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United Vibrations

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band World Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"United Vibrations @ Mau Mau"

On 5th August United Vibrations graced the stage at jazzrefreshed. Daniel Crosby, who features on Fred Perry’s Subculture Magazine this month

[ http://www.fredperrysubculture.com/subsonic_profile.asp?id=778 ] was there to check it out, and he was more than impressed. His view below.

“The best group I’ve seen in this country since…ever. Unlike so much of the tosh that parades it self as: ground breaking, eclectic, new etc…We finally have a band that isn’t paraded as being good when it’s not, just for some trendy DJ to use them as a stepping stone to elevate their careers.

United Vibrations are genuinely the most important band to come out of the UK since the big rock bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones etc… and since the likes of Steve Williamson, Courtney Pine, Jamiroquai of 80’s and 90’s Jazz/funk fame; These are musicians that are regarded as world class, and are unique in the sense that their music, voices and charisma distinguish them from everyone else, especially the hoards of wealthy college musicians who use their money and privileged backgrounds to convince people that they have talent. United Vibrations are a shining light in the depths of a music void, and are an inspiration that will soon reach all the barren areas of British music and bring it back to life” - Jazz Reloaded


United Vibrations are charting new waters in the ocean of British Music.
Inspired by a wealth of different sources, ranging from Drum ‘n’ Bass and Hip-Hop to rock and afro-beat. They are re-establishing the ‘Live’ element to “Black”, “Urban” music.
Inspired by the Rock and Funk pioneers of the 70’s they are forging a new direction for Live music coming out of London. As comfortable in a squat rave as in Ronnie Scotts, these guys are obliterating the established boundaries between, Jazz, Rock and Dance music, forming their own brand of hi-tempo dance music. They call their music 12tone.. A play on words, combining the already established terms of 2-tone (80’s fusion of Jamaican and British music to form ska), and 12-tone (type of a-tonal composition formed by Arnold Schoenberg). The band consists of sax, trombone, bass and drums, with each member contributing to vocals in typical chant/singing style reminiscent of the large funk and soul ensembles of the 70’s.
All profits from the sale of this single are going to a Community Land Trust to build a self-sufficient, carbon neutral housing co-operative in London. - Adela

"United Vibrations @ Jazz Refreshed, Mau Mau"

Four piece London collective, United Vibrations, created a riot of sound at Ladbroke Grove’s cosy Mau Mau bar, with one of the best gigs by a new band I have seen.
The friendly venue complete with a new, loud, clear system, was the perfect setting for the tour de force of different musical styles (punk, African, aboriginal, moody rock à la Radiohead) rooted under a jazz umbrella.
Despite some technical problems with the excellent Wayne Francis’s saxophone (dressed in a Dangermouse t-shirt, apt as the band dip into different styles akin to Mr Brian Burton) this was easily mitigated by the equally impressive skills of drummer Yussef Dayes and Ahmad Dayes on trombone, and the masterful Kareem Dayes on bass.
The band produce a hypnotic unique melange of sound; there is the rootiscal draw of ska guided by the trombone; the tribal chants of West Africa; rhythm of aboriginal music; celestial lyricism of Sun Ra; and importantly some expert blending of rock and jazz. The band do not like to be categorised, as is documented in their lyrics, but suffice to say there is a strong jazz presence, at times sounding akin to the band Polar Bear. They are immediately engaging, confident performers and throw the audience into a whirlwind of sound.
Special mention to drummer Yussef Dayes whose playing at times was dazzling, and as I was perched on a cushioned stool at the front, the tiny stage was a suitable frame for the power of his drumming (which at times caused the drums to take a walk).
United Vibrations musical mix encompass a reflection of our diverse capital city, and the band put any profits made from their music into a sustainable housing project (more details here). A worthy cause indeed, but you need no reason other than the wonderful dynamism and adrenaline rush of seeing this band. Highly recommended. - SHOOK MAG Writter: Sanjiv Ahluwalia











Yussef Dayes : Drums - At 17 yrs of age Yussef is the Youngest member of UV. Playing with his elder brothers since the age of 4, drumming is not a hobby but a lifestyle for this young prodigy. More recently he has had lessons from the legendary Billy Cobham, helping him to hone his raw talent into a dynamic cocktail of, jaw dropping technical ability, youthful energy and pure FIRE. His style of playing can only be described as ferocious. Think Tony Allen on steroids. Big beats and intoxicating grooves are the hallmark of this truly unique rhythm section. The synthesis of Afro-beat, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Rock, Funk, Punk and just about all modern dance music is made possible by the sheer audacity, imagination and natural flow of this rhythm section.

