Union 24

Union 24


The music is all their own, written and produced by the band. Union 24 would be considered up beat Pop/Punk Rock with attitude. Our sound is main stream with a fresh sound with energy. Check out www.myspace.com/uniontwentyfour


This band was formed from a group of friends who came together for the purpose to create music and develop a sound all their own. The group's influences range from Joey Jordenson and Carter Beauford for drums, Brad Paisley, Adam Dutkiewicz, George Antoniac, Shan Arsenault, Slash, and Zack Wylde for guitar to Spencer chamberlain and Jeff Buckley for vocals song writing and production. Unioin 24 has a fresh sound with energy and expression for tird ears!


Nothing released for air play , Demo's recorded at Dnmark Productions include "Punch Drink" & Good Times at the Wrong party" can be heard on www.myspace.com/unintwentyfour

Set List

A typical set list consists of original music only. "Punch Drunk, Good Times at the Wrong Party, Train Wreck, The Untitled, Shameless, and The Greatest Day Ever" We are able to do Green day , Foo Fighters, Kidd Rock, Blink 182, covers but perfer our own music.