Unique Chique

Unique Chique


A complex mix of art-rock, jazz chords, odd time signatures and out-right pop bliss. Some times subtle and intelligent, other times messy and belligerent, but always an amazing live band. The best drummer you will ever see! Picture Radiohead, Bjork, Sea and Cake, American Football, Sonic Youth


Taking their moniker after misunderstanding the nickname of an otherwise anonymous, amazing, homeless street prophet, Chicago's Unique Chique have been bound to composing and performing provocative and cunning music since their inception in 2000.

Between the bands debut full-length, “It Never Fails Forever,” in 2005 and it's recently released, “Ethica,” Unique Chique have become renowned for their infectious, high-art, precise live shows and their rich, visceral, complex and thought provoking recordings.

Unique Chique's latest release, “Ethica,” recorded by guitarist Mike Sanfiliop, is the next logical step for a band always pushing to the boundaries of creativity. The familiar elements of U/C's past offerings are present, but only as a character in a larger, more encompassing story. Ethica is , by and large, more powerful, haunting, hopeful, anxious and serene that any of U/C's previous recordings.

The band is aesthetically interested in diverse groups and artists who are popular, yet distinctive: Sonic Youth, Pixies, Joan Of Arc, Bjork, Aloha, Sea and Cake, Tortise, Beach Boys, Blond Redhead, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc.

Unique Chique have played every great venue in the Chicago area: Empty Bottle, Fireside, Metro, Schubas, Subterranean, Double Door, Beat Kitchen, etc. Regional touring gave way to the real thing and the band headed east to play the 2005 CMJ music festival in NYC, later returning for a proper East coast tour, which was surprisingly successful for a first tour. The band is now tour addicted and heading out for more of the same in the coming months. Along the way they have shared stages and hi jinx with a multitude of amazing bands: Ex-Models, Aloha, City On Film, Fields, Del Ray, The Reputation, Colossus, The Grates, Pattern In Movement, Bound Stems, Francois And The Missing Mountains, Jeff Pazatti and much, much more



Written By: Unique Chique

the wind carries the rushes,
aging everything it touches.
If the planet I'm on is a battery,
then where is all my promised energy?

If you take one step toward me, I will take two to you.

All the wind carry on, the rushes.
Swallow everyone he talks to.
If the planet I'm on is a battery,
where is my revenging energy?

I've talked to you like I don't want to. If we ever speak again,
I know how to hurt you. The family of the girl, the number and the
letter. We met in medivac, I stood over your stretcher.
A clumsy meeting, a student close and staring while I work pay teach
drive tune signal stay press on.

What I recall... gone.
The waiting... gone.
The counting on you... gone.
My longing has gone.


"Ethica" (2006) Loose Tooth Records CD/EP
-received CMJ radio airplay in fall/winter of 2006
"It Never Fails Forever" (2005) Alarm Clock Records

Set List

Sets can range anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour, depending on set time alloted.

"Long Dead Naomi" ("Ethica")
"Halos" (New Song)
"2steps" ("Ethica")
"Visitant" ("Ethica")
"1 Inch = 10,000 Miles" ("Etchia")
"Thieves" (New Song)
"Burn My Shadow To The Wall" ("It Never Fails Forever")
"Profiles" ("It Never Fails Forever")
"Q" ("Ethica")
"A" ("Ethica")