Union Shakedown

Union Shakedown

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

An explosion of Blues-Rock groovyness.


Just looking at this group of five shy boys from St. Paul, Minnesota, you might not guess that they know a thing about getting down and dirty. But, watch them cut loose once, and you’ll see that they’ve got more going for them than just understated Midwestern charm. Started as an experimental college project more than half a decade ago, Union Shakedown recently teamed up with local engineering guru Chad Weis (Mason Jennings, Bad Plus), to record their debut, self-titled EP. The result is a raw, well-orchestrated mix of original rock and roll tunes. “We set out trying to create our own brand of Alt. Blues, and we came up with this,” says Mike Lloyd, slender front man whose gritty and soulful singing voice is completely unexpected.



Written By: Michael Lloyd

In the marvelous sunshine,
There is something divine.
In the marvelous sunshine,
There’s someone on my mind.
I want to be that girl’s main boy.
Every moment that I…
I miss with her is made of
Such bliss I wish I saw her
More often than just this.
I don’t think I can stand it.
I think I lost my mind.
It won’t be long ‘till I’ll be
Basking in the splendor…
I’m sure I’m sure she’s got it…
It all I think I cannot
Recall a time when I was
So sure that I would fall.

The Way It Seems

Written By: Michael Lloyd

If it feels good do it
That is what they say.
But if it’s not good for you,
Better put it away.
I made myself a promise
And I’m gonna stick it out
Because you’re too much of
A temptress
And I’m not gonna go that route.
Memories of you are some
Of my most sweetest dreams,
And I’ve got to move on
And that’s the way it seems.
I remember when you
Fit me like a glove,
But now I’m looking for a woman
That is cheaper to love.
If there’s one thing that I know,
I’m not afraid to be alone
‘Cause you know I’m bound to roam
Just like a cat without a home.
If there’s one thing I believe,
It’s that a man can hold his own,
And I’ll think about you all day long,
But I’m not reaching for that phone.

A Thousand Times Before

Written By: Michael Lloyd

While I was waiting for the light
To show,
I always knew where to go.
And in the quiet of my mind,
I know
I’ll make it to that fateful door.
And who will lead me
Through the plight,
And guide me in the dark of night?
When it seems like
There’s no end in sight, I’ll know
I’ve been down this road
A thousand times before.
While I was waiting for the wind
To blow,
I could see for miles
Down, down below.
If circumstance has left me pinned,
I’ll row
Until I find that fateful shore.
And who will teach me how to fight,
And keep my candles burning bright?
When it seems like
I’ve lost all my might, I’ll know
I’ve been down this road
A thousand times before.

Fuss and Fight

Written By: Michael Lloyd

If I had a dollar,
I’d give you a dime.
This fussin’ and a-fightin’,
It’s just wasting our sweet time.
I feel like cuttin’ loose
And I’m in the mood to cook.
You know I can’t hold back
When you keep giving me that look.
Why don’t we leave
This party early?
You’ve got me feeling so
Brand new tonight.
Why don’t we exit this location,
And leave all the rest
Just to fuss and fight?
You’re gonna have to trust me,
I’m a newly reborn soul.
I found a new religion,
And all I need is love and
Rock and Roll.

Cat's Eye Boogie

Written By: Michael Lloyd

Ol’ Cat’s Eye was a reverend
And he liked to sing the blues.
He had long long legs
And big black shoes.
When Cat’s Eye was a baby,
His mom said, “Son,
You’re gonna show this world
Just how it’s done!”
That ol’ reverend he knew how…
How to shake it… shake it down!
Stop and listen while I tell you
About The Reverend’s band.
They were the best damn group
In all the land.
When they banged out the tunes,
They burned up the night,
And they wouldn’t stop
Until the morning light.
One fine day down on the street,
The Reverend met
A little girl so sweet.
She was a Detroit girl
With soft brown skin.
She had a bangin’ image
And a devilish grin.
And, every night,
They had a real good time
And he loved that woman
And she looked so fine.
But then she left him high and dry.
Even took his shoes
To remember him by.
A broken hearted reverend
Announced a plan to throw a ball,
And the place was packed
From wall to wall.
When the band started playin’
There was such a din,
The reverend stamped his
Foot and the roof caved in!
I was there that night
When the building fell
And I saw The Reverend
Raise some hell.
I sat right down and put my
Face in my hand
And I thanked the Lord for
Reverend Cat’s Eye
And his down and dirty band.


Union Shakedown EP - 2010