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Landover, Maryland, United States

Landover, Maryland, United States
Band Alternative Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sex and Funk and Rock and Roll"

"UNINTERRUPTED started with a blend of rock and sex! Yes sex! There is only way to describe it and fuck it! I am going to talk about this beautiful woman singer (even if I risk getting knocked out by her boyfriend drummer) we knew what we were getting when we found half the male population backstage trying their hardest to talk (if you could call it that) to her (isn’t that right Mr. MC?). Her incredible voice along with the solid rocking band was a blend of good and evil, cool and fiery. The moves, the passion, the power…"

Excerpt from the online review of the Emergenza Finals at Nation on June 11th, 2004 by Mike Rophone (???) entitled "WASHINGHTON FINALS
Sex and Funk and Rock N’ Roll!" - published 6/18/04 at www.emergenza.net

- Mike Rophone for Emergenza

"Joe's Place (WHUR 96.3)"

“I haven’t heard anything like that since Mother’s Finest back in the day. Miss Moon sounds like a little Joyce Kennedy."

- Joe Gorham Live Broadcast

"BME Promotions"

“A blend of world, soul, funk music from a ferocious four piece fronted by the soul diva power of MoonShine."

- Bolamarge

"A Natural Uninterrupted Flow"

Black Explosion, April 2005, page 8

The Black Explosion, Proudly Celebrating 37 Years of Service

Uninterrupted Band: a natural, uninterrupted flow

Karen Morrison
B.E. Staff Writer

“Everything we do is

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Uninterrupted
Band. For who didn’t see the John Legend show in the fall of 2004,
they were the opening act. I spoke with the band to gain some
insight on the creativity behind the band’s growing success. The
Maryland-based band has been together for about three years now
and consists of Moonshine, lead vocals; Kenny, guitar and vocals;
O, bass and Ahmed, drums.

The band describes
their sound as being
“alternative to everything”
according to O.
Kenny says that for him,
nothing really describes
their sound. However, all
the band members agree
that their musical influences
have had an effect
on their sound. Some of
their influences include
Bootsy Collins, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and, for Moonshine,
Chaka Khan and Nina Simone.

The band’s name has a unique and personal story behind it.
According to Moonshine, her middle name—Anisha, which means
uninterrupted—came up in a conversation. It was then that Kenny’s wife suggested that as the group’s name. Kenny, a university alumnus, explained the meaning behind the group’s logo. The logo, a
Chinese character over the infinity symbol, symbolizes infinity and
eternity, like the band’s name.

The band’s creative process is also uninterrupted. While there’s
no set logistic behind it, it will usually begin with one member coming up with a groove and the other members expound on it and take what has been created to another level. Because of this process, the band is enjoying positive feedback on their first single, “Mental.”

Like all great live bands, Uninterrupted Band puts on a great live performance. The band is always prepared for the unexpected when
performing live. For Ahmed, being prepared means staying in tune
with the music. “Whatever comes off the cuff, play it.” The band
is also prepared for the audience as well. “You do what you have to
do” to get a song across to the audience, Moonshine said. She also
feels that as an artist, you take the song from the deepest part to
bring it. “We give everything”. For her, being a performer means
leaving fans and potential fans alike “wanting more” in regards to
their music. Judging by the reaction of the audience at the John
Legend show and the growing popularity of the band in the
Washington area music scene, that’s exactly what many fans are

The band is releasing their debut album, “No Excuses”, which
will drop this month. For more information on Uninterrupted Band,
go to www.uninterruptedband.com.

Karen Morrison is a senior African-American studies
major. She can be reached at

- University of Maryland COllege Park

"Uninterrupted @ Art-O-Matic"

The band Uninterrupted performed at the Art-O Matic festival on Sunday June 8th in Washington DC and it was amazing. Whoever said there is no such thing as Black Rock has never seen an Uninterrupted show. The lead singer Mama Moon is a funk rock diva with a voice of steel and fierceness that is rarely captured in contemporary rock anymore. her energy in vocals is only matched in the wild stage antics that defy reason . A Must see act .

Khadijah Ali-Coleman
Liberated Muse.com - Liberated Muse.Com

"The Rendevouz"

Wow!!! Last night's edition of The Rendezvous was truly special. It was a birthday celebration for DJ King James and Marko Nobles an they both want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with them.

The artists who touched the stage last night were all incredible and were a perfect example of the breadth of our music and what InJoy Enterprises strives to provide every month in presenting The Rendezvous..........

Finally, there was Uninterrupted. There was some question as to whether the audience at The Rendezvous at Shrine was really ready for Uninterrupted. They are a band that is a real force of nature. A unique Rock/Funk/Soul Band that truly takes no prisoners during their stage performances and they lived up to form, shaking the building to its foundation with a show that had to be seen to be believed. They left the stage to a standing ovation and sweat flying everywhere!!!! It was that hot when they were done!
It was truly a wonderful night and the only question is how do we top it for July? You'll have to come out and see.

