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Union Pacific

San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
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"The Love Language and Union Pacific"

An open letter to Sammy Hagar:

I have an untold amount of issues with your 1981 hit, "There's Only One Way to Rock." First and foremost, if there was only one, I wouldn't look to you for instructions. But I digress. You see, there's plenty of ways to rock, and while you're perfecting recipes for tequila-battered chicken fingers, I will personally enlighten you.

Take Tucson's Union Pacific, for example. Rumor has it they're relocating to the Bay Area sometime soon, so I'd advise you to lend an ear in between Cabo shots, because they could make you feel better about Eddie Van Halen hating your guts. Forget the guitar shredding altogether, this quartet have a cavernous and expansive guitar sound without bothering with distortion pedals and whammy bar jerk-off sessions. They have great songs, sometimes recalling the untainted innocence of Ritchie Valens, or the majestic productions of Phil Spector, but even bigger. Union Pacific has a great rhythm section, with all sorts of interplay that Alex Van Halen or whoever played the drums in Chickenfoot couldn't even imagine of. Last, but most certainly not least, they know how to write a song—quite impressive ones, actually. Let's face it, "There's Only One Way to Rock" is god awful, even by your standards. Take notes.

What about The Love Language, who just put out their third album on Merge Records? They rock in ways I'm sure you never dreamed of! I'm sure you've heard of the Rolling Stones—you know, the band with the big-lipped, trouser-bulging singer? The guy whose aforementioned attributes are the only things you took from his band's music? Well, The Love Language sometimes resemble The Stones' 1967 album Between the Buttons, when they absorbed some psychedelic and Kinks-ian Brit-isms into their funky (look it up in Webster's, Sammy) rock 'n' roll. The Love Language's lead singer Stuart McLamb and his very expressive voice said more in one "yeah" than your 10,000—a low estimate—recorded uses of that word. This group's keyboards and dual guitar madness went from 0 to 55 faster than you and your yellow jumpsuit can leap on a courtroom bench, scaling peaks taller than those in Cabo. When McLamb shredded his voice and proclaimed he "could've died" at their set's climax, you might have, too.

So, yes, there are many ways to rock.


Joshua Levine - Tucson Weekly

"Best of 2013: A Very Shake Appeal Guest List"

Shake Appeal is a column that highlights new garage and garage-adjacent releases. To celebrate the end of the year, Evan Minsker has asked some of his favorite artists to share their "Best of 2013" lists, including Timmy Vulgar, Protomartyr, Hunx, White Fence, Purling Hiss, Cheap Time, White Mystery, Royal Headache, Jacco Gardner, and many, many others. Enjoy.

Live Highlights of 2013
1. This spring Protomartyr finally got out of Southeast Michigan and went on a west coast tour with the mighty Turn to Crime. Along the way we got to play with some truly great bands. Smelly Tongues, Skate Laws, Meercaz, Shark Toys, and Dreamsalon to name but a few.
2. We went to SXSW and experienced all the wonderful highs and crumb-bummery lows that fest entails. Besides the Can’t Stop The Bleeding show at Beerland, the highlight for us was the Monofonus Press show with Shit and Shine, Deep Time, and our pals Spray Paint. Later in the year we were able to hook up Spray Paint with a show in Detroit at the historic Jumbo’s with us and local dirtbags Tyvek. So we have that going for us.
3. Now addicted to fests and the promise of wearing complicated wristbands, we played Hopscotch Fest where we were happily blown off the stage by both North Carolina’s own Whatever Brains and (it goes without saying) Pere Ubu, who were joined at the end of the show by Merzbow. Why even compete when that kind of crazy shit goes down?
4. That being said, the best show of 2013/2014 will be the New Year’s Eve R. Kelly show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

Sick Thoughts
Favorite Albums of 2013
10. The Future Primitives: Into The Primitive
I usually hate "garage" type stuff but this is great.
09. Kremlin: Drunk In The Gulag
Who the hell doesn't like Kremlin?
08. The Ugly Kids: S/T
I really like the production on this, songwriting is OK, but it's on here for the way it sounds.
07. VAGUESS: I Hate Rock N Roll
All of this guy's stuff is awesome, makes me wanna get a cheap keyboard from a dumpster.
06. Shocked Minds: S/T
I have a real hard time picking my favorite ex-Carbonas member. Josh (Carbonas, Beat Beat Beat, Foster Care, Ex-Humans) is basically a rock'n'roll super hero to me.
05. Missing Monuments: S/T
Everything King Louie does is awesome. The Persuaders are a huge influence on Sick Thoughts, and so is the power pop of the Missing Monuments.
04. Raspberry Bulbs: Deformed Worship
This record got me to go back and start listening to black metal again. Everything about this record is perfect. Better than Bone Awl. Started a black metal band too.
03. Buck Biloxi and the Fucks: S/T
Solid Shit Gold. Total idontgiveasingleshit rocknroll. Best cover ripoff of all time. Also a great label.
02. Timmy Vulgar: Center Of Saturn
Timmy is one of my biggest influences. Weird sounds and fuzzy guitars and great vocals. The label Flesh Wave hasn't put out a bad record since their beginning.
01. The Oblivians: Desperation
Obviously the Oblivians are an influence of mine since I rip them off all the time. I usually hate records after a couple years when the band doesn't put stuff out and is on a hiatus. This is my only exception. They got a genre of their own. Got to open up for them earlier this year and got to hang out with em. Even got a Pill-Popper tattoo!!

Endless Bummer
Favorite Albums of 2013
Pissed Jeans: Honeys
Thee Oh Sees: Floating Coffin
George Brigman: Jungle Rot
Vaz: Visiting Hours
The Dictaphone: The Dictaphone
Doses: Live in Waco
Fuzz: Fuzz
Chrome: Lost Tracks
Devo: Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 & 2
High Speed and Afflicted Man: Get Stoned Ezy

Photo by Nick Helderman
Jacco Gardner
Best of 2013:
1. Mort Garson (artist)
Basically anything he did is awesome. I already knew about some of his projects like The Zodiac but never realised what else he did. His more electronic solo album Plantasia totally blew my mind this summer.
2. Maston: Shadows (album)
Shadows came out in February, one day after I released my album and it's really great. They do great live shows as well and are really cool people to hang out with.
3. Ben Rider (person)
He joined the band on keyboards last month and this turned out to be a really good move. He adds a lot to the music and the whole touring experience. What a guy.
4. Wurlitzer 200A (electric piano)
Probably the best thing I've bought this year. Found it in Glasgow when we were there to play a show at King Tut's. I was looking for a decent electric piano to use live instead of the virtual one that I was using and the Wurlitzer is totally perfect for that.
5. North America (part of the world)
Really enjoyed it there. Never been there before until this year. Twice even! Especially the West Coast has been vey enjoyable. Lovely people and one of the most beautiful places on earth I've ever seen.
6. Federal Duck (band)
I'd heard about this band here and there on blogs and such but never really took the time to check them out until this year. They released only one self-titled album in 1968 which has about four songs. I don't like at all, the rest is genius.
7. Trees (band)
Great acid folk/rock band. A couple of years ago I would have probably hated them but now I really enjoy listening to their first two albums. Both from 1970.
8. Duncan Browne: "Duncan Browne" (Album)
I'd already listened to his first album a lot and totally fell in love with it. This is his second album from '73 which is a little different but in a really good way.

Las Ardillas
1. Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!: Todo Roto
I'm not into that 60's Garage Revival shit, but this band is another thing. These guys actually know how to write good songs and they are not worried about whose got the best dress or the best haircut for the night. Great lyrics, great live show! Recommend it to anyone who's into wild rock'n'roll!!!
2. Ano: Shit Just Got Real!
Three beautiful ladies and a lucky guy playing total dirty, straight-to-the-point punk rock. Lyrics about boredom, sex, drugs, etc. This is a limited edition cassette and it's handcrafted by the own band, TOTAL DIY! GET ONE OF THESE OR REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!
3. Shannon and Thee Clams: Dreams in the Rat House
One of the only few bands playing that good 50's doo-wop that people have forgotten about! Great record, catchy as fuck!
4. Los Vigilantes: Me Siento Azul
Good rock'n'roll from San Juan, Puerto Rico. There's even a song in Japanese in these Record! Mommy, Mommy, buy me one of these!!!
5. Natural Child: "Don't Wake the Baby"
This song is the A-side of the Surf 'n' Turf split with Guantanamo Baywatch. Great country rock'n'roll in the CCR tradition. They even try to sing in spanish in these song! ''Jalapenos, pimientos, cocaina, and laughs.'' Yummy!!!

