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Unified Music Group

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We are Christian Rap Artists who strive on making excellent music. Some say that we have a vibe like Lecrae, Da Truth, Kanye West, Nas, krunk with a mid-west/street/club twist. We say that we strive to make music that the listeners love and enjoy so much that they press repeat multiple times!


“If you build it, they will come” has never been any clearer! This quote sums up the dedication and grind of building what has become one of the fastest growing Christian Rap Record Labels in today’s society, Unified Music Group. UMG was established in 2005 by Founder and CEO, John Burke.

UMG currently has two (2) active recording artists on their roster. John R who is currently recording his debut album titled "Rap Redefined", scheduled to be released by Fall 2008. "John R is the most talented and anointed rapper I have ever heard!" says Pastor Ben Gibert – Senior Pastor of Detroit World Outreach. UMG is also proud to mention their newest addition, J-Hines. J-Hines is currently preparing to release his demo region wide throughout the mid-west. Shortly after the release of his demo, J-Hines will be dedicated solely to his debut project. “J-Hines is a very humble man of God with a habit of making excellent music. He keeps my head bouncing even after the music stops!” says CEO of UMG, John Burke.

UMG Artists have successfully performed with many other known artists such as: Tedashii (Detroit, Mi.), Jesus or Bust (Dayton, Oh.), BeeLee (Detroit, Mi.), and more. Throughout the long road to becoming successful in the music scene, UMG has achieved many great things and has been recognized by many venues and other organizations. UMG currently holds steady in the top 8 on the Rapzilla’s Rap Room Charts and has placed in the top 10 on the Rapzillas top 100 websites/labels charts multiple times. UMG is also among the top 3 recognized Christian Record Labels in the state of Michigan.

UMG has future plans of becoming a major record label by the year 2015. “It will be tough to accomplish this goal, however, with the proper dedication, discipline and drive along with Gods help we should be able to make this happen, judging by the rate that we are growing now, it will happen” said John Burke, who also ended his statement with the comment, “We built it, God blessed it, They came… Now you may be asking yourself, who are they? Well, THEY are anyone who has a passion to make or listen to music!” John Burke later stated that he had goals to becoming the first Christian Rap Record Label to achieve 3 Grammy Awards!



Set List

Typical set list includes tracks from the ONE NATION UNDER GOD MIXTAPE and J-HINES DEMO including but not limited to: No One Like You, 50 Bars, They Hate'n On Me, Christ Is Alive Remix, Emergency. Sets generally last roughly 25-35 minutes long (without ministering). No Covers...