Soul Uniform

Soul Uniform


A progressive melodic sound with a building tension. Hard crunchy guitars mixed with deep dynamic in your face bass lines. Layer amazing drumming that will keep you on your feet all night, mixed with a unique power voice that punches through. Soul Uniform will have you from the word go.


The foundation of Soul Uniform can be traced back to late 2004, originally starting out as a group of diverse musicians coming together through mutual friends. Throughout the following years, the band played most of the venues that the GTA had to offer, including opening performances for Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, State of Shock and the Hugh Dillion Redemption Choir. As the band progressed to write and record their debut studio album, their vocalist left, allowing Chris Dawe to enter. Bringing along with him a vocal warmth and energy that fit the band perfectly, they began playing Toronto's downtown circuit at venues like Healey's, The Reverb, and The Kathederal.

Flash forward a year, with the urge to craft fresh songs and breathe new life into old ones, Chris Dawe, Tom Evans and Tom Paulovits have reunited with the help of newly joined guitar player Jason Hoddinott to be Soul Uniform. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and credentials to the proverbial table and between them have played memorable gigs and showcases across Canada, throughout the States, including a gig at the Legendary CBGB's in New York before the club closed its doors for good.
Soul Uniform is currently putting together demos that are creating quite the buzz amongst those close to the band and they feel it is time to keep that momentum building.



Set List

All original material that includes:

This Song is About You
Stepping Stone
Blame me
Made to Approve
Melon Tree

The sets are about 45 mins long, and usually one a night.