Timmy Vulgar
Well 2013 is coming to a close and I'm glad!! It's been kind of a shitty year at least since October. Why? With a super close friend/band mate passing. R.I.P. "Fast" Eddie Altesleben!! Raise your next glass to him. Also friends family members passing... Man, terrible. Anyway. That aside... The good things about 2013?... I'll start in order. Ten in the order as they happened, sorta...
Live at "LESS THAN MUSIC Vol.#2" Columbus, Ohio. Kevin Failure has been at this project/band for over a decade, and Pink Reason are one of my favorite modern bands. Top 5, to be specific. Live they are insane, they've blown my mind every time I've seen them! For all you regular Pitchforkers that don't know what that is... it's classic, high octane, bloodthirsty, loud, ugly, nasty, kick your bearded plug ear ringed, tattooed ass back to WHERE ever the hell you came from... baaaa!!!
Seeing them live at SXSW. And their Reality Is Grape LP!! The record smokes! Released in 2012 but I didn't hear it till 2013. Also Nu Sensae at SXSW was super cool. Had no idea who these guys where. Still don't know much. I stumbled upon them live, glad I did.
Live at SXSW and in Detroit. Also the Deep Trips LP on Sacred Bones. Dig it. Super sonic powerhouse acid eatin' rock'n'roll me another!!!!
04. FLESH WAVE Tapes
Rad Tape label out of the metro Detroit area. They released my first cassette this year, I'm proud of that! Along with other Detroit local bands/projects. Check em out!
On Woodsist. Their live set was great this year too. Love this band.
06. THE GO: Fiesta
On Burger. Also a great live set at the Atlanta Mess Around Fest.
Live, at the Atlanta Mess Around Fest. Sounded just like the records! They played all the classics! Thank god!! Other wise they would of been on my shit list, like WIRE and the FLAMIN' GROOVIES. All original members, even ELVEZ! They looked great for some ol' cats too.
Live in Detroit at Trinosophes. If your not familular with David Bixby, he released two amazing albums, one in the late 60s called Ode to Quetzalcoatl and one in the 70s called Harbinger: Second Coming. His music is a spiritual journey of psych-folk from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Take a listen, you'll shed a tear.
The Kingdom of Eternal Poverty also on Urinal Cake Records. My ol' good buddy Jimbo Easter who's old bands marked their territory PIRANHAS and DRUID PERFUME. Now MOONHAIRY! Cartoon rubbish rock. The best band in Detroit, possibly the world. This record will have ya pourin oatmeal on your self.
Thankful we got to play our last three shows this year. It was time waaaay well spent with our good friend Eddie. It's so unreal that you are gone. Love you, brother.

Photo by Angel Ceballos
White Fence
Playing the City Sounds Festival in Paris, France. The concept of the festival was to bring San Francisco bands to Paris for two nights. There was a moment where 30-50 people jumped on stage while we played, and after that, three dudes stayed on and sang "To The Boy I Jumped In The Hemlock Alley". Except they read the lyrics off their iPhones.
Jack Name
Finally, after years in the making, my friend Jack's LP Light Show premiered a track this year and has a release date on GOD? records. When he cuts his skin, glitter comes out.
"Sanjay & Craig"
By some stroke of luck, I've been writing songs for a cartoon show on Nickelodeon called "Sanjay & Craig". John Dwyer did the theme song.
Nashville/Freakin' Weekend
A very warm group of creative people run the scene there. I was honored to play the "Freakin' Weekend". R.I.P. Ben Todd. Rock'n'roll forever.
Vinegar Mirror
John Dwyer (Oh Sees) put together a book of his photos. He's the next Ansel Adams.
The Phantom Payn's Vol. 1 Dig The Squares - They're Ugly and Trouble With Ghosts
These did not come out this year, but I got into them this year. Spent the better half of 2013 trying to find Jürgen Gleue's records.
Cate Le Bon's Mug Museum
Beautiful voice, songwriter, and human.
Pusha T's "Numbers on the Boards"
Bob Dylan's "Time Passes Slowly #1 (Alternate Version)" from Another Self Portrait
Gay Marriage in California
Equality for all. I'm actually pissed that some bigger bands (who for the time being with remain anonymous) that have the pedestal/large audience didn't step up. This is the modern world… da da da da daaaa!
Favorite Albums of 2013
1. La Luz: It's Alive
2. Sky Ferriera: Night Time, My Time
3. Kim Deal solo singles series
4. Veronica Falls: Waiting For Something to Happen
5. Cherry Glazerr live
6. The Julie Ruin live & Run Fast
7. Cold Beat single
8. Crazy Band live & Live From Prison
9. Miley Cyrus: Bangerz
10. CSS: "Hangover" single
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks
08. Shocked Minds: S/T (HoZac)
Shocked Minds are three dudes from the Carbonas including that dude Josh from Beat Beat Beat. This record kicks ass. Pretty sure these guys tried to crash an aftershow at Gonerfest 10 that my girlfriend and some of my friends had put together. After they ended up not playing, I think they went to go get crack. Still, this is a great record.
07. Manateees: Destruktor 7" (Tic Tac Totally)
Seriously evil, brutal shit. The B side, Witch, I think is about their weird mascot head thing.
06. The Sleaze: Tektonik Girlz 12” (Total Punk)
These guys are crazy. I put the singer in this band in a sleeperhold while they were playing once because they were spilling beer all over my friend Neil’s amps that they were borrowing. Complete pussies, but I like their records a lot.
05. Golden Pelicans: Go Jump in a Lake/Hard Head (Total Punk)
Great record by these Orlando dudes. Catchy shit that goes hard. Lots of real guitar chords and stuff. Members of Diaper and the Shitbags.
04. Mac Blackout Band – Heartbreaker 7” (Pelican Pow Wow)
This dude has done a bunch of records that are mostly pretty underrated in my opinion. His new band fucking destroys with guitars and is eerie as shit with a microKORG on top of that. The vocals are as tortured as they were on the Mickey LP or on Daily Void stuff. If you’re a dumbass, don’t buy this record because you won’t like it.
03. True Sons of Thunder: Stop and Smell Your Face (Little Big Chief)
An inside source tells me that this was recorded during the same sessions that their previous LP, Spoonful of Seedy Dudes (Jeth-Row) was drawn from, but these are definitely NOT outtakes. This is just as solid as their first record. Eric, Joe, and Sam can just barely cut through Rich-wad’s terrifying banjitar howl. A banjitar is a banjo neck affixed to an electric guitar body, by the way. Not for dudes who dress like There Will Be Blood or some bullshit, this will melt your face off like Raiders of the Lost Ark.
02. Real Numbers: Only Two Can Play 12” EP (Three Dimensional)
This is a great pop record that Eli from Minneapolis bands Cozy, Boys’ Club, and the Retainers is in charge of. Every band I’ve heard that this dude has been in has been really exceptional. Lots of fun, uptempo melodies on this thing, but it’s still mostly kind of sad.
01. Sector Zero: Guitar Attack (Goner)
The B-side of this, “Hiding In My Car,” is the real hit, I think. This is a supergroup of sorts and everybody in this band is a huge deal or whatever, so it’s pretty cool that they didn’t put a lineup listing on the sleeve. This record should be purchased by bad dudes who like to kick a lot of ass, not some bespectacled Pokémasters who gotta catch ‘em all.
00. Buck Biloxi and the Fucks/Giorgio Murderer split 7”(Holotrash)
Never in the history of the phonograph has such an incredible record been pressed. If you purchase one record for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, make it this one. The A-side is me, your boy, Buck Biloxi doing my thing on two songs: “Shithole Boys” and “Tea Party.” P-U-N-K. The B-side is also me as Giorgio Murderer, using a combination of real, legit instrumentation, computer junk, and yelling to yell about Star Trek.

