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Full length CDs on Infidels Records (available at CDBaby.com)
"My Name is Thomas..." (a rock opera)
"mostly True Stories"
"Out of Many, One"

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UniversalDice.com is a most unique band; just beneath their accessible modern rock sound lays an ambitious and rich lyrical content that challenges pop music orthodoxy. There are few bands that not only make you think, but force you to re-think what was once taken for granted.

Their most recent release, "Out of Many, One" is that rare treat: an insightful take on the times we live in while at the same time innovative, creative and accessible musically. No where else will you hear songs such as "Master of Low Expectations" (which borrows some lyrical ideas from a World Leader we know all too well set to a surrealistic theme) and (if you have the nerve) "God Wants Me to Hate You" a tune guaranteed to draw fire from the likes of a Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson – or bin Laden. Their humanistic stance and sophisticated musical ideas are the ideal marriage of substance and style. This is not what you were expecting.

This should not come as a surprise to the followers of the band. Their previous release, “mostly True Stories” was called “one of the top CDs of the year” by Good Times Magazine. Their initial full length release was the ambitious “My Name is Thomas…” of which critic Michael Delwey of Long Island Entertainment, said: “Here is a surprise for you, the next great rock opera might have emerged from, get this, Albertson (Long Island, NY).”

Songwriter, singer and political and philosophical author/activist, Gerry Dantone, has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and numerous local radio and television programs as the founder of Long Island Secular Humanists and as coordinator for the transnational think tank, the Center for Inquiry which is headquartered in Amherst, New York. Even though he is busy editing a local newsletter letter, the INQUIRER, and hosting public forums broadcast locally on TV in Long Island, as well as being a successful business person, he prefers playing in a rock and roll band!

Gerry has perfected a writing style that is first and foremost humanistic, but also coherent, provocative, and multi-layered. In addition, the band's primary themes are as big as they get; life and death, and meaning and purpose. No other band is as prepared to tackle these subjects as UniversalDice.com. Bandmates Bob Barcus on lead guitar and John Fallon on keyboards are among Long Island's finest session players and are given a chance to stretch on such musical gems in songs such as the “FGM” and “Peace, Love.” Newest members are longtime area studio whiz Ed Canova who adds his fretless bass support to a number of the band’s latest tunes, and ace drummer Gene Lenefsky.