Sounds from the deeply dark side of our lightning hearts and bright souls.


uni_form started in 2006 in Lisbon by David Francisco(bass) and his brother Nuno (Drums).
Later on they meet Billy which immediately became the lead singer and guitar player.
The band is built on a inheritance from a group of bands from the alternative 80´s ,the sound of the band is the contrast of dark atmospheres with light strong and rhythmics ambients.
During the years the band had some modifications and in 2011 they found Mike to guitar and synths.
Playing in several places in Portugal from North to South and outside the country too,Spain,Holand,Belgium and France .Supporting bands like She Wants revenge,Peter hook and the light and O Children.


Ep # 1
Lp "Mirrors"
Ep Winter blue
2x "MirrorsRemixed"
Lp "1984"