Cool Ghouls
Meat Market: "Too Tired" 7"
This scrappy little 45 is what an Oakland house party sounds like. Excellent tunes! Plus, Meat Market are a bunch of stand-up dudes in person.
Sonny and the Sunsets: Antenna to the Afterworld
"Path of Orbit" literally brought tears to my eyes upon first listen. Beautiful. If Sonny had a spirit animal, it would be a wise old dog.
Angel Olsen: "Sleepwalker" 7"
"Sweet Dreams" is such an amazing and psychedelic tune!
The Mallard: Finding the Meaning in Deference
Their swan song. I would call this album a fucking achievement.
Cairo Gang: Tiny Rebels
This is some seriously mystical shit! I don't think the psych-garage crowd is really privy to Emmett Kelly, but they oughta' be goin' nuts over this album.
Froth: Patterns
These guys are one of Lolipop Records flagship bands. Super stoked about the work that Lolipop is doin' down in LA! A new epicenter for rock n roll on the West Coast! And Froth jam real good n hard.
La Luz: It's Alive
La Luz are fucking killer. Their sound is like Dick Dale thrown into a tar pit then re-emerging as the Silver-Surfer spinning Billie Holiday.
Magic Trick: River of Souls
Tim is in fine form these days. We played the release show for this album. He brought some trumpets on stage at the end of his set and played some far out jazz-ass shit.
White Fence: Live in San Francisco
Ryan was at this show. White Fence's albums are rad, but I've always thought that his live sets are where he really blows minds. He's like a sorcerer or somethin. This record was recorded by John Dwyer on a Tascam 388 -- sounds real nice.
Al Lover: "Snake Hands" 7" [ft. White Fence]
After an Al Lover set, I walked up to him and said "Hey man, that shit was so good, it made me feel weird." Al laughed and told me that's what he's going for.
White Mystery
Favorite Albums of 2013:
01 Uh Bones: "Only You" 7" (Randy Records)
02 Twin Peax: Sunken LP (Autumn Tone)
03 The Brats: "Be a Man" 7" (HoZaC Archival)
04 Shine Brothers: Hello Griefbirds (Burger)
05 Absolutely Not "10
06 Night Beats: Sonic Bloom (Reverberation Appreciation Society)
07 Earring: Nunn Ones Cassette (Manic Static)
08 M4ss1v3 3g0: Don't (Maxiumum Pelt)

Cheap Time's Jeffrey Novak
Top 10 Mudhoney shows we saw this year, of the 10 shows we played with them
10. Dallas, TX - Club Dada, 9/28/13
Easily the worst show of the tour. Mark hurt his ankle during some crazy jump on stage, and then he ate Ryan's pizza as he was iced down backstage, then Guy arranged for the fans who had stuck around after the show to come back to meet the disabled Mark Arm for autographs.
09. Charlotte, NC - Tremont Music Hall, 9/25/13
This was Mudhoney's first time to ever play in Charlotte, and maybe their last. Argued about Hawkwind records with them, and I was really surprised what an early cut-off point all those guys have for the ongoing kings of space rock.
08. Washington, D.C. - U Street Music Hall, 9/23/13
First night of the tour, and none of us had ever seen or meet anyone in Mudhoney before. They were instantly the nicest band we've ever met next to Yo La Tengo. None of us were prepared for what a great live band they are. This could have easily been number 1 for those reasons alone, but DC sucks.
07. Chapel Hill, NC - Cat's Cradle, 9/24/13
Got to go record shopping with Steve, and watch Guy learn their Cheater Slicks cover during soundcheck. Ryan got to play the Cat's Cradle for the first time, where he saw the best shows of his teenage years.
06. Austin, TX - The Mohawk, 9/29/13
Mudhoney introduced us to the lead singer of Cat Butt.
05. Memphis, TN - The Strip Mall Hi-Tone, 9/27/13
The new Hi-Tone is a real disappointment. It's set up is just as bad as the old one. Mudhoney forgot to play their Cheater Slicks cover, and they argued with me the next night because it was written on the setlist. Mark and Steve were super stoked on Human Eye.
4. New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks, 10/1/13
Surprised that more people turned out when we played One Eyed Jacks with Jon Spencer earlier in the year. Mark borrowed my Jazzmaster that I've had since I 16 for one song in open G.
03. Atlanta, GA - The Earl, 10/2/13
Guy forced us to eat these horrible pickled quail eggs that were really spicy. Jessica seemed to enjoy hers. Ryan couldn't even be incised for a taste. I eventually spat mine out.
02. Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's, 9/30/13
Jessica played some intense of air hockey backstage with Dan. Guy's bass solo on "In'N'Out of Grace," really went for it. Dan admitted to me that Bill Bruford is his favorite drummer.
01. Nashville, TN - Third Man Records, 9/26/13
Seeing Ben Swank and Ben Blackwell act like teenagers in awe of their teenaged heroes was a real treat. I've never seen everyone at Third Man so excited. I warned Jack White before show that it was impossible to not play air guitar to "In'N'Out Of Grace," and sure enough Ryan turned around and caught Uncle Jack in the act.

Growwing Pains
Favorite things to listen to in 2013:
01. Love Chants 4 track EP
I have a very fond memory of being uncomfortably high and listening to the song "Skirts of Rain" over and over again driving through some mountain range in the van on our first tour last summer.
02. UV Race: Homo
It’s disgusting how many times I’ve listened to this tape all the way through but it always sounds just as good as the first time.
03. Meat Thump: "Box of Wine" 7”
Quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Fronted by the late Brendon Annesley of Negative Guest List Recordings. Two of the most thoroughly depressing songs ever in the best way.
04. Bitch Prefect: Big Time
Simple, sad, elegant, sincere, clean and honest. Great lyrics. No malarkey.
05. Terrible Twos: S/T
First record of a local band I think I ever bought. Just rips the whole way through. Every song’s a hit. Adam and I used to go see these guys all the time when we were kids, and still do.
06. Raw Prawn: S/T 7”
Man, everything this label (RIP Society) puts out is so good. The songs are great and they fit really well on a 7”. Plus the cover is a dog wearing sunglasses. Get right outta’ town.
07. Solid Attitude: BB Gun Picnic
This band is awesome. Everything I’ve heard from them feels like its over too soon and I like that.
08. Bazooka: I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School EP
This band is from Greece. I like that they have two drummers and I like that they have a kind of atypical way of writing songs.
09. Dave E. and the Cool Marriage Counselors: "Searching Through Sears" 7”
This one’s an oldie but goodie. Big fan of Electric Eels but I think I like the solo stuff even better. I love that he sings “Love Meant To Die” in acapella style flawlessly right there on the spot.
10. Eat Skull: III
Always on heavy rotation. Great songs. The lyrics really hold up. Love the way it was recorded.

