When you hear the sound of the kick drum pound and feel it resound with the beat of your heart, this means you have found the gate to the state, the state of the heart where love reigns supreme. We welcome you to L O V E W O R L D: United State of Everything. Love, U.S.E


Welcome to L O V E W O R L D, the long-awaited sophomore effort from Seattle's beloved disco pop septet, U.S.E (a.k.a. United State of Electronica). LOVEWORLD is the result of seven years of love, sweat, and energy that's fueled a mutual devotion between U.S.E and its fans the world over.

Since the band's inception in 2002, U.S.E has celebrated all-inclusiveness and diversity, as if "We're All In This Together" was its mission statement. This unifying spirit fuels every note the band sings. Comprised of members of Seattle legends Wonderful, Dolour, The Catch and Sidney, U.S.E managed to surprise even themselves with the dance pop gems that were spontaneously born among friends. When they decided to share the fruits of their fun at a local club gig just weeks later, under the guise of an electronic act from Mannheim, Germany, the response was overwhelming. Within months, the band was playing packed-out local shows alongside international touring acts, re-stocking Northwest stores with hand-manufactured copies of its early recordings, and eventually shipping thousands of copies of its debut, United State of Electronica, to Japan. This trans-Pacific connection resulted in multiple hits on the Japanese radio charts ("Open Your Eyes," "IT IS ON!") and several overseas tours, including a prime slot on the nation's largest music festival, Fuji Rock. As the band continued to enrapture audiences back in the States with its euphoric live show, it's self-released debut was eventually picked up by labels in the US, the UK and Australia.

LOVEWORLD is the sound of a worldwide sing-along, a sonic vision which U.S.E has captured perfectly. What makes U.S.E so lovable is here in full effect: drummer Jon e. Rock's undeniably danceable disco-house beats; divas Amanda Khanjian and Carly Nicklaus' sultry vocal stylings; guitarists Peter Sali and Jason Holstrom's arena-sized hooks; bassist Derek Chan's foundational low-end; and Noah Star Weaver's joyous, vocoder-laden melodies. With LOVEWORLD, the sound expands upon the bands musical palette established on its debut, bursting with rich vocal harmonies, cinematic instrumental textures, and a deeper, soulful tone. Thematically, the album serves as a sonic treasure map that guides the listener into the joyous musical world it's created.

As utopian as it sounds, U.S.E makes such a grand dream seem not only possible to realize, but easy. Just ask anyone who has truly experienced U.S.E's live show. Time and time again, many who walk into a U.S.E show as a skeptic, dance away at the end of the night as a sweaty, blissed-out U.S.E convert. What begins as a 7-person onstage celebration quickly spreads throughout the room, and by the final song, the performer/audience duality has disintegrated into an everybody-on-stage dance party. U.S.E seems to have discovered that a simple cocktail of four-on-the-floor disco beats, lovable melodies, and a sincere collective energy is the key to unlocking our hearts to the L O V E W O R L D within.


* Emerald City EP (2002)
* Emerald City 12" (2003)
* U.S.E. (self-titled) (2004)
* Live and Direct from the Emerald City EP (2005)
* Party People EP (2005)
dance with me ep (2009)
all the world ep (2009)
we the people ep (2009)
* Loveworld (2009)

Set List

party people
dance with me
look at the city
we the people
open your eyes
helping hand
emerald city
it is on
river of love

set is usually 45-60 min. no covers.