Marko Nobles
INJOY Enterprizes
Harlem , NY
- INJOY News

"Life rocks"

A day filled with various rock n’ roll bands, the chance to meet fellow musicians and the benefit of not having to travel far for a live music festival is a dream come true to many local residents.
And one young entrepreneur is making that dream happen for himself, music enthusiasts and a dozen local bands through his ‘‘Music is Life” festival at the Shipley Arena in Westminster on Saturday.

‘‘I hope it will be one of the biggest events in Carroll County,” said Jimmy Chrzanowski, the man behind the festival and the new recording company Intricatus Records, LLC.

Chrzanowski and his family, who are helping him organize the all-day event, wanted to highlight local bands, so they accepted music samples and visited different venues to hear the groups for themselves.

They settled on twelve: Havok in Hollywood, aFreudianSlip, Fourth Element, Anamide, Falls Ending, Molotov Valentine, Uninterrupted, Fools & Horses, Since, Down to This, MIND and JINX.

Ahmed Muhammed, drummer with Uninterrupted, is excited about the chance to get a new fan base and meet other bands.

The five-member group, who have been together for more than three years, play a lot of clubs in the area, as well as up and down the East Coast, but they haven’t ventured into Westminster.

‘‘This is a new area for us. It’s a great opportunity,” Muhammed said.

The idea for the festival came from Chrzanowski’s mother, Pam, who has hosted backyard parties for years. She talked to her son about hosting the party on a larger scale and using it as a way to get the word out about his new record company.

‘‘I’ve never put something together this large,” Chrzanowski said.

They contacted the Carroll County Agricultural Center to secure an indoor arena big enough to accommodate an entire day filled with different bands. Then the musician opened up a page on Myspace.com to solicit acts.

The response was immediate and overwhelming.

‘‘There were about 60 that responded. Just last week, we were still getting responses,” he said.

Both Muhammed and Dave Schmelick’s band Molotov Valentine found out about the festival through the popular website and sent their information to Chrzanowski.

That’s when the Chrzanowski family decided to narrow the field by concentrating on local rock bands and by visiting them at different gigs.

The day’s lineup includes bands that offer different versions of rock to appeal to a wide audience, such as hard rock, metal, jazz rock and funk. Chrzanowski said the festival should attract anyone from teenagers on up.

The Landover-based Uninterrupted was booked after the family saw them play in Baltimore and knew they should be part of the lineup.

‘‘This is a great idea to bring out bands that are independent and set them up where they get more attention” and exposure, Muhammed said.

Schmelick, lead vocalist and guitarist for Molotov Valentine out of Baltimore, agrees.

‘‘We play in clubs around here, but an all-day festival is terrific. It’s a different venue that will bring in a much larger crowd,” Schmelick said.

The festival kicks off at 10 a.m. and runs until 10 p.m. Each band will play their original music for about an hour and patrons have the chance to meet band members, buy some of their merchandise and visit other vendors.

Food and drinks will also be on sale during the festival.

Chrzanowski has always loved music, even before he picked up his first set of drum sticks at age 4, and knew he wanted a career in music. His parents scoped out a college that offered recording arts in Florida, where the Sykesville graduate studied before returning home in 2005.

Since then, he said he has been busy constructing a small, professional recording studio in his home dedicated to supporting local bands. He hopes to open it officially within the next several months.

Although he plans on concentrating his work on helping local bands, Chrzanowski admits that he would also eventually like to record his own music. In fact, the name for his recording studio came from a name he wanted for his band.

‘‘But nobody else liked it except for me,” he laughed.

- The GAZETTE-- 17 August 2006

"UMUC Burns at the Firehouse"

"Uninterrupted was/is amazing!"

"[The] lead singer has such a beautiful, powerful voice with so much control. The fact is that
she definitely knows how to work the stage and the audience (i.e. -ME!) - killer combination."

- S. Purcell


2005 No Excuses EP

Uninterrupted is currently in studio recording their new project.




Uninterrupted was an unplanned miracle that took place one day in the basement. Since then Uninterrupted has brought their organic, edgy style of soul, rock, and funk to the masses like a hurricane. Uninterrupted has shared the stage with artist such as John Legend, Fishbone, Fertile Ground , Martin Luther and others. Uninterrupted is known for their hard edgy sound, insightful lyrics, and high energy stage show. The elements that completes this band is the different influences of each band member. All things come together when Mama Moon steps to the mic and takes this already funky vibe to outer space. Mama Moon has a voice that has been compared to Chaka Khan, Betty Davis, and Annie Lennox. Her stage presence demands attention and with the elements behind her Uninterrupted is an unapologetic force to be reckoned with. Uninterrupted has played in DC, MD, PA, WV, and NY. They have been featured on UMCP radio , WHUR 96.3 and Harlem's 90.3 Rhythm N Soul Radio. The band has also been featured in East of the River News, Injoy News and Black Explosion News UMCP. Whether a crowd of 2 or 2 million you will still receive the best of Uninterrupted .