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Soma Coma: Demo '13
Sick hardcore from Melbourne. Relentless drums, great evil riffs. They pummel every part. This is friggin powerful and I would feel immortal in this band. I guess Die Kreuzen is an easy reference point, manic hardcore with rock tendencies. Still sounds distinctly Australian to me in parts though. Incredible cover art, haven't seen the tape around since the start of the year so I'm assuming it's long gone, but you can download it here. [Joe]
The Stevens: A History Of Hygiene
This came out a couple weeks ago, easily my favourite record of the last year. Another Melbourne band. I get headaches trying to comprehend this record. Ruthless command of melody, about 20 great guitar lines in every 1 minute something song, basslines so good they become backup singers. Every single member of this band is throwing in every genius thought they've ever had, and I guess I need to mention they do it consistently across 24 songs on this LP. Really dense well realised record. Interesting musicians to watch play music also, as per the record every member is sharp and going for it. [Joe]
Constant Mongrel: Heavy Breathing
One last great record from Melbourne. I still find this LP really bizarre despite knowing the members on a friendly basis. Tom has an effortless ability to make masterpieces of what would in any other instance be the dumbest riff or melody you've ever heard. Weird and catchy punk songs without a hint of deceit. Sounds great too, recording is wiry and sort of subdued making the whole thing weirder. Finishes with a locked groove of Tom Hardisty (who recorded the LP) breathing heavily—friggin genius. Last time I saw em they played a new song which sounded like the pinnacle of their musical creativity so far. Can't wait for another record. [Joe]
Mordecai: College Rock
Putting this record on makes me think about the people making it. Some guys in rural Montana. Where do they eat? What is their idea of a fun day out? Every listen brings another stream; were they all homeschooled together? [Ben]
Dribble: Demo Cassette
Ugly punk out of Melbourne. They’ve really turned the festy up with this one. The tape comes courtesy of Cool Death Records. My prediction for 2014? Dribble release, crossover hit. [Ben]
Dick Diver: Calendar Days
This band appeals to me mostly because they are the only Melbourne band to feature a member who prefers rugby to AFL. That probably doesn’t mean much to an international audience. The fact that they sound Australian in the 21st century in a way that doesn’t make me madder than a cut snake should though. [Doug]
Kurt Vile: Waking on a Pretty Daze
I kind of got bummed when I heard the title track for the first time before the album was released and realised it was nine and a half minutes long. I thought that I’d heard a quarter of the album in one go. Then I found out it was a double album and I was happy again. [Doug]
Hoax: Hoax
Found out about these guys when we were on tour in the States in 2011, just after the Fagget 7” had been released. Got to see them play down in Long Beach, so the track "Los Angeles" has particular resonance.
"Music of the non-Garage Rock variety"
You may have heard there's been some what of a "garage rock revival" in Australia over the last few years. No doubt some of the music that came from under this banner was/is great but it seems now the agenda of writing a no-frills guitar song is much less admirable, urgent or even subversive as it once felt. Loads and loads of awful Johnny-come-lately's have tagged along wanting a piece of the pie. No doubt lots of great "traditional" bands here still but I think this has (probably subconsciously) caused the better music from here to be a little more interesting, ambitious or absurd. A few examples: Cured Pink, Mad Nanna, Satanic Rockers/Encounter Group, Half High (and all of Matthew and Lucy's post-Naked On The Vague projects), Love Chants, Angel Eyes, Nun, Super Star and Ghastly Spats. Even the local groups mentioned above by my BWBB associates have the admirable trait of trying to fit between or outside of any genre-based music tradition. Outside of Australia: I enjoyed pioneering trip metal group Wolf Eyes most recent LP. Also all things Graham Lambkin/KYE Records made a huge impact, finally a reliable IN to the world of experimental/outsider music. Opened my ears to Call Back The Giants, Idea Fire Company, Swill Radio Records, Jason Lescalleet, James Rushford & Joe Talia, Aton Heyboer, Good Area and much more. [Nic]
Top 10 NYC bands we played with in 2013:
Call of the Wild: The hardestest, rockinest band in town. They're the kings and queen of making even the biggest "seen-it-all" curmudgeon grin from ear to ear. They also host the best (and probably last) loft shows in Williamsburg… Look out on the streets for actual xeroxed flyers for Wild Kingdom—yr not gonna find it online, nerds!
Degreaser: This power trio does something unique—twist their native Australian farm-punk roots through NYC sewer sludge to mutate into their own exceptionally disagreeable Swamp Thing… Our favorite show we played with 'em this year was at Shred-Stuy, a house infested with skate rats, BBQ grilling and free kegs of beer… We played on a roof over a half-pipe while dudes, well, shredded it + people dangled from various long drops all around us.
Foster Care: Our brothers from different mothers. They're everything that's right about the world and everything that is so very, very wrong. The best punk band in NYC and you people still don't know…! The funnest show we ever played with 'em was not a show so much as it was all of us jumping off of cliffs into Percy Priest Lake.
Liquor Store: Man alive, these guys were rad before but have gotten sooooo sick… Supercharged, beyond tight, AND it's boogie woogie? YEAH BUDDY. Someone on Terminal Boredom called 'em "Grand Punk Railroad" and that's some apt-ass shit. They also might be the hardest gigging rock'n'roll band in the city (in all the right ways).
LiveFastDie: NYC's best garage punk band during the 2000s. They don't play out much anymore but it was a goddamn honor to play with 'em this year—they haven't lost a step! Although, our best time seeing LFD was definitely circa '06, where they played in someone's kitchen while we watched the action from a bathtub down the hall.
The Men: The boys of the Men were kind enough to take us on tour a couple months ago and it was inspiring to watch these guys go about doing their shit right… Rockin' tighter than pretty much everyone else, conducting business with both solid mettle + good humor AND showing everybody what being bona fide buddies is really all about. They truly are the epitome of their name.
Nancy: Don't you love it when you've never heard of the band that's about to play and then they end up being so awesome that you high five strangers? Nancy was the only band we played with this year that scratched that particular itch, and for that we are eternally grateful.
Nuclear Santa Claust: Another tubular hybrid (this time Clevo + NYC), NSC transcends through enthusiasm... They're so hyped up, they're so stoked—but they couldn't care less about you, they probably don't even realize yr even there! Being true punks makes 'em deliriously happy. Boy, we're jealous!
Pop. 1280: We had the pleasure of playing their gnarly record release party at Death By Audio and that's our favorite thing about 'em: they motivate pleasure in all the nastiest ways! You listen to that band and yr like, "This is definitely killer but, woof, there is definitely something wrong with these guys"… Which, thankfully, fills them with childlike glee. From personal experience, we also recommend ferry rides with them, strangely enough.
Shocked Minds: They're literally dangerous! Seriously! They play the most infectious power punk in the city, but listen: just 'cause they put a little sugar on it, it doesn't mean that they won't hurt you for some quick money or yr ladyfriend. God bless 'em.

Photo by Leah Horikx
Royal Headache's Lawrence Hall
A list of pinball machines I've enjoyed this year
01 Medieval Madness - Williams - 1997
02 Atlantis - Gottlieb - 1975
03 Bank-A-Ball - Gottlieb - 1965
04 Indianpolis 500 - Midway - 1995
05 Ice Show - Gottlieb - 1966
06 AC/DC - Stern - 2012
07 White Water - Williams - 1993
08 Champion Pub - Williams - 1998
09 Theatre of Magic - Bally - 1995
10 Pinch Hitter - Williams - 1959
Chit Chat
Favorite Albums of 2013
Haunted Leather: In Her Golden Room
Fuzz: S/T
Weyes Blood: The Outside Room
Hlep: Zahn
Kyle Kaos: Negi Zonin'
Cousins: River/Sea Change 12'' split
Stolen Girls 7"
Total Trash: I Don't Care

Purling Hiss
Favorite Albums of 2013
Axis:Sova: "Past The Edge" 7"
Spacin': Megatations (Tour CD-R)
Afflicted Man: Off Me 'Ead
Birds of Maya: Celebration
Hatchet Annihilation: Marvin The Psycho (Private Press)
Andy Kaufman: Andy and His Grandmother
Royal Trux: 3 Song EP
Pampers: S/T
The Men: New Moon
Counter Intuits: S/T
Gino and the Goons
Gino Bambino: Midnight Hour Queen by Jack O, Lou Reed, Mills Ave. in Orlando, Fla. From Weber St. to Virginia Drive.
Hugh T.Williams: Melissa, Gonerfest 10, Dirtbombs - Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!
Jack Majic: The Shirks 'Slow Song', especially the lyric "I don't want/I don't wanna want you". Nick Cave and other practicing vampires; Harry Dean Stanton, Collin Barth, Mark E. Smith. Greta Gerwig dancing. Especially in Greenberg & Frances Ha.
Greg Chumpire: Lancaster, Pa. music scene—Small Beers of Quilmes, Argentina and people who upload obscure '90's vinyl to youtube.
T.Love: Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. Same as last year.
Ulf Mandlebass: Memphis, The Growlers, Lean Cuisine Pecan Chicken
Lefty Laroo: Life Stinks: S/T, Buck Biloxi/Giorgio Murderer 7", Lumpy and the Dumpers -Let me see you nitwits pogo!!
Dick Jacuzzi: Single mothers, left-handed cigarettes, motorcycles with side cars

Photo by Ryan Naideau
1. Favorite Records
Gun Outfit: Hard Coming Down [Bridget]
Swearin': Surfin Strange
Dead Dog: Precious Child
The Harlequins: Sex Change EP
Bad Side: "Everyone Wants Something From Me" 7”
Joanna Gruesome: Weird Sister
2. The lemon poppyseed from Dough Doughnuts in NY. We don't have doughnuts like this in Cincinnati. We just don't. [Bridget]
3. Swans was one of my favorite shows this year. Loudest set I've ever seen. [Bridget]
4. When our friends showed up super fucked up at a not-so-attended CMJ show of ours and rolled around on the floor and freaked everyone out. [Peyton]
5. Seeing BB crowd surf during the Spits set at the Knitting Factory [Peyton]

