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'UNIDUB' is an evulotion of music, an electronica fusion of universally loved genres Drum and Bass, Hip hop, Reggae, Dub Step, Soul, and R&B. Breaking out of the confines of genre, 'UNIDUB' come equiped to rock crowds of all backgorunds with Deep Bass, Big Beats, Soulful Harmonies & Lyrical genius.


Unidub consists of members Wake Matthews (vocals & songwriting) Matt McKegg (producer, composer) and Harley Roberts (background vocals, keyboards).

Originally formed in their unihouse flat on the north shore of Auckland. whilst studying Television and film the three very talented artist's
quickly realised that they had much more in common than just a love for film. They discovered each one of them were also very talented musicians... The rest is history, in between studying the band immediately began working on their debut Album 'Energy'.

Since then the band has over 915 fans on facebook, have sold numerous singles and copies of their album and performed many high energy concerts that got the attention of the Maori Music Awards nominating Unidub in the 'best Maori pop album' category for 'Energy'.

Unidub is the future of Aotearoa Electronic Fusion.


Album 'Energy' released on Unidub website

Singles released:
1. Black Heart
2. Energiser
3. Runaway
4. Cloud Nine
5. Eye Problem
6. Lucid Dreams
7. Keep on moving
8. Aotearoa