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"Featured Artist of the Week: Union Made"

Like many others already are, you may be becoming sick of the mundane arenas of rock being offered on a commercial level these days. It seems that rock bands are being released Pari Passu… with a few radio friendly hits stashed in their tiny pockets. When will all of this change? What about the other guys?; the creative bands doing their own thing, not caring about radio singles, success, and six-figure record deals? It’s definitely about time for those artists to receive what they deserve.

If the introduction of this week’s “Artist of the Week” feature ranted above felt like a tocsin to you, than maybe you should not continue to read on. Anyone that is completely content and accepting of the current state of the “rock scene” and its recent miniscule involvement with the music industry may not be interested in this week’s artist. That’s a shame, however, because Union Made may be one of the nation’s best candidates of the role of “music savior” for our ill-equipped industry of today.

Union Made reigns from the homeland of Rock For Hunger – Orlando, Florida. Within the last few years, vocalist Drew Petrone and the boys have enlisted benefaction with RFH, and assisted in helping us promote and raise funds for our ongoing projects. With that being said, it is obvious that you will not be exposed to any persiflage or calumny from this article. It is also important for one to note that their music speaks for itself. Not only are they such benevolent members of our community, but also a very enjoyable and talented young band.

Union Made uniquely fuses doses of funk, rock, punk, and blues together to make for their own brand of music. Even the finical will find something that they like in the band’s vast array of heavy artillery that they equip themselves with each and every time they take the stage.

Lyrically the group has a lot to say. Without coming off discursive at all, Union Made remains focused on heavy topics that embody today’s world.

Be sure to check out their music on their MySpace page and check them out on New Year’s Eve at AKA Lounge in Downtown Orlando:
Upcoming schedule: - Rock 4 Hunger


Outta Line
Lady Long Day
The Heist
Drunk Punks
Good Brew Flowin'
Both songs can be heard streaming on our MySpace at:



The essence of a rock group is transfixed in an ever changing world. As a listener, you come to expect certain elements from a rock band: the staccato assault of an electric guitar, the pulsing underlying tones of a bass echoing the lower registers, pat-pat cadence and subtle flair of an adept drummer, and the charismatic frontman armed with meaning and melody. Influences remain tucked into the back of an individual musician�s mind and soul, while the group as a whole is able to barge through varied genres on a mission to create something truly unique and thus add to the great sheet music of humanity. While musicians are always constrained to a set note spectrum, how they are able to create a musical tapestry with their set instruments in hand is the key to the growth of the individual and furthers the musical mission of the group. Union Made is concerned with returning rock music to its more classical jazz, funk, and blues roots, eschewing heavily distorted emo/techno trends of the modern scene. Through their sound, Union Made brings pleasure to their audience by capitalizing on a good-time party band stage feel which brings them closer to their audience and leaves a listener happily humming along.

Union Made began as a pair of brothers, Seth and Alan Ambler, who provide the fretted funk on a five string jazz bass and a handful of guitars and tube amplifiers. Both swap influences while remaining competitive and uniquely collaborative in their song writing process. Their connection is supremely temporal, with an almost telepathic understanding of each other�s playing style. The Amblers are Florida boys, born and raised and both began to play music as middle schoolers in a garage somewhere. Dru Petrone handles the vocal duties for the band while also beating along with a djembe. Dru�s influences range from rock to reggae and he has a natural singing style and is frank with his lyrical expression. Dru tells it like it is from his unique viewpoint at the front of the stage. He is also a Florida boy, hailing from the West Palm Beach area. New drummer Lucas Scarpelli joined the fold in September 2009 after original drummer Jorge Fossaroli returned to his native Argentina. Lucas has been playing drums since he was 8 years old and got more serious about playing music upon entering high school. Lucas� older brother, David Scarpelli, lends his tenor sax to the brass section of Union Made and is their chief brass arranger for original horn compositions. David has been playing tenor sax since he was a kid and lists the incomparable Maceo Parker (of James Brown and P-Funk fame) as his main influence. Dave also lends his golden vocals and sings back up on some songs. The Scarpelli�s have music flowing through their veins as their father is also a well known composer in their native West Virginia. Will Hustedde plays baritone sax in Union Made. He has been playing sax for 15 years though has played primarily baritone sax for the past 10 years. He lists his influences as Nervous Neal Smith and Maynard Ferguson. Jonathan Leamy brings some more low end to the brass with his slide trombone. Jonathan is a well rounded musician and is adept at playing drums and stringed instruments as well. When asked if he considers himself to be a trombonist or a trombone, he replied that he has been referred to as a boner burglar. Still not sure what he means by that.