Dick Diver
The Clits: 22 past 5 from Excuse Me 7”
You think the song ends but it keeps going (usually a bad thing). I think this song is about confusion. It is direct, sad and rockin’.
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: ‘Any Day Now’ song/clip from Ready For Boredom
People talk about sincerity and irony like you have to pick a side. This song seems loving, completely sincere and in this clip the guitars are ‘plugged in’. Good gag.
Footy: Mobile Cemetery
Footy are a piano duo that play...what? Jazz? ‘Ambient’ stuff? German Rock? I dunno. They’re not really like anything I’m aware of and they can play the shit out of their pianos. I mean, check out the last track 'Sea Home'. The bastards!
TV Colours: Purple Skies, Toxic River
This was not the album I was expecting, mainly due to the ambition in the production. But it seems like a really open and beautiful album. The recording of the beeping supermarket check-out is sad and cool.
The Stevens: A History of Hygiene
There are lots of songs on this album but never once did I think 'they could have done with another verse.' So there’s a generosity here that I enjoy a lot.
The Native Cats: Dallas Album Launch, Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
The Native Cats are a modern band in that they are committed to something lyrical that ignores, for example, the "meaningful" ode to nature. Seeing them at their album launch I got that weird tension in the pit of my stomach that I think means "good art."
KES: Duets
When Dick Diver was starting a few years ago, I felt like KES’s shows and albums amounted to a sort of formidable presence in Melbourne. He/they went quiet for a while but I hope that KES will just keep on making strange records like this for a long time.
Day Ravies: ‘I Don’t Mind’ from Tussle
To me this song evokes this weird feeling that I’ll try to approximate: slightly drunk (2-4 gin & tonics), on a plane high above the clouds, 2PM sunlight refracts through drink, seems nice.
Smelly Tongues
Getting to play in odd, fun places like the Palms Tavern, the basement of Vacation Vintage, Permanent Records LA, and getting to play these and other places with rad bands like Protomartyr, Human Eye, The Spits, Lamps, Zig Zags, Fuzz, and Endless Bummer.
Eating at Mission Chinese in San Francisco
The Cuntz
Mississippi Records, Número Group, and Light in the Attic comps and reissues.
The Evening Meetings album (listen to Ricardo loudly while driving), and getting to see Dreamsalon (former Evening Meetings) play
Permanent Records in Eagle Rock. Liz 'n Lance are two totally amazing people who have created something unique here in LA.
Counter Intuits LP
LA Opera's performance of The Magic Flute (a mixture of German Expressionism and Buster Keaton)
Keenan Marshall Keller and his ability to carry a Twin Reverb
The Resonars
Best of 2013 in no particular order:
Blackfeet Braves (Lolipop)
Top-shelf psychedelic pop. Seeing them at the District in Tucson was an earth-shattering experience.
Wrong Words: Everything Is Free (Trouble In Mind)
Hit after hit after hit. Listened to this record every day for a month. What's Done Is Done is the best song I've heard all year!
Freezing Hands (Burger)
Travis Spillers is a master storyteller. He writes songs both hilarious and heartbreaking, often at the same time.
La Luz: Brainwashed/TV Dream 45 (Suicide Squeeze)
My favorite 45 this year! Dark yet upbeat, reverbed out surf-rock with 4 part harmonies.Here's to those ladies having a speedy recovery!
Hot Lunch (Tee Pee)
Brain-crunching hard rock. Someday I'm gonna steal their drummer.
Wyatt Blair: Banana Cream Dream (Burger)
22 years old and already has two albums loaded with hits under his belt.
Tele Novella: Don't Be A Stranger/Excalibur CD-R (self-released)
Natalie Ribbons is my favorite songwriter right now. Songs full of dynamics and gorgeous twists and turns.
Gravy's Drop: Gumball (Spot On Sound/Cut-Rate)
Straight up great rock and roll. Billy doesn't mess!
Union Pacific (Lolipop)
A Tucson band so good that when I first heard them I had to ask 'where are these guys from?' They remind me of the Makeout Party.
The Courtneys: S/T (Hockey Dad)
A great combination of Daydream Nation-era guitars and sunny poppy melodies. The song "90210" makes me swoon!

Photo by Richard Manning
Brown Brogues
Best Albums this year:
Wet Nuns by Wet Nuns. I had been aware of the band Wet Nuns and had a few chances to play together but the timing was always terrible for us... Anyway we met at one of our shows in Sheffield the day before their final show and swapped LPs. Sad to have not seen them live
Floating Coffin by Thee Oh Sees. So many albums...Still getting better with age.
Fuzz by Fuzz. Like everyone else I love Fuzz...How can you not?
Best Shows:
Girl Sweat at the Castle, July. Formerly a 3 piece first show of Russell's as a solo artist. So good I dont think I even blinked.
Flaming Skulls at the Castle, October. I had only heard the two tracks they have online but live is even better so much power for a two piece. Hopefully they'll release something soon.
Thee Oh Sees at The Brudenell. Big Suprise. About the millionth time I've seen them and this was the best yet. Everyone was sweating and dancing.
Best songs/singles:
Peanut by Grind Outs. Manchester band about to release their first EP might be out early next year but its finished and therefore from 2013 this song blew me away.
Might Not by Heavy Times. I love Heavy Times, we played with them a few times when we were in the states and they really looked after us in Chicago....Fucking weirdos.
Fame - Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall. From the Castle Face Group flex, Ty segall and Mikal Cronin Bowie cover, in my opinion its better than the original
One of the best and weirdest videos, Irma Vep - She makes me wear a saddle. I was only shown this the other day by a friend....There's nothing to say but watch it
CCR Headcleaner
Our Favorite Musically Related Happenings of 2013:
Bay Area Bands: Stillsuit. Mansion. Life Stinks. Big Black Cloud "Dark Age." Cesar Cuts. Chikamasa B-300. Dabber Techno. Danny Brown's Old. Destruction Unit "Deep Trip." Drugs. Eat Skull "3." Finally getting a 388. FUZZ TOUR. Home recording. Human Eye "4." The Knockout. Matt Horseshit. Pizza Burglar Records. Releasing our LP, finally. Riding Crops. Rumors of Chris Gunn and Adam Stonehouse releasing new shit. Spray Paint live at Trailer Space SXSW. SS Records. The Tascam 144. Taterbug Live at LCM. Trinidad Scorpion Powder. Turning Up The Lights. Ty's Sleeper. Vegas Birthday. x0xb0x. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TECH BUBBLE AND RESURRECTION OF BAY AREA MUSIC ARTS AND CULTURE (NEXT YEAR?)

Photo by Megan Mack
Las Rosas
Top Four Moments from the Television show "Martin":
Rosas bass player Jose A grew up watching the sitcom "Martin" starring Martin Lawrence. Jose B’s parents wouldn’t let him watch shows of its kind because they weren’t on PBS. Here, Jose B, (guitar/vocals) annotates Jose A’s (they aren’t the same person) top favorite moments from "Martin".
Bob from Marketing
It is a true story that Jose A went as Bob from Marketing for Halloween a few years ago. While a Dominican in whiteface-over-blackface may have been an insane idea, it somehow failed to prevent him from impressing a certain young lady that night, destined to become his sweetheart!
Suspicious Minds
from Jose A: "this one is one my favorite ones hahaha martin is trying to find who stole his cd player"
I’m in love with Martin’s fake dog! I also love their all-black wardrobe, contrasting Bruh-Man, the obvious culprit. Definitely feeling inspired by Martin’s chain/turtleneck look!
Romantic Weekend
HA! They must have had such fun making this TV show. Looks like Jose A isn’t a huge fan of Sheneneh, Martin’s most popular alter ego. Anyhow, here we see Martin and Pam in a rare moment of unity in the face of danger. Interesting body language, considering their usual antagonist tendencies toward one another.
Dragonfly Jones
The use of exaggerated ebonics, offensive portrayal of various ethnic groups, caricatures of poverty and criminal tendencies are frankly… stuff I thought up by pretending to be a college sophomore.
Our Favorite Places to Get Weird:
Eli's Mile High Club: Our number one hobo hangout on this list. Located underneath a freeway near an overpass Oakland, USA.
Saturn Bar: Sweet pit action. Best balcony for spectators and smokers. There's also a bar kitty who only loves Bailey, the bartender.
House of Creeps 2: Warehouse weirdos with a hot tub in the kitchen and a non-functional fire pole next to the bathroom. Holler at Bryan from Talk Sick Brats when you go.
Conspiracy Corner: Sometime they meet at an after-hours pizza shop. Sometimes they meet via headset mic at the coffee shop. Either way, they will find you.

