Uniting The Elements

Uniting The Elements


Uniting The Elements of Rock, Hip-Hop, and Pop creates an explosive New sound. The strong vocals of Dawn makes it even more explosive. This is a trio consisting of Dawn, Ola and Philipp. Residing in Europe.


Uniting The Elements is an explosive New Rock band. Originating from Germany, but residing in Europe this group is destine for fame and fortune. They perform their songs with an outrageous power from fast and furious to those heartbreaking ballads. When UTE enters the stage nobody stays untouched. The band music crosses over to all nationalities. The audience in their 2005 concerts has enthusiastically embraced the band since last spring. The band members are Dawn (lead vocals and background), Ola (lead guitar) and Phillip (drums). The bass player left the group for family emergency.

Uniting The Elements also creates a fast rising fan base with their appearance on radio, network television stations and worldwide press They are being played on the biggest US radio stations such as NMW (NEW MUSIC WEEKLY), BDS (Billboard), FMQB, R&R, and college radio in the metro DC region.

The CD sales have increased since their USA Concert tour Fall/Winter 2002 to 5000 units sold.
Returned to Germany then to kickoff a 4 week tour June 2003 in UK, then that brought about another UK tour Winter 2004. To date the band is finishing up a 6 week tour in the UK. The gold of the band and street team is to sell 20,000 units by Summerl 2006. The band played at the most popular nightclubs on the East Coast during a two-week tour to the USA. The following is the list of venues: The Vault Club, Jammin Java, Sportsman Pub, Paloma’s, Aqua Restaurant, Bud’s, Fantasy Island and AshantiLand.

Uniting The Elements can be compared to popular band No Doubt, Creed and Puddles of Mud. Please pay close attention how Dawn sings and that she is a breath of fresh air for the new era of pop/rock female vocalist. Take a moment to listen to the following tracks: Crying, I Will Find A Way,B.G. Body Groove and Venom & Verve.

Without a doubt UTE is on their way to the

looking for a strong Indie in or Major label
On tour in USA April/May 2006-still some open dates to fill
PO BOX 5011
LAUREL.MD 20726-5011
(301) 938-0838
(888) 608-5936 Fax/VM toll-free

Moe Yeoman
e-mail: fflava1@aol.com
(202) 832-7979


We have over 7 full CD's that we have released
Illuminate 11/2001
Black Rain 7/2002
Set It Out 8/2002
Venom & Verve 1/2003
V.I.P Survivors 9/2003
B.G. Body Groove 5/2004
Adrenaline 8/2004

2006 check out UTE on at http://www.music4ipods.com
the song Thank You.

All with mp3's and most with airplay

Set List

We perfrom all original material
off of the Adrenaline Cd we perform:
Adrenaline, The Drive, I Will Find A Way, Dear Dread, Fool You Again,
B.G Body Groove, Crying, Crave The Raider,
Inserted Destiny, No. !, Where The Gods, Come Down to Die, The final Break, Venom & Verve, V.I. P Survivor
Rebel At My Core (4 song Released 10/2005)
full album due Feb 2006
Listen to tracks in Standard on sonicbids
we have enough material for two 45 min sets