United Alliance

United Alliance


Absolutely fantastic BAND with an array of original rock ,punk music


United Alliance we hail from Queensland from Agnes Water not far from the cities of Bundaberg and Gladstone, The band was formed by Lead Singer /Guitasrist (Jackson Nicholson) and some local musicans and its is here in this small town that the members of United Alliance joined forces in making music and writing songs ,our original collaborations are inspired by a mammoth list influences from a broad spectrum of artists from all around the world and we have thereby created a musical melting pot. So a collaborative array of musical moods to satisfy the armies of music fans has being created and Unleashed into the public arena.
The energy exerted from United Alliance and the absorption of our original music by our fans will continue and be eventually heard and seen by any one that decides to join the United Alliance on their march through the Australian live music scene & thanks to myspace An International music scene.
United Alliance are a fresh New Sound to add to the list of the already growing number of talented Australian signed and unsigned Bands/Artists that are creating a new era in Australian music.
In a time & age when there are so many Bands/Artists & Styles of music around the world that are all attempting to entertain the music buying public, United Alliance have taken off the reigns and have no restrictions on there song writing skills, we are determined not to be labelled or characterised as one (Genre) United Alliance have arrived to feed you, Bleed you and Entertain you.
The band are accelerating their presence to be heard through all avenues of the industry, our intentions whilst creating and enjoying our music, is to play live all of the world, Yes our intentions are high, so we have Don the armour of patience and while building our troops & legions of followers we will not be lying down to rest, our invasion will continue to rage and we will rejoice in the tasting of the flavour of success.
In October 2007 United Alliance released there first song titled Caught in Traffic on the websites (tripljuneathed) and (Reverb Nation) for free download, the response from fans from all over the planet has been of spontaneous acknowledgment the song was written & composed by (Vocalist) Jackson Nicholson & (lead guitarist) Tom Impey from the band, the song refers to people trafficking of a young girl, the band are playing live material at venues across the country all dates and performances will be advised on this page. You will soon be attacked from United Alliance!


Caught in Traffic

Written By: Jackson Nicholson

Caught In Traffic
Verse 1
In the back of an alley-way in the middle of the night,
There once was a pretty young girl, who was putting up a fight,
As he groped her in the street with the rest of his friends,
She never came home the next day and was never seen again.


Once a girl now a tool for the corrupt and it just ain’t fair,
Spends most time lying around with her legs held in the air,
She tries so hard not to scream,
Tells herself that it’s all a dream,
Screaming out loud but no one cares,
All you can hear is “DON’T TOUCH ME THERE!”


So don’t let her go by herself now,
There’s a vacant space on there list and it needs a name,
A face and a useful soul,
All these things they need to play there game,
But no one cares about these kids today,
Oh no one cares, about these kids today,

Verse 3

The girl sits in the corner of her room with a red blade in her hand,
The man finds the body of the girl and hides it the best he can,
The door opens with a handful of guns,
A dead end there’s no where to run.
The rest of his life we can only hope,
Bunk with a man, “DON’T DROP THE SOAP!”

Verse 4

As she lays in that wooden box with her pretty eyes shut tight,
That man’s in a prison cell and he’s putting up a fight,
He spends most time kneeling on the floor,
Let’s just say he’s got a really strong jaw,
They really like the way he tickles there fancy,
All you can hear, “IT’S MY TURN NANCY!”




Biting Bullets

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