Black Mekon
01. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds: Conjure Man
Kid knocks it out of the park with every release these days.
02. Al Lover FT. White Fence: Snake Hands
This is why PNKSLM is the only label for us, they put out awesome records like this.
03. White Mystery: Break A Sweat
I ripped off one of Alex White's songs recently, I hope she doesn't mind.
04. Sudakistan: Concrete Djungle
Best live band this year without question.
05. Ultras S/C: 1417 Roberts Ave
This proves supergroups don't have to suck.
06. Coachwhips: Look Into My Eyes When I Come (reissue)
Almost everything Dwyer touches is gold but Coachwhips will always warm my cockles the most.
07. Charles Howl: Do No Harm
How can you not dance to this? What's wrong with you?
08. The Gories: Shaw Tapes Live in Detroit 5/27/88
I'm including the whole album because they're the goddamn kings.
09. Claw Marks: Soul Food
If I can't have any Cheater Slicks this year then this will fill my quota. Got teeth.
10. Les Big Byrd: Indus Waves
All my favorite songs are usually under 2 minutes but I think you could dance to this for an hour without realizing.
Natural Child
5 things that changed in 2013
01 Burger King continues to get worse, but it's better than
02 McDonald's in Europe
03 In 2013, there are more Subways than people named Jared
04 Taco Bell got Cinnabon, Wendy's got pretzel buns
05 Rally's is still Checker's

Cool Runnings
01. Colleen Green: Sock It to Me
She rules so hard, perfect pop songs and production. So chill.
02. Fuzz: S/T
Best cover art of the year and the meanest riffs out. So Sabbath.
03. Earl Sweatshirt: Doris
The beats are sick and the raps are just way too good. Angry chill.
04. The Locust reforming for FYE Fest
Real real good news A+++
05. Hunx & His Punx: Street Punk
Hunx are the shit and this whole record kills so hard.
06. Caroles: Hollow Trophy
Caroles are way younger than you and way more fucked off. Insanely good live too FYI.
07. Zero Cold War: Dane Burman skate vid
This dude is so gnarly.
08. The Memories: Love Is The Law
This record is so sweet and so chill.
09. Taylor Swift Red Tour: Vector Arena, Auckland
Half of us got real stoned and went to see Taylor Swift. It was pretty much the best time ever.
10. Snoop Lion: "Here Comes the King" video
This kinda speaks for itself. ONE KING. ONE FAITH. ONE RELIGION.

Terrible Twos
10. OBN iiis live. Seriously the best live band going right now. So many bands try to "rock" but miss the mark. Orville and company are the real deal. Something that cannot be faked, true raw power.
09. Erika: Hexagon Cloud (Interdimensional Transmissions)
08. Audacity: Butter Knife (Suicide Squeeze)
07. TV Ghost: Disconnect (In the Red)
06. Bare Mutants: The Affliction (In the Red)
05. Gary Wrong Group: Knights of Misery (Total Punk)
04. Superior Viaduct's Reissues: Hardcore Devo, Negative Trend, The Urinals etc...
03. New Analog Synths: Minibrutes, MS-20s, Volcas and the rest. Finally new, affordable analog synths are available to the masses.
02. Drexciya: Journey of the Deep Sea Volumes 1 - 4, reissues of hard to find tracks by Detroit best kept secret.
01. Opening for The Clone Defects final Detroit show at Urinefested. Their drummer Fast Eddie's passing would have to be 2013's low.
Cut Rate Records: Ran and recorded right by tasty David Fox.
Lucky Penny's Country Fried Steak: Makes your knees feel like gravy and tastes better than sin.
Wizard Mountain: Puts out only the best of SF.
Pirate Love: By Johnny Thunders and the Heart Breakers. Sometimes we can't breathe when we hear it.
Gummo: "Why don't you give me them shoes." "Cuz they're new, and I don't give you new shoes ya handyman."
Generation Loss: The coolest thing (band) around.
Mane: Best in the west.
Sidewalk Surfin': Pain and fun all in one.
Sk8 Hi Vans: Only one way to skate... high
VHS Tapes: Finest way to watch a flick. Stuff you can't find on an internet or blu-ray
The Ramones: Always good in any situation. Better than the best band ever, The Velvet Underground.
Heavy Cream
01 Those Darlins: Blur the Line
02 Jeffrey Novak: Lemon Kid
03 Mudhoney: Vanishing Point
04 Steve Gunn: Time Off
05 Cheap Time: Exit Smiles

Night Beats
Best Album: The Growlers' Hung at Heart
Best Show We Saw: White Fence & Ty Segall doing his album Sleeper for the last time in Brussels. Ty gave his guitar to the audience at the end and they went wild fighting for it. No one got hurt fortunately.
Best Crowd: The energy and drive of the kids in Paris makes for a rowdy show. That or Utrecht after Le Guess Who Fest. That was a wild night.
Best Fan Love: Someone made their friend a Night Beats logo cake and sent us a picture.
Best News of the Year: We got booked to play South Africa, wrapping up a year of touring roughly 20 countries.
Best Album Bought on a Whim: Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir. The perfect record for any morning, soulful and groovy and played by the Chicago youth under the eyes and ears of a genius.
Best Thing Found in the Van: A psychedelic, glow-in-the-dark head of lettuce found between the floor board and carpet that we'd been sleeping on.
Best Pizza, Taco, Sandwich: Seattles Big Marios, Pike Street Fish Fry fish tacos also from Seattle, and Tommys Joynt in SF
Best Worst Toilet: O'Briens Pub in Boston. There's no door and its right next to the stage.
Best Floor to Sleep on: Casper's in Montreal. We helped him squat there his last night.

Guantanamo Baywatch
"We love these albums and bumped them in the van on tour!" - Chevelle Wiseman
Audacity: Butterknife
Shannon & the Clams: Dreams in the Rat House
Nobunny: Secret Songs
The Memories: Breezy Evening
Curtis Harding: Keep on Shining (Cassingle) SOOO FUCKIN GOOD
Lady Gaga: ARTPOP
Spray Paint
Top 10 Live Music Highlights of 2013 that I can mostly remember being at:
01. Protomartyr
Spray Paint was fortunate enough to meet and become friends with Protomartyr during SXSW at a Beerland daytime show that Gerard Cosloy books every year. We ended up playing 4 shows throughout the year with them. They are the best. Highlight within a highlight was playing with Tyvek and Protomartyr at Jumbo's in Detroit.
02. Sparks, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin
If you are a Sparks fan you understand how exciting it was to watch this.
03. Endless Boogie, Cropped Out Fest Sept. 27th Louisville
They've been on my radar, but until I saw them live I didn't totally get it. HOLY FUCK was I wrong. They were so great. The whole festival was perfectly curated. The best festival ever.
04. Running and Oozing Wound, April 22 The Burlington Bar Chicago
05. Buying Tom Scharpling beers while watching Evil Army at Goner Fest in Memphis.
06. Rusted Shut and Vaz, Nov 23rd Mohawk Austin
R.S. are in my top 5 Texas bands ever, and I was skeptical that Vaz could follow them on this night. I was wrong again. They were on fire! *Can't exactly remember the end of this evening.
07. Hall and Oates, May 26th Moody Theater Austin
I didn't realize how short Oates was. (5' 4") They sounded incredible.
08. Cuntz and Burnt Skull, Sept 30 Mohawk Austin
09. Sun Araw
I caught him a few times this year. Dude is on some next-level business.
10. Pissed Jeans, March 15th Austin
11. Austin bands I saw a lot of (S U R V I V E, Troller, Ghetto Ghouls, Shit and Shine, Marriage, Dikes of Holland, Wes Coleman, The Young, Daniel Francis Doyle, Ralph White, Tim Kerr, etc....)

