you need to sit down and have a bit of a rest.


Unicorn Power are from Brighton and formed to combine their love of obscure fuzz pedals, noise machines and fabulous dresses. They play their own brand of indie-electro pop and attempt to combine noisy guitars, drum machines and squelchy synths into a delicious pop pie!

The blog Louder than War, which placed them number 10 in their top 50 bands of 2012, described them as “quirky, high IQ cut and paste freak disco”, which the band hopes is a good thing! Their new single Guarded has been getting a fair bit of radio play (both local and national) which has led to a number of interviews and a track being released on a Swedish compilation in the spring.

Unicorn Power are committed DIY-ers ,they record and produce all the music themselves, and even make their own videos, electronic instruments and fuzzy felt CD packaging. Most of their songs are driven by an urge to dance around on stage and encourage the audience to join in.

Watch videos and listen to music here www.unicornpower.co.uk


Stencil EP 2010 - Played extensively on Future Radio

End Of Fairytales EP 2011 - Played on Radio Reverb, Future Radio, BBC Radio Sussex, Amazing Radio