United Defiance
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United Defiance

Antioch, California, United States

Antioch, California, United States
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Buckle your seatbelts"

United Defiance - A four piece punk/rock band hailing from Concord. They say “We do not see the need for competition with other bands, we raise our fist in support to you all.” Which is a great attitude especially for a punk band. With political and anti-war lyrics, blast beats, and splashy guitars they have embraced a true rock spirit. The group consists of Joe - Drums, Dave - Bass/ Vocals, Rich - Guitar/Vocals and Noless- Guitar/Vocals. Three voices throwing out anthemic choruses and Social Distortion meets Lagwagon esque riffs can be found on the 6 songs available at myspace.com/theuniteddefiance

- Fringe magazine

"New up and coming band"

Thanks to United Defiance, the local scene has once again united over a mutual cause; good music. Originally from Concord the band has been generating attention and praise since they first made their presence known in October 2005. With each member on the same page, the band was able to fully dedicate their energy and willpower into one common cause: good ol’ punk rock. Commonly compared to Pennywise, The Unseen and Black Flag, within a few weeks the band was booking some of the area’s most renowned venues. When asked to define their music, United Defiance claims “We have a style of our own, but if it were categorized it would fit into skate punk.” And what’s better on a summer day than a beat up skateboard in hand and some credible skate punk in ear. Having played with some of the genre's most notable bands such as Agent Orange, TSOL and The Excuse, the band is just eager to start working on new material and recruit new fans. “We just want to have fun and make good music,” and it just doesn’t get any better than that

- Zero Magazine


2006-No way out-Demo
2010-Product of disaster-Full length



We form back in 2005, it took a while for the band to take form of the 4 piece it is today. Noless and Rich were just jamming and messing around with some punk songs we had each written. Dave Brown came into the picture in October of 2005, he tried out for drums but was not what we were looking for in a drummer, but turned out he was an awesome bass player so we then had our bass player. The 3 of us played drummer less for about 4 months writing material and trying out drummers. Enter Joe lujan in February of 2006 we got together 2 times and it just felt right, now United Defiance was formed. The best part is we are all best friends, we love playing music with each other and we love hanging out with each.
I have to say we have been blessed to play with the bands we have played with. Some are Agent orange, Circle one, T.S.O.L, D.I, Strung out, Calebrese, Rivals, The johns, Gutter Mouth, Pour Habit, and Static Thought, we have been reviewed in Zero, Fringe, and Your music magazines. We seem to bring a quaility to shows and recording that brings people back and allows them to remember how fun punk rock is