It's a charismatic blend of acoustic R&B with a touch of soul.


UNISON is an acoustic R&B all male singing group from Miami, Florida. “These three charismatic young men sing and play with a unique acoustic R&B groove unlike that of any other artist,” reported the Pinecrest Tribune.
UNISON is composed of Adrian Gordon, Leo Bradley and Miguel Ruiz, three Miami natives. Currently, Adrian is a Music Business graduate from the University of Miami, Leo attends Florida International University studying Psychology, and Miguel is a Sound Engineer Major at SAE in North Miami. These bright young men first came together as best friends in childhood and then in 1998 formally created the trio UNISON.
Over the summer and fall of 2003, UNISON spent much of their time recording their first CD All Things Considered and later released it as their debut EP in February of 2004. The members of UNISON write and arrange all their own music as well as accompany their vocals on instruments such as guitar, violin and piano.
Shortly after the release of their CD, UNISON promoted All Things Considered with a three-month tour of college campuses and malls. Their debut release is filled with soothing R&B tunes and intoxicating love songs. “Sometimes” and “Dance Floor Lover”, two highly regarded crowd pleasers, are featured on their EP. Along with those, there are 3 other songs on the CD which further portray their unique style, “A charismatic blend of acoustic R&B with a touch of soul.”
UNISON’s debut CD All Things Considered indeed fulfills the promise of their live shows. “When they get together to sing, the trio transforms into superstars through enchanting melodies they create. The result is musical wonderland,” reported The Kendall Gazette.


*All Things Considered (2004) was their first EP released on February 19th 2004 under the 'Cane Records Label. Their singles included Dance Floor Lover, Untitled, Patient Lover, Beautiful Heart, Sometimes. Also available at Virgin MegaStore www.cdbaby.com/cd/unison and www.itunes.com
*Unison Live (2001). Also available at www.itunes.com

Set List

Two (2) fifty-minute sets of original and some conver songs:

Have You Seen My Baby
Dance Floor Lover
Friend in Between
Patient Lover
Beautiful Heart
Breathe Again
The Way She Loves Him
How Could You Know
Showers from Heaven
Coisa Linda
How Can I be Down?

Some of their cover songs include:
Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You"
John Mayer's: "Your Body is a Wonderland"
George Michael's "Careless Whisper"
Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean"
John Legend's "Ordinary People"
Shai's "If I Ever Fall in Love"
and "Killing Me Softly"