Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

Uni is a singer songwriter from Iceland. She plays acoustic guitar and sings, and sometimes she adds the flavor of hand drums and ukulele. Her music is inspired by the beautiful nature of Iceland... she also lived in New Mexico for some years and that has influenced her music permanently!


Uni is born in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has studied music from a very young age and studied composition at the Contemporary Music Program at The College of Santa Fe, NM in the USA.
Her first solo album "Enchanted" was released in Iceland in December 2009. Uni is one of the Trubatrix girls in Iceland. One of Uni´s songs is on the Trubatrix CD "Taka 1" that came out this past summer.
For the past 7 years she has also been working with an Icelandic Shaman called Reynir Katrinarson. They call themselves Seidlaeti. Reynir wrote poems for the Icelandic Goddesses and Uni has made music to all his poems. This music is very traditional Icelandic and you can listen to it on www.myspace.com/seidlaeti
Uni loves nature and Iceland has been a huge inspiration on her music. She also spent some years in the desert of New Mexico and says that that has infected her music permanently. Please listen to Uni´s music and check her homepage on www.uni.is


Uni´s debut album "Enchanted" was released in Iceland on December 1st 2009.

Set List

Uni has 12 new songs coming out on her debut album. She usually does gigs that vary from 30 min. up to 1 and a half hours.