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"What’s Up, Doc?"

"United by Sound, Los Angeles-based up-and-comers, almost outweighed the main act. With a polished cabaret style and new spin on crunk step, the band are destined for greater things should they find a label. Highlights of their set included tunes “Benjamin” and “Guns.” Their vocals, think Leslie-Uggams-meets-old-Nelly-Furtado, were joyously received from frontwoman Jeni Ivey. Ivey’s talent completes the band’s sonorous masterpiece with a feeling of restrained energy, one that promises annihilation of nuclear proportions if ever unhinged."
-Jessica Hilo - Santa Barbara Independent


While United by Sound may most easily be classified as electronica, the label does the band a disservice in that it implies something less organic and substantial than what the San Francisco duo offers. Frontwoman Jeni Ivey sings with a snarl that verges into what you might expect from a jazz vocalist or perhaps an American-born Shirley Manson. Ivey’s voice, coupled with a mix of various synthetic accompaniments, makes an electronic-inspired sound that doesn’t overpower the organic elements. While not as eminently danceable as Ladytron, with whom the band is often compared, the effect makes for a more laid-back sound that pulls from various genres to create a more interesting sound. Expect United by Sound to be belting out new material, as their self-titled sophomore release dropped earlier this year. The band plays at Rocks on Friday, October 6.
?—?Drew Mackie - Santa Barbara Independent

"United By Sound"

The thing about making a plan is that it reduces the element of surprise and often we are left with a predictable chain of events that can turn out to be as exciting as watching a toenail grow into the distance. The trick is to have a plan, just to know where we're going, but play it out as if we didn't have one to be able to surprise others. Those are the best plans. This might make no sense but it's the best I can come up with when looking back at United By Sound playing the Temple Bar in Santa Monica on May 17th, 2008. 'Where does this come from?', I found myself wondering out loud about 10 minutes into the set. What I was referring to was another musical twist in one of their songs. I think this time Jeni's voice took a sharp left turn. Timo and the band followed. A new road. High heels on rough terrain.

Imagine a song and it's going and it's going pretty good. It all fits and it could stay just like that until the end because it already feels complete. But then this voice, or one of those beats, or a bass-line enters and you start wondering what the hell just happened and about all the new possibilities of where the song might go next. You do this while you are moving your feet, hip and head because the groove or funk or crunk or whatever, the theme of the night, just keeps coming back. And so you're dancing and your mind is caught up with the art it is facing and it's hot because everyone around you is moving as well and now that I think about it, I realize that the whole thing was a pretty exhausting experience.

No matter how witty or playfully the songs unfolded, most of them were simply massive pieces of music that (I can't say it any other way) made everyone's fucking ass move. As usual, Ian spanked his bass as if he had a drug problem (that's a compliment) and Ira, on drums, added the ingredient that makes every live-set so much bigger. In between, Jeni got support from guests like Peter Daily, turning 'No Diggity' into a 'souly' ballad, and Myka 9, whose stage presence could only be matched by his spot-on rhymes racing over Timo's beats and a bundle of red hair.

Remember when you turned on the radio the other day and this song was playing and you couldn't help but feel that stale taste in your ear because even though it's the first time you've heard it, it's awfully familiar, in fact, it sounds exactly like that other song. You know the plan and all you really wanna do is move on. I'm sure United By Sound had a plan. There must have been a plan. They just played it out as if they didn't have one.
-Dominic Pockberger - City Beat


Shaping (LP 2003)
United By Sound (Ep 2006)
Just A Boy (Forthcoming EP August 2008)

UBS has been played on (among others..)
KCRW (Los Angeles)
KSJS (San Jose)
KUTH (Honolulu)
Soma FM (San Francisco)
Breakthru Radio (NYC)



Two people can make a lot of noise. That goes for any 2-year-olds on crack-cocaine as well as L.A. based band United By Sound aka UBS aka Jeni Ivey & Timo Ceniceros aka whoneeds3akas. The duo, joined onstage by Bassist Ian Burney and drummer Ira Miller, met in High School and that’s kind of cute but it wasn’t until 2003 that they decided to start a band that would embrace the diversity of music like a dog his own balls. That was in San Francisco and it’s a good thing that what happens in SF doesn’t stay there, because the UBS virus makes your ears look better (Warning: Might cause Motion).

Defining their style is like asking ecstasy to…ah…take it a lil’ easier. It’s not in their nature. The good thing: It sounds more interesting. The bad thing: It makes writing bios like this one a bitch. But it’s about listening. Or throw it on the grill and eat it. You will taste soul, electro, dub-step, crunk, experimental Rock, trip hop and maybe even a hint of folk. This particular dish goes with any alcohol.

It was never easy (starving children in Africa, please, disregard this paragraph). Jeni dropped out of college, fell down a cliff and slept on the floor. No, she’s not the one selling you heroin on 2nd and 3rd, because she decided to work her butt off to be an artist. Jeni worked so hard, her hair turned red. Timo studied Flamenco guitar but for those of you who might think he’d look good in tight pants, he too dropped out to join Jeni on the floor. And everyday they got up to make music. They still do.
But school never ends. Their diverse musical training helps to cross genres and to find their own path instead of following trends. In between, artists like Massive Attack, Led Zeppelin, Freestyle Fellowship, Billy Holiday, King Tubby, Talking Heads, Lil Jon, and Herbie Hancock (and many more….) served as inspirations.

And while messages are incorporated into their songs, you won’t ever have to peel them off your face. The philosophy that subtlety is far more thought provoking and entertaining than a brutal ‘Save the world’ is reflected in songs like ‘Benjamin’, ‘Feeling Just Fine’ or ‘Guns’. And if you think these titles are about a lost love, taking drugs or, you know, those things that shoot, please, return to the top of this paragraph.
-By D.

UBS has spent the past two years since the release of their self-titled EP honing its live show with regional touring, where they had the privilege to share the stage with a diverse roster of artists such as: Mad Professor, Pigeon John, Myka 9, Little Dragon, Jesca Hoop, Gram Rabbit, BITTER:SWEET, Abstract Rude and Benji Hughes.
They plan on taking some time of from the road this summer to release the new EP in early August ‘08.

**Please Note**
The tracks 'Just A Boy', 'Hide & Seek', 'Wonderlust', & 'Spring Break' are unmastered rough mixes from the up-coming ep. Check back in August for finished versions..