Kareem Dayes : Bass & Vox – If Yussef is the fire of the rhythm section, than Kareem is the earth. Less eye-catching, but equally proficient, with his technical ability, Kareem’s abilities are expressed equally through playing and composing. From Mahler to Marley, he his well versed in both the traditions of European and Afro music. Trained as a classical cellist, he has performed in the Barbican leading the London Schools Symphony Orchestra’s cello section. It is this broad musical heritage and seeing the polarized nature of the music scene, yet the unity within the underlying foundations of ‘good’ music, that has inspired him to appropriate the term ‘12-tone’ to describe the music he and his peers are making. This ‘united’ perception is expressed through his lyrics, composition and bass playing, which not only grooves, but sings.

Wayne Francis : Sax & Vox - Wayne is the newest member of the band, but within 2 years, he has developed an understanding and kinship with them that is equivalent to that of any life long brotherhood, such is the beauty of music. Not only has he gelled with the three brothers, he has improved them. His saxophone playing is second to none. It was whilst studying at the prestigious Trinity College of Music (where Fela Kuti, one of the bands main influences, also studied) where he met Kareem via the network of Jazz musicians in London. Introduced to the rest of the band, they immediately clicked. Not only is Wayne a Virtuoso saxophonist, but he is also a keen composer and lyricist, as demonstrated on the B-side, ‘Journey’ , where he astutely, and charismatically delivers a piece of spoken word in each verse. Through UV he has found a project through which he can express the full spectrum of his imagination, beyond that of a traditional "jazz" saxophonist.

Ahmad Dayes : Trombone & Vox – The ‘godfather’ of the band. Ahmad founded United Vibrations in 2004. Bringing together a group of musicians with the aim of bringing the LIVE element back to “Urban” and “Black” music. Inspired by Drum ‘n’ Bass and his love for Reggae, he wanted to start something that would bring a fresh take on the British music paradigm. Trained as an engineer, with his colleague Jesal Padia, he has built up his own studio in order to realize his dream. ‘RA!’ is a product of this studio, which promises to deliver many a great record for a very long time. Not only is Ahmad the facilitator of the band but, along with Wayne, he gives UV that authentic, uplifting sound of a wicked Brass section. Ahmad masterfully marshals the horns to great effect and combined with the big beats from his younger brothers, UV create a sound that is truly exceptional.

The initial idea for appropriating the term ‘12 Tone’ (Confused? so we were we, more on that in a bit) came out of playing with United Vibrations and talking to fans. Who could come up with a genre for this band? Ska, hip hop, funk, experimental jazz, soul, afro-beat they’ve had them all pinned to their chests, but to keep listing all these styles on a flyer became a nightmare as Kareem explains: ‘We reached the point of, ‘what are we going to call our music?’ for practical reasons!’

Well, unless you are a music geek who knows that ‘12 Tone’ is an early twentieth century phrase used to describe Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg, who was part of the atonal movement that looked to break down the diatonic rules of harmony... then like us, you’ll be asking the question, ‘What IS ‘12 Tone?!’ Kareem attempted to enlighten us poor ignorant sods: ‘I am fascinated at how harmony changed during that period... then there’s the 2 Tone thing in the eighties where they mixed British and Jamaican music. London is our inspiration, but now it’s not just Jamaican and British, the whole world’s here!’

We’re following him so far, but then the big-haired 22 year old throws in this curve ball: ‘We’re extending the 2 Tone to 12 and then extending the whole 12 thing beyond the harmony, to the cultural, and that amalgamation of different things... the music connects them. Nothing is ever original, we are just remixing what came before. It’s our own remix!’ Phew.

Kareem is joined in the band by his older brother trombonist Ahmad and youn