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Unique - Truth Reminisced Under The Heavens Mixtape



Kurtis Gomez (A.K.A. Unique), from the "rich," yet very grimy streets of Connecticut, has been a well known name in the state for the past few years. Unabashed by the overwhelming prejudice in the art medium that he has embraced, Unique has devoted his music to the fact that the true poets of hip hop are gone and all the game hears now is "I'm strapped...", "I'll kill you..." and etc.

"What you know about Connecticut? / N*ggas is constant prey for predators while innocent blood sheds indefinite / Minors with sh*t on their waists, this is ridiculous / majority minorities feeling the prejudice!"
-Unique - "Connecticut Pain"

Unique is a conscious-mindset rapper, but his naturally cocky persona allows his lyrical flow to reflect his true self. By creating his own style and ignoring the "in" approach, which is so often portrayed in the hip-hop genre, Unique has dedicated his style to truth and reality.

Unique not only produces many of the tracks he records, but he also has many local hip-hop artists, clubs and radio stations promoting his name, proving that he is at the forefront of "Putting CT back on the map!"

Unique has received a multitude of phone calls, emails and text messages from supporters stating "This is what the game needs!!!" and "Where have you been all this time???"

Hoping to spread a more positive message through hip-hop and the music industry itself, Unique is definitely a one of a kind musical mastermind!