Photo by Carlos Moore
Heavy Times
Bo's Top 5:
01 Topo Chico
02 Source Family documentary
03 Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'N' Roll Group by Ian Svenonius
04 K-9 Sniffies live show
05 Internet K-Hole photos
Matt's Top 5:
01 LaCroix Pamplemousse
02 Revisiting Ministry records
03 Sold a switchblade to a kid at a gas station before crossing the Canadian border
04 My dad smoking grass and showing off karate moves
05 Chef Boyardee pizza in a box

Warm Soda
Most Memorable Shows Warm Soda played in 2013
01. Jun 22nd // Calgary // Sled Island Fest
Completely surreal experience. We actually didn't even get to play this show because there was a catastrophic flood and the festival got cancelled. A lot of the city had to be evacuated. We did end up getting to play a really crazy house party with Burnt Ones and some other bands in an unaffected neighborhood making the journey worthwhile.
02. July 20th // Paris // City Sounds Festival
We played the City Sounds festival in Paris with Thee Oh Sees and Shannon & the Clams. It was the one of the most fun shows on our European tour. The vibes were hot at this show. Revisited the age old pastime of stage-diving while Thee Oh Sees are playing, which was especially popular that night. Flicked off Petey while crowd surfing.
03. July 25th // Barcelona // Rocksound
Got mugged. Floated around in the Mediterranean sea. Then we got tattoos and were late getting back to the venue. Everyone was pissed off at us, including the promoter who was "very disappointed." Nevertheless, the show was great, we killed it and all lived happily ever after. Had to get a new passport in Amsterdam.
04. Aug 1st // Rotterdam // Roodkapje
We originally cancelled our Rotterdam show because an inexperienced pilot crashed a plane into the San Francisco Airport the day we were supposed to leave for tour, but it somehow worked out to get a different Rotterdam show added at the end of the tour. This is the show where I met the girl of my dreams. Seriously, it was the kind of love at first sight that you see in movies and only hope to actually experience in real life. After the show me and Doris hopped on a train to Amsterdam so we could get away from everyone and hide out for a few days.
05. Oct. 24th // SF // Thee Parkside
This punk band I'm in called Big Tits got to open for Tav Falco's Panther Burns. Being from Memphis, it really meant a lot to play with a local legend that I've always looked up to. We shared gear and he was cool about letting us use his ultra customized amps. He was all hopped up on codeine due to being "under the weather," but still completely slayed it. He even brought a girl on stage midsong and and did the tango with her and then kicks her off the stage to go back into a chorus!

Red Red Krovvy
Housewives' 1st (the RIP SOCIETY one)
Every good new band should have members younger than you. The singer Lincoln is also our manager, which shows his impeccable taste. Their first show they played they put on themselves, and had the ego to play last. They are that good.
Good Throb: Culture Vulture
As a small portion of the world has deemed Australian music relevant now it is easy to deem the rest of the world irrelevant. This record is an example of how to get out of the hole dug by the Australian music fan. Snotty, obnoxious, smart.
Ausmuteants: 100 Ausmuteants Fans can't be wrong, 100000000 Bon Jovi Fans Can
Geelong in a post-Y2K world. A perpetual child fronts a band that releases a bunch of stuff in 2013. With "All Talk" they break my one rule of song and have a disco beat in the track. Somehow it works.
Worst things:
Taking a bus to Philadelphia to see Watery Love, going ten blocks in two hours and losing all hope of seeing the great Watery Love.
Trying to weasel onto a lineup (as is the norm for Red Red Krovvy) and being out weaselled by the worst band during the set up process. Weasels.
Having no control over some things in life.
Best Things:
Going to a conference and seeing a man from Darwin who owned three phones, none of them in any sense smart.
Listening to a radio station that played "Theme From Rocky" on repeat, nonstop.
Seeing great American guitar band, Tyvek, in my own country.
Getting a year older and learning through good and bad interactions.

Top ten things this year (Al)
1. I read John Fante – Ask The Dust. I see where Bukowski got his style from, its not like he ever denied it, but its amazing.
2. While on tour met the man who runs Red Mist pedals. He made me a unique pedal and I got the have War Of The Worlds art on it.
3. Saw Thee Oh Sees in Cardiff and got to have a chat with John Dywer. He was a nice guy and that made me happy. Then they nailed it.
4. Liverpool psych fest. I was ill but it didn’t matter it was excellent. Caught Os Noctambulos and now I’m releasing them on Stolen Body Records (this is the first time this has been announced…) Also was surprised at how good Jacco Gardner was live.
5. We formed Factotum. Currently recorded 2 EP’s and one LP. Only one released so far but expect a lot of releases in 2014.
6. Fuzz. Love all the 7” releases and the record is amazing. Saw them at Liverpool psych fest and it blew me away. Just saw Ty Segall acoustic show at the Scala in London too and that was pretty impressive.
7. Just won £4 on a scratch card.
8. Surfed for the first time with my ladies brother. Felt seasick and wrote a song called seasick surfer.
9. Bought a univox super fuzz copy and used it in seasick surfer to make the sound of crashing waves. I think it worked. Most people will disagree. It’s my Jimi Hendrix moment and I’m holding onto it.
10. Plantains. https://www.facebook.com/plantainsband
Top ten things this year (Karl)
1. Beard Oil
2. Parquet Courts (Borrowed Time)
3. Brown Rouges (Shake it!)
4. Stolen Body Record (Finally getting some free shit)
5. Knife Gun hand poked
6. Taos Humm (getting off there asses and making a record)
7. Archie Fitzgerald
8. Ford Galaxy
9. Velcro Hooks (Galaxy police club)
10. Boats
Spray Paint: S/T
Connections: Body Language
Dirty Beaches: Drifters / Love Is the Devil
Oozing Wound: Retrash
Life Stinks: S/T
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro: Victoria Mistica
Toupee: Dinner Party (Rotted Tooth)
ONO: Machines That Kill People reissue (Priority Male)
White Fence: Cyclops Reap (Castle Face)
Burnt Ones: You'll Never Walk Alone (Burger)
Brainbombs: Disposal of a Dead Body
Pampers: S/T (In The Red)
Pink and Brown: Every Shade of Pink and Brown reissue (Castle Face)
Cave: Threace (Drag City)
Thee Oh Sees: Moon Sick (Castle Face)
Je Suis Punk: The Very Best of European Punksplotation (Not on Label/Faux77)

Tyvek released their best record yet.
Everything Timmy Vulgar did live and on record. Human Eye may be the best live band going.
The Bugs from Portland, live with Tyvek, a great pairing.
Natural Child live, especially after adding Benny Devine of Wizzard Sleeve on keys. Best bar rockers. Hard in Heaven shows them getting closer to replicating the joy of playing that is conveyed at a Natural Child show.
Tronics: What's The Hubub Bub/Say! What is This? Reissues are perfect bedroom DIY available for the first time ever on LP/any where thanx to our pals at M'Lady's (everything they put out rules!).
The Gories: The Shaw Tapes live in Detroit 5/27/88 This is a must hear/have on Third Man! Hopefully the first of many. In true Back From the Grave style this is bought to you with the help of Steve Shaw and his late great big brother Jim Shaw.
Supernatural Strategies for making a Rock 'n' Roll Group by Ian F. Svenonius. A must read if you are thinking of starting one these things.
The Go's Fiesta and The Pastels' Slow Summits
Urinefested 1 Our fearless leader Ez Love is gonna have a tough time making 2 better than this one!!! Long live Clone Defects!!!
Los Corrale!!! Hands down the best Mexican Restaurants in town!!!

