Universal Debris

Universal Debris


burning grooves, electric vocals, provoking lyrics, killer hooks, sweet harmonies - Music with many influences creates a genre of it's own Drums - "If I Could Know" - Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, 10/Vitology, Unified Theory) Guests - Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) Prince PO - Organized Konfusion


Our influences are everything from punk to world music to classical. Jon J has much experience playing and writing for a variety of acts ranging from Cuban salsa bands to showtunes and from deep acid industrial house trance to heavy metal in time signatures of 12/5. Posted songs are unmixed. Full grown band has a horn section, additional singers and musicians.


Debut Album forthcoming - Release date February 2010

Set List

Universal Debris
Main Attraction
Tell Me This
Miss Tina
When Sara Met Nora
Soldiers of Fortune
Out Of Body
Once In A While
If I Could Know
2 Covers
Satisfaction Guarantee
Lesser Discovered Side
Plus More