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UNIVERSAL GOSPEL FLAVOR - Universal Gospel Flavor, single 2009



By presenting the Universal Gospel Flavor Ensemble, Charles Logan is not only following up in his ancestors footsteps, but also in the ones of great American Gospel Choirs. Charles Logan represents the particular hope and inspiration which people have gotten from gospel music ever since.

On stage, when he is sweeping away the audience, if in the USA, Asia or Europe, Charles Logan is building bridges amongst people, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm, motivation and joy!

Universal Gospel Flavor interprets modern and contemporary gospel songs in a completely new way. Just like the US-American way, UGF performs traditional spirituals and gospels but also modern songs are covered in a new way. Besides Charles Logan as the main soloist, UGF also features young and talented singers from the gospel ensemble. For about half of the repertoire, the gospel ensemble is accompanied by a band consisting of 5 musicians: piano-Jörg Müller, E-guitar-Sebastian Eder, Bass-Kevin Moore, Keyboard-Ingo Kellner, drums-Carsten Enghardt. Furthermore, UGF also incorporates a saxophone, cajon, djembe, German flute and an acoustic guitar to give the songs a special touch. The repertoire consists of a great variety like songs which are groovy, soulful, rocky, funky, classical, ballads and acapella songs.

The ensemble consists of 15 female and male singers (Soprano/Mezzo Soprano, Alto 1+2, Tenors and Bass) who come from different countries around Europe and Africa (Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, Africa). UGF concerts can be compared with US-American gospel groups where there is a lot of clapping and singing and where the gospel spirit jumps over to the audience. The positive attitude is also represented by the outfits: UGF doesn’t wear traditional gowns but modern outfits in which the group can move and dance!
Charles Logan grew up in New York. His family is internationally well known among musicians so that Charles Logan inherited the gospel feeling and grew up with music as his second nature. When he was a little boy he loved spending time in the kitchen with his lovely grandma. They would bake brownies together and Charles would sing “This little Light of Mine” together with his grandma. Music is present in their lives nowadays as it was in the old days. His mom and dad, his cousins and cousin come together for family events as often as they can. When singing spirituals and gospels together they are reminded of the tough times they had to go through, but at the same time the Logan’s feel empowered and proud. Charles Logan knew at an early age what his mission and intention was. He wanted to present his vision of hope and inspiration on big international stages to as many people as possible. It is his goal to spread out the universal law of energy and joy!
Charles Logan is a man who creates ideas and puts them into place! He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Arts from the CUA in Washington D.C. In 1987, he sang the “John” in Miss Saigon, the “Rocky” in the Rocky Horror Show as well as the “Jesus” in Jesus Christ Superstar. From 1998-2002 he conducted the Florida Multi Cultural Choir in Fort Lauderdale and a variety of different High School Choirs.
The ensemble:
Bass: Asari Johnson, Christian Kauke
Tenor: Emanuel Kasprowicz, David Brown
Alt: Elisabeth Pflüger, Veronika Beubl, Willemijn Krol, Angie Marian, Carmen Reihing, Sandra Fischer, Vivian Tajtelbaum
Sopran: Manuela Eder, Maya Logan, Melanie Straub, Rosan Modderman, Simona Huber, Beate Baumgärtner

Piano: Jörg Müller
Keyboards: Ingo Kellner
Sebastian Eder: Gitarre
Kevin Moore: Bass
Carsten Enghardt: Schlagzeug