Liquor Store
01. Not being able to afford to go see Neil Young, Van the Man, or Jerry and the Boss. That last one is like some bizarre dream come true. Seinfeld and the Boss at MSG. "I saw the Stones at MSG back in '71" "Oh really? Well I saw Seinfeld and the Boss there in '13. Jon Stewart was there too." Whatever, at least I can download every album ever off some website in five minutes and listen to it on an iPod the size of an overgrown toenail while I'm getting my swell on at the gym before I hit the club. Connecticut license plate white beamer halogen headlights cutting you off from an entrance lane can sit front row with his buffalo wing in her sling. If he's lucky cop an HJ on the ride back blasting a freshly cracked copy of the latest Greatest Hits.
02. Van Morrison Moondance Reissue: I don't own this nor have I heard it but there's no way it's anything less than sick as death. Van Morrison says, "Don't buy it."
03. Quapping up higher than the Slavery Tower (take that Chicago) and rolling through the sunset on 80 East, possibly the only enjoyable ride I've ever had through the wilds of Pittsylvainia, the golden throated silk-fingered stylings of Andrew Cedermark's "Home Life" leading me back to that great melting garden of Babylon on the coast.
04. The best band in the world the Spider Bags finally got all their genius singles on one LP so I only have to flip the platter 10% as much while I'm pounding bong rips and protein powder. They got another baby in the oven and they're hotter than ever. Went from a three-car 12-piece band to a three-man 12-pedal band touring in a Montana with a TV.
05. True Sons of Thunder: "Stop and Smell Your Face": I'm sorry but I lied, this is actually the best band in the world. This is kind of like a record made by a guy who breaks into your house, steals your car, huffs almost all the gas, leaves just enough to crash the car back into the garage, makes coffee and eggs, and is watching Kathie Lee in your TV chair when you wake up and wander in after he yells "Breakfast!" Your car's still on fire and it's creeping through the walls.
06. Human Eye "4: Into Unknown": This is for Pitchfork right? This is where it's at people. Wake up and smell that intergalactic java.
07. Gary Wrong Group "Knights of Misery": Post-apocalyptic pederast music made by a proud parent. Perfect.
666. "Funkadelic" and "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow": Listening to this shit I am overwhelmed imagining how the fuck they pulled this shit off. "This shit" the palindrome that never was. Once this shit licks your mind I don't know if it's possible to get it unstuck.
69. Funkadelic: "Standing on the Verge of Getting It On": This album seems a little more feasible, and also seems to be where the Red Hot Jalapeno Poppers and Slave Against the Latrine copped the entire cut of their jib. All jokes aside this is a seriously thick slab of straight from the mothership groove blubber approaching the stoner void. Which is to say the void is approaching them/it. The only difference is rhythm. Or speed. Similar to how Crass basslines sometimes forget their panties in a twist white boy origins and enter disco territory by way of funky town (see "Slammed From the Foxy" et al), there might be some kind of missing blue link between Funkadelic and the stoner dried grass worshipping that oozed forth from the Holy Mountain after wafting out of Iommi's cauldron. Go funk yourself.
09. "A Feast of Snakes" by Harry Crews: This is one of those books I feel like I'm always looking for but only find once in a black lagoon. Almost Ready Records head (and only) honcho Harry Howes Sr. rented me a copy of this. I'm pretty sure he only read it because the author's name was two letters off from his own. It does however (ironically?) paint a picture of a world that would very much be similar to the transformation of his psyche into some sad and twisted corner dimension of reality. A perfect ending you never even thought was coming.
10. Seal: Seal II: As I poke these words into the telephone I got my ass parked in the van wedged between 80 guitars and all my current worldly possessions which are jammed into a piece of plastic I found in the garbage in the ninth grade as we roll down Druid Park Ave in Baltimore which is currently under many layers of frozen water which permeated the innermost layers of my sneakers sometime last night after we played to seven and a half people after sitting in the car not moving for hours staring at a nine car pile up in a snow storm, before we got ejected from a Chinese restaurant and then watched all the employees trash a Mexican restaurant to the glorious sounds of "POTUSA" because they all hated the boss and are "trying to get fired" before waking up and searching for a pot in which to bathe myself but finding instead a bulldog in the bathroom and a steaming pile of his turds in the shower and I couldnt be more psyched. Making love to Seal must be like that scene in that movie where Christopher Walken videotapes somebodys brain when they die and then watches it and loses his shit. Now I'm eating someone else's shit which I have purchased and made my own at a Taco Bell in Frederick, Maryland and washing it down with brownish water that tastes vaguely of something the dentist shot me in the face with once upon a fat mattress and I'm happier than a clam bake in a porta potty after a free turkey dinner at a Super Bowl party. True story. Thank you Seal. Every few years a Taco Bell "exec" must take an all expenses paid vacation to the Mexican restaurant down the block and 6 months later BOOM out pops a new dish at "The Bell". How do you think they thought of Baja Blast? "Live mas." - Pitchfork


Lolipop Records and The Echo went completely overboard with the first official Lolipalooza! Hosted at The Echoplex and The Echo on 3 stages, Scott Sheff and Monique Hernandez were all over the place, taking in the sights and sounds of many bands. All ages, price was too low and a few lost their clothes.
Photos by Scott Sheff - L.A. Record

"The She's, Union Pacific and Talk of Shamans Play Bottom of the Hill TONIGHT"

Tonight, Bottom of the Hill hosts a purely local line up, as San Francisco based bands, The She’s, Union Pacific and Talk of Shamans will perform live.

The She’s are a powerhouse band right now. They’re working on breaking through the local underground scene, and are emerging into the independent mainstream. They have been attracting the attention of major media outlets, and play a number of out of town shows. Lollipop Records artists, Union Pacific will be celebrating the completion of their recent west coast tour at this show, and Talk of Shamans have been playing a number of cool local shows.

This line up is a supportive and talented combination of musicians, and we encourage you to go to this show and check out some hardworking, super fun bands. You’ll definitely have a good time at this event! - The Deli

"MAY 2014"

46. Union Pacific / Union Pacific - 1001 Records


Union Pacific
“Old Conversation”
Union Pacific
Lolipop Records - Pizza Party Music Blo

"Live on KXCI 'Locals Only'"

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

Studio Session Recorded at KXCI's studio 2a on 07/01/13 - KXCL

"Please Welcome Union Pacific"

Channeling desert vibrations into a surf pop sound, Union Pacific is the project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zach Vito. A Tucson native and one of San Francisco's newest songsmiths, he relocated to the Bay Area late last year, building a sonic bridge between his homes in Arizona and California that mirrors the dual qualities in his music--sparse, straightforward moments (See: intros to "Learn Love" and "Standing Over") melt into warm, sun-soaked tunes packed with open-heart lyrics, sing-a-long harmonies and dreamy guitar tone that flirts with, though never gets lost in, psychedelia and lo-fi garage rock. The resulting style is a sometimes off-kilter and always endearing brand of pop music that works just as well on a sunny afternoons as it does on rainy nights or San Francisco's signature grey days, depending on which direction you want your heartstrings to be pulled.

After quickly integrating himself into the Bay Area music community, filling a gap in the scene with his warm, accessible and sand-covered tunes, Zach recruited drummer Skyler Warren, bassist Eric William Mohommad and guitarist Kyle Da Silva to complete the Union Pacific lineup in time for the release of their debut cassette on Lolipop Records. Recorded in Arizona by Carl Johnson and mastered by Burger Records engineer Patrick Haight, the self-titled Union Pacific EP officially dropped on March 4, and while the band has yet to host a record release party, they are playing their very first show as a San Francisco-based outfit tomorrow, April 2, at Hemlock.

Listen to the entire EP over at Lolipop Records, and if you dig the desert beach vibes, come out to the Polk Street music house for Union Pacific's house warming and pick up a copy of their blue, limited edition cassette. - The Bay Bridged

"Counter Culture / Pow Magazine presents Union Pacific at Rickshaw Stop - SF, 06/03/2015- Part 2"

Counter Culture / Pow Magazine presents Union Pacific at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, June 3rd, 2015 - Part Two - Pow Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Union Pacific is the songwriting outlet for singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zachary Vito. A Tucson native and one of San Francisco’s newest songsmiths, he relocated to the Bay Area just over a year ago, building a sonic bridge between his homes in Arizona and California that mirrors the dual qualities in his music–sparse, straightforward moments into warm, sun-soaked tunes packed with open-heart lyrics, sing-a-long harmonies and dreamy guitar tone that flirts with, though never gets lost in, psychedelia and lo-fi garage rock. The resulting style is a sometimes off-kilter and always endearing brand of pop music that works just as well on a sunny afternoons as it does on rainy nights or San Francisco’s signature grey days, depending on which direction you want your heartstrings to be pulled.

Zach recruited drummer Skyler Warren, bassist Eric William Mohammed and Keyboardist Nikk Moreno to complete the Union Pacific lineup in time for the release of their debut cassette on Lolipop Records. Recorded in Arizona by Carl Johnson and mastered by Burger Records engineer Patrick Haight, the self-titled Union Pacific EP officially dropped on March 4. With the recent addition of guitarist/vocalist Samantha Perez (The She’s), the band is honing new songs – written by Vito during his time living in San Francisco, which he recorded demos of on a four track between his Richmond-district bedroom and practice space in the Tenderloin.

Poised with an album’s worth of new material, the band looks forward to being a bigger part of San Francisco’s evolving